Tonight in Seattle:  

Viva Voce

Damien Jurado + Viva Voce + Loch Lomond = SWOON.

{Photo courtesy of Sarah Jurado, all-around gorgeous human.}

A few thoughts on why you should find yourself at the Crocodile this Saturday, March 5th:

1. Damien Jurado is a king amongst men. He is a beautiful person who makes music so personal, it's hard not to shed copious tears upon hearing the opening notes of a song, or when he opens his mouth to sing. Saint Bartlett is his newest release, and has been called everything from "an achievement" (Pitchfork) to a "welcome fork in the road" (PopMatters) in terms of sound, which may have a lot to do with his collaboration with Richard Swift for this album.

He'll be headlining the evening, the frosting on top of a delicious indie rock cake of awesome.

{Photo courtesy of Laura Musselman, expert kitten wrangler.}

2. There is a rumor floating around that Viva Voce will be playing the show on Saturday as a two-piece. Not that the Viva Voce extended family is a bad thing, because it's quite the opposite -- however, there is something soul-affirming and lift-you-to-the-risers exciting about the core duo performing. There's less people to watch, more time to spend on marveling at how G-D amazing Anita Robinson is as a guitar player. The shredding she unleashes is unstoppable. And there is nothing like watching Kevin Robinson play drums, keyboards and guitar at the same time, without missing a beat. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT miss their set.


Latest comment by: Imaginary Amie: "Jacob - The Croc usually has tix at the door day of for about $2 more (so like $14). "

MusicFestNW - Mid-September Music Madness in Portland - Photo Essay

at Ash Street Saloon

Local to Portland, Viva Voce seemed to light up the crowd the most. Kevin Robinson taking to smashing his guitar on the stage near the end of the set.

Viva Voce at MusicFestNW 2009


Three Imaginary Girls IndieTune Podcast {August 13, 2009}

Imaginary liz put together a podcast featuring some of her favorite songs of the moment. A bunch of these bands are playing a Seattle show in the coming weeks (mark your calendar!) and some have just been on repeat this summer. Enjoy!

Lacrosse - "I See A Brightness" from the album Bandages For The Heart
Coulter - "Give It A Chance" from the album Sent to Coventry
The Little Penguins - "The Blame" from the album Welcome to the Celebration
The Nightgowns - "Pppps" from the album Sing Something
Tiny Masters Of Today - "Pop Chart" from the album Skeletons
We Wrote The Book On Connectors - "Almost Magical" from the album Ride It Out Like A Turbo Horse
Shotty - "Not Today, After Work" from the album Ah Here We Go
Viva Voce - "Devotion" from the album Rose City
Capgun Coup - "Social Security Number" from the album brought to you by nebraskafish
Japandroids - "To Hell With Good Intentions" from the All Lies EP
The Very Most - "You're In Love With the Sun" from the Summer EP
Andrea Wittgens - "Punchline" from the album In The Skyline
17th Chapter - "Old Folks" fro the album Around The Bend And Then Some
Unbunny - "Dental Hygenist" from the album Uncertain Tracks, 1996-2008

Latest comment by: : "Oh cool, I will be there!"

KEXP's annual BBQ on Saturday

viva voce

Ideally summertime is all about getting sweaty and silly at free outdoor music shows. And guess who sticks to their ideals? Our provider of independent, new music, KEXP. Their summer concert series at the Mural Amphitheater in Seattle Center is running over the next few weeks to bring you a plethora of pitch-perfect bands for free. This Saturday, the 8th happens to be their annual BBQ from 2-9 pm and you know it’s going to rock your socks off.


Photo Essay: Viva Voce w/ the Shaky Hands & Rafter

at Chop Suey

Viva Voce come out of hibernation to embark on a spring tour and perform new songs in anticipation of their upcoming new album entitled Rose City which is due out May 26th. Supporting them is Rafter and the Shaky Hands.


Viva Voce break up*, announce tour dates

Two piece to four piece, and those magic words: Spring Tour.


Latest comment by: Jesse Sugarman: "I can't find this Regent theater in LA, or how to get tickets to see Viva Voce there. Help!!!"

Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney to perform with Blue Giant

This will be Ms. Tucker's first live performance since Sleater-Kinney disbanded back in 2006, and rumors are flying that this is the first of future collaborations she'll be making with Blue Giant.


Latest comment by: Jake: "Blue Giant will be playing June 26 in Seattle at Sound Magazine's 2nd Anniversary show at the High Dive. It's a FREE show, doors are at 7. Also on the bill: Mark Pickerel, Siberian, and FourthCity. "

New Viva Voce project

How exciting is this?!!?! A full band version of Viva Voce's awesomeness.


Viva Voce show in Portland tonight... their last show for a while?

Am I reading too much into this... or just out of the loop? Viva Voce posted a message on their MySpace that their FREE show tonight in Portland is "going to be their last for a while" and notes that this year has been rough.


Latest comment by: curt: "before they got so popular they were recording a record every winter. so maybe they will go back to doing that. "

Viva Voce bring on the bonus material, MP3s, and tour dates!

For those who came late to the game, their critically acclaimed (and long out of print) second and third albums Lovers, Lead The Way! (originally released in 2003) and The Heat Can Melt Your Brain (originally released in 2004) are going to be reissued as one along with bonus tracks on the band's own Amore!Phonics label on Nov. 13.