Tonight in Seattle:  

The Cops

Photo of the day: The Cops last (all ages) show

Sadly, Seattle lost one of its great rock and roll bands this weekend, the Cops. Today's photo of the day comes from Brittney Bush Bollay. I'm a huge fan of jumping pictures.

Was anyone at this show? Friday night I went to the Blue Moon and caught Connecticut Four, BOAT, and Peter Parker (and it was a blast). What did everyone go see this weekend?

Got any great photos from the weekend? Add them to our sparkly indie pop photo pool!


Latest comment by: keenan dowers: "Yeah, they have great lighting there sometimes. And sometimes weird lighting. The last time my band played there my lead singer (who happens to be the only one with a vocal mic) asked that the lights be crazy flashing like a rave. Needless to say, it made ...

Tonight's Recommended Show: The Cops' final show

As we all unfortunately know, not all good things can last forever. And, alas, The Cops have decided to go on an indefinite hiatus and play what may be the final show at the Sunset tonight.


Latest comment by: The Grim: "Dang. I love The Cops. Another great band down the drain."

Tonight's Cops Rock 'n Roll Circus postponed until March

The Cops sent out an e-mail that said, "Tonight's show with Spiral Stairs, The Sea Navy and Wallpaper has been cancelled due to the blizzard in Seattle. The last night of our Rock n' Roll Circus, and our last scheduled show before our hiatus has been postponed to Saturday March 14th."


Let's not let the Cops break up

This week we've got three stupendous nights of Sunset Tavern burn down, and here are other reasons to be there every night, each and every one of us.


Latest comment by: Hannah Levin: "They killed it last night. Place was packed, despite the snow. Cancer Rising had to bail, but Widower was phenomenal. "

...and now The Cops are taking a hiatus?

Earlier in the week I reported that Ms. Led is playing their final show next month and now another one of my favorite local bands is going on hiatus. This didn't end well for Sleater-Kinney but who knows, right?

Michael Jaworski of The Cops sent out this e-mail:

After 4 1/2 years, 2 records, an EP, several tours and over 230 shows played, we're taking a break for an undetermined amount of time. It's bittersweet, but the time has come. 4 1/2 years of touring have been financially and personally taxing and some of the band members want to focus on other things in life. Everyone in the band still loves each other and will greatly miss playing music together, but we’ve decided that it’s time to step away from the band for a while. Personally, I have plans for a couple new music projects and I’m excited to spread my wings in some different directions. Drew Church is always playing music with someone, and you can put good money on seeing David Weeks and John Randolph back in action some point.



Latest comment by: imaginary dana: "Dear Seattle bands, Please stop breaking up. Seriously. Hugs and kisses, igDana"

John Roderick ate a hippie

The Long Winters photos by Laura Musselman

at Showbox at the Market

I have seen the L-Dubs play far more than any other band. Awesome? Possibly. Nerdy? Mos defs. Sad? TOTALLY.


Latest comment by: matt: "Excellent review Heather! Just to be a nerd, here's the setlist in correct order: Give Me a Moment Seven Stupid Teaspoon Cinnamon Scared Straight The Commander Thinks Aloud Blue Diamonds Fire Island, AK Honest Hindsight Pushover Nora Ultimatum The ...

The Long Winters are coming! The Long Winters are coming! {and we have free tickets for you!!}

Nothing thrills our imaginary hearts like hearing new Long Winters songs are on the way... unless it's new Long Winters songs + a show + free tickets to give away to said show.


This week in TIG at KEXP: the cops versus the Cops

Though we neglect to mention it most weeks, Three Imaginary Girls writes over at the KEXP blog each Friday.


Latest comment by: randy: "And don't forget: When seconds count, the cops are just minutes away. "

If you feel like leaving the house tomorrow...

There are several ways to mark the 14th of February holiday tomorrow. Whether you're celebrating coupledom or on the prowl, there's nice, naughty, and all-ages type fun for everyone.


Celebrate Super Tuesday with the Cops

Doors at 8:00PM, $8, $7 if you are brandishing any kind of Democratic paraphernalia -- go dig up those old Dukakis buttons!