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Sasquatch 2009 Wrap-Up: Day 2

at The Gorge

I'm from Texas and all, but sitting on a rock in 85 degree heat with no shade, clouds or wind isn't my idea of completely awesome. Especially when after all that I walk back to the sticky hot tent to drink and then pass out in my sleeping bag, only to await the next day of the same. So that's my excuse for missing Calexico (but my amigo Sam caught them and wrote about it ). On with St. Vincent!


2008 Pazz & Jop poll is online

This year's Pazz and Jop poll had 579 critics voting - and the consensus said that TV on the Radio's Dear Science and MIA's "Paper Planes" were the best album and single, respectively.


Latest comment by: Chris Estey: "Wow! So many albums on these lists I can see "American Psycho" chopping girls up to in pristine yuppie apartments! Maybe it's good that the "album is dying" if this is what gets the critical honors. For charming lists made by real humans whose favorite ...

Lily Allen covers The Clash with Mick Jones, Hold Steady covers Bruce...

know we just got done with the 2008 lists, but this one's clamoring for my top compilation spot for '09 already!


Erik Gonzalez's best o' 2008

It has now been 2.5 years since I moved out of Seattle for the Golden State. I've slowly drifted out of the NW music culture, so sometimes I wonder if I know what to say on TIG these days.

Combine that with the fact that I was so distracted from music for a lot of 2008, this year's "best of" lists were especially difficult. Heck, I don't even think I can make a Best of NW music list this year, not because there was insufficient music, but because I just missed so many of those important-but-not-well-known releases that make these lists. I did enjoy Fleet Foxes, Common Market, Colin Meloy live, Malkmus and the like, but really, that isn't a "Best of the NW" list but rather a list of albums I liked that happened to be from the NW.

That being said, I did get a last minute music revival for the year. Maybe it was the election being over (and the good guys winning), maybe it was finally getting a faculty position after many years of trying (lets just say Erik will be moving east in 2009), maybe 2008 just didn't mesh with me musically. Who knows? However, there was a lot of great music anyway, and here are my top 20 (for your praise or fist shaking). Feel free to read the full commentary



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Free music! And no one has to be a terrorist!

Adult Swim offers free music today!

TV on the Radio, The Liars, The Rapture, Broken Social Scene, the Raveonettes, Les Savy Fav and more!

It's like there's a party in my mouth, and everyone's invited!

DJ Shadow, The Rapture, TV on the Radio — Major label debuts

TV on the Radio
CD reviews of three indie acts — TV on the Radio, DJ Shadow, and The Rapture — who have just released their debuts on major labels, with varying results.


The 4th Annual Siren Festival

Photos: Konstantin Vilenchitz

at Siren Festival

I am jumping up to catch glimpses of him and every time I do he is wearing less and less and sweating more and more. He is dancing his ass off and so am I. We should get married.


Latest comment by: fan of the genre because of...: "Oh man I loved the Thermals performance here, this is was great reminiscing ... I was turned on to this genre because of this venue.... and I was the guy that provided WA porta potty rentals"