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The Rapture

Free music! And no one has to be a terrorist!

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TV on the Radio, The Liars, The Rapture, Broken Social Scene, the Raveonettes, Les Savy Fav and more!

It's like there's a party in my mouth, and everyone's invited!

Greatest Indie Anthems

Just because it is now officially NME Thursday, how about we talk about the Greatest Indie Anthems ever... and what NME / Xfm and the general UK public think they are.


Latest comment by: Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyer: "I think Champagne Supernova should have been higher on the list. As well as Wonderwall. Those were songs that like defined my mid schooling years. Everyone listened to Oasis no matter who you were, what you liked, whether you were popular or ...

Best. Headline. Ever.

The best headline I've possibly ever seen, brought to us by the amazing writers over at Tiny Mix Tapes: "Is that Santorum in your mouth or are you just happy that bands like Dinosaur Jr., The Rapture, and Man Man are playing Urban Outfitters in-store concerts?"


DJ Shadow, The Rapture, TV on the Radio — Major label debuts

TV on the Radio
CD reviews of three indie acts — TV on the Radio, DJ Shadow, and The Rapture — who have just released their debuts on major labels, with varying results.


Best of 2003: Your #1 Album Picks of the Year

Although some folks couldn't rank their lists {igChar}... which is fine... you know... if you just can't bear to proclaim to the world, "THIS WAS THE BEST FUCKING ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!" but some of us could. And albums that have such an exclamation bestowed on them deserve a special note. So here they are... the albums that our voters deemed "THE BEST FUCKING ALBUM OF THE YEAR!"


Best of 2003: Top 100 Imaginary Albums of the Year

A list of the top 100 records of 2003 as voted on by you, our fabulous imaginary readers.


The Rapture, with Beans and Out Hud

Out Hud. Photo by Sean Thayer.

at Graceland

The last time Out Hud came to town I didn't see them, and my friends have not let me forget it ever since.