Tonight in Seattle:  

White Rabbits

Like wild animals, Feral Children and White Rabbits cause a commotion

Causing a Commotion...

at The Crocodile

The Feral Children and White Rabbits (shown above) are two groups who are at their best calibur during their shows; their music and talent cannot truly be believed unless witnessed in person. Both are heavily instrumental bands with a multi-percussionist backbone, and both have a fiercly spirited way of playing their version of indie rock. These bands brought their sound to life Monday night at the Crocodile with a vivacious enthusiasm.


This week's goal: Go to shows

A little late on the uptake, but if you're looking for something to fill your unemployed, or otherwise bored-stiff, time there a couple of really great shows happening this week!

I covered all of this over at KEXP for their weekly Three Imaginary Girls column, and while the Kid's Dance Party for Father's Day is over (and was a super success!) and White Rabbits entertained us with dual drumming last night at the Croc, there are still a couple more excellent opportunities to get your music on.


Recommended show tonight: White Rabbits at the Crocodile

White Rabbits play tonight at the Crocodile in support of of their second full length, It's Frightening, notably produced by singer/guitarist Britt Daniel of Spoon.

The Brooklyn sextet (two drummers, yes!) have been around the block, touring with bands like The Walkmen and Spoon after the success of their debut, Fort Nightly, in 2007. And while a line-up with multi-percussionists is not an entirely new concept, the Rabbits excel at using their rhythmic beats to keep time better than a Rolex. Singer/pianist Stephen Patterson's captivates as well; truly an indie dance-rock show not to be missed.