Tonight in Seattle:  

Rilo Kiley

Wino Forever?

Is Blake Sennett going to the chapel with the shoplifting starlet?


Latest comment by: imaginary ash: "He's pretty short. I've never been in a room with her, though."

Latest comment by: ChrisB: "P4K has the poster for this year's lineup. Hmmm...maybe I'll just have to go there instead of to SXSW. Aside from Friday, which is pretty crap-tastic, I think the lineup looks pretty solid. "

Let the Halloween video parade begin: Sonic Youth, Smoosh, Beck, Arcade Fire unite!

Here's a video put out a while back from The North American Halloween Prevention Initiative. It's kinda weird and it was hard to get my brain around it before the morning muffin... but it features a ton of awesomeness in the line-up -- and that's good enough for me.


Rilo Kiley at Avalon, Boston

Rilo Kiley photo from MySpace

at Boston

I'm still in love, and maybe more so than ever, with Blake & Jenny & Pierre & Jason.


Latest comment by: imaginary ash: "No you did not tell me that! OMG! How long have we been friends?! (Imaginaries, meet my friend fatasianbaby!)"

The "indie rock" revolution is dead

Who knew that the soundtrack to the first High School Musical was the #1 selling album of 2006? Crazy


Latest comment by: Erik Gonzalez: "Yeah, Grim @ 17, I thought of that too. August, though, tends to be a bit of a slow sales month too during the dogs days, but yes, the Shins and the Mouse all benefited from weak competition. And yes, the indie-hip bands fall like lead pigeons too. Good times!"

New Rilo Kiley album: have a listen

Check out Rilo Kiley's newest album and let us know what you think.


Latest comment by: Erik Gonzalez: "Having finally gotten a chance to sit down and listen to the new disc, I can concur that it doesn't strike me as an insta-love classic. I suppose the sound that Rilo Kiley has taken shouldn't be too surprising, though, considering the last Elected and the Jenny ...

Rilo Kiley and Lily Allen both announce Seattle tour dates

I know a bunch of peeps who are going to be pretty damn excited about these two upcoming shows in Seattle. Both sets of tickets go on sale early THIS SATURDAY. Set those alarm clocks!


Latest comment by: ChrisB: "That's what I keep hearing on the radio. All the time. Hold on...I'll look... looks like tix are available. I may have to buy them shortly. If I can bring myself to being the oldest person there by myself."

Rilo Kiley make porn

I don't want to be a buzzkill, but I enjoyed the interviews more than the video and song.


Latest comment by: elle: "Everytime I hear about Jenny Lewis, I think of her as a child star in her role for Troop Beverly Hills."

Rilo Kiley — More Adventurous

Rilo Kiley -- More Adventurous
The star of this release is Lewis' sultry voice, which beautifully and naturally overpowers the record.


Rilo Kiley, with Tilly and the Wall

Rilo Kiley

at Maxwell's

Meghan suggests that it might be the vast number of gay men hanging around or possibly it's the girls who tugged their boyfriends along (or the most obvious thing: Jenny's red hair) or maybe it's just the sense of DEVOTION hanging about in the air that I haven't felt since I was 17.