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The Foo Fighters

Rachel Flotard recommends Foo's first

Rachel Flotard of Visqueen and Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters

If you are going to Reykjavik Calling this Friday night at the Crocodile, you are going to see a softer side of Rachel Flotard as she partners up with Rusty Willoughby in their Cobirds Unite collective.  But those who know Flotard from her main band, Visqueen, knows that she has also has a pure pop side that rocks... and it rocks hard.

But who does Rachel look to for inspiration? Here's what she had to say about Dave Grohl of The Foo Fighters first album: “There’s nothing like the urgency of the first Foo's record. The ray gun basically shot me in the face, and I’ve always had a spot in my heart for it... plus, any jovial brother that wallops the skins and cranks is good by me.”

You can check out Rachel and Rusty this Friday, and between now and then be sure to check out the rest of Rachel's post on Dave Grohl at!


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The Foo Fighters — In Your Honor

The Foo Fighters
The Head-of-the-Bull disc is all rock and roll, heavier than their past albums, the "Nirvana-meets-Sunny Day Real Estate" lineup actually taking a cue from their past bands and making more obvious their former monikers which, up until now, have been barely discernable.