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Three Imaginary DVDs to See: Television Madness

Ironically, this week is officially “Turn off Your TV” week. But as much as I like that idea I’m still totally media-centric, and thus am thrilled that the following shows are out on DVD today.

30 Rock: Season 4: I feel like I “pull a Liz Lemon” every single day, which is probably why I love this show so much. Liz is what would happen if women turned off their filter and said and did everything that was on their mind, and Tina Fey does it so expertly you can barely tell she’s acting (mostly because you’re laughing so hard). Really, the entire cast is awesome and this show is more than worth your time.


Latest comment by: imaginary liz: "Yeah, I think Bored to Death is best served in order. Episodes are only 30 mins and there's only 8 of them... which makes for great (and manageable) marathon. B2D kinda snuck in out of nowhere for me and now I can't wait for season 2 (which luckily is pretty ...

Three Imaginary DVDs to see: Documentary Fever

Blood into Wine: Here’s something I don’t know anything about: apparently the lead-singer of TOOL (yes, Tool), decided to quit being a hard rocker in the mid-90s in order to start his own WINERY (yes, winery). This doc follows Maynard James Keenan around his Verde Valley vineyard to see if he actually succeeds. Do I like Tool? No. But this thing looks too good to pass up.


Three Imaginary DVDs to see: Bad Movie Edition

I’ve been finding myself skipping my “three to see” recs lately because there just hasn’t been ANYTHING worthwhile on the release lists – so I decided to change it up and recommend 3 horrible DVD choices, because who doesn’t love to kick back with some bad movies once in awhile?

Titanic II: You read that right – Titanic, the second. James Cameron is in no way involved (you can tell because it’s not in 3D), and the special effects look like they were created with a budget of $100 – but behold the glory of this straight-to-DVD release! Written, directed, and starring B-movie actor Shane Van Dyke (seriously?), this thing has got to be a total disaster (HA). I’m recommending at least a 6-pack of beer before viewing….and I can only hope they’ll somehow tie in Mega Shark and Giant Octopus.


Latest comment by: Amie Simon: "Shrie: there's a reason I own that movie, and it's not because of Renee Zellwegger. ;) "

Three DVDs to see: depressed Ben Stiller, a Gondry documentary, and a family in distress

Greenberg: This is the kind of film that’s definitely not for everyone, but I gotta say that Stiller does an excellent job at portraying someone who’s totally lost, and kind of an a-hole, but still somehow likeable – if you know what I mean. Roger Greenberg (Stiller) comes to LA amidst a mid-life crisis to house-sit for his wealthy brother, meets up with lots of peeps from his past who mostly hate him, and continually mangles his relationships with best friend Ivan, and his brother’s personal assistant, Florence.


Three Imaginary Films to see: Drive-By Truckers, my favorite Swedish heroine, and Heeeeere’s Johnny

The Secret to a Happy Ending at the Northwest Film Forum: Covering three years of touring and recording by Indie Southern Rock band Drive-By Truckers, this film gets up close and personal with band members as they struggle  through life drama, breakup drama, and just plain drama-drama—all while playing some kick-ass shows. Given my weakness for heartfelt music documentaries (like I Am Trying to Break Your Heart! *sob*), and an admitted fondness for these guys, I feel like I can’t miss this one.

The Girl Who Played with Fire at the Harvard Exit: In a race to beat the American remakes, Swedish Director Daniel Alfredson filmed the second and third installments in the popular “Millennium” trilogy (based on the books by Stieg Larsson) back-to-back. Kick-ass hacker/action heroine/partly insane Lisbeth Salander returns, and this time she’s really pissed because a bunch of jerks framed her for murder. I was a big fan of the first (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and although this is a new Director, I’m confident I’ll love this as well. I’m just caught in my own race to finish the book before I see it.



Three Imaginary Films to see: SIFF Edition

This is kind of cheating, since there’s obviously more than 3 films I think you should see at the Film Festival this weekend – but I thought I’d hit you with these and then recommend some more via SIFF Takes for full-on movie madness!

Off Season: SIFF Shorts Package Pandemonium Boulevard

Shorts Package: Pandemonium Boulevard: My favorite shorts collection this year, because it focuses on the spooky, creepy and just plain bizarre. The standouts: I was surprised and PLEASED to see Wil Wheaton in the twisted comedy In the Dark, about a man planning the perfect murder who forgets the most important part, and Off Season, about a burglar who steals from lake houses during the winter and stumbles upon a terrible secret in one of the cabins. SUPER creepy with a great haunting ending.

{Pandemonium Boulevard screens only once at SIFF Cinema, 5/22, 9:30pm}


Three Imaginary Films to see: Ad Man Cary Grant, Crowe dons "the" Hood, and a French documentary

Putting aside SIFF madness for the moment (don’t worry; the TIG team will have plenty to say about the festival in the coming weeks) – this weekend offers a lot of new releases that I think are worthy of your theater time.

North by Northwest @Central Cinema: Of course I’m going to recommend that you head up to the hill this weekend to see the impeccable Cary Grant play Roger O. Thornhill in Alfred Hithcock’s North by Northwest. Thornhill’s mistaken for a government agent and gets pulled into a web of intrigue, spies, and of course – a beautiful woman (Eva Marie Saint). This one’s best known for its climax atop Mount Rushmore, but I love every second of it.



Latest comment by: Amie Simon: "You mean like that boresville Uma Thurman/Patrick Bergen version? :) And yes - the arrow shot was the catalyst for me mentioning Price of Thieves. "Why a spoon, Cousin?" "BECAUSE IT WILL HURT MORE YOU IDIOT!" bwahahahahah. Haha. "

Three Imaginary Films to See: SIFF Preview Edition

Alright you guys. Just in case you didn’t know: the 2010 Seattle International Film Festival Box Office is NOW OPEN! And while there are more films I want to see than are (probably) humanly possible for 1 girl to do in 4 weeks, I thought I’d give you a jumping off point by recommending 3 I’m excited about.

Life During Wartime: Directed by Todd Solondz – I know his films aren’t for everybody, but I honestly think the guy is kinda brilliant. This one is a sequel to Happiness, continuing the stories of the same characters, but with different actors. While I’ll miss Jane Adams and Philip Seymour Hoffman, I’m excited to see Paul Reubens and Alison Janney this time around.


Three Imaginary DVDs to see: a dramatic adaptation, royal British romance, and a Best Actor winner

The Lovely Bones: I lamely never made it out to the theater to see this, even though I AM DYING TO. 14-year-old Susie Salmon is murdered and now exists in a dream world where she watches her still-living family fall apart – and her killer (Oscar nominee Stanley Tucci) starting to pick out his next victim. One of my favorite books, I’m imagining Peter Jackson channeled his mastery of female teenage angst a la Heavenly Creatures and turned out something the author and fans of the story can be proud of.


Three Imaginary Films to see: a Swedish thriller, Herzog’s latest, and blood gushing out of elevators

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Man som hatar kvinnor) @The Egyptian: Before they whip the American version of this out, you should see this one – because I’m 100% positive it will be superior in every way. I’m not usually into mysteries, but the story of hardcore journalist Mikael Blomkvist and punk-rock computer hacker Lisbeth Salander investigating a murder with several surprising (and creepy) turns is way too awesome not to appreciate. I’m speaking only from having read Stieg Larsson's book, but I intend to get myself out to the theater this weekend to see the film.