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The Briefs

Three Imaginary Girls Podcast February 2007

This podcasts highlights bands who will be playing at SXSW 2007 -- specifically, bands who will be playing at the TIG-sponsored Indiepop Hootenanny on March 15th at Lovejoys, and local Seattle bands who will be making the trek to Austin. Playlist includes

The Briefs — Steal Yer Heart

The Briefs -- Steal Yer Heart
...these aren't love songs of the emoish sappy and depressing variety, these are amped-up, energetic songs with plenty of sing-along hooks and danceable tempos.


Best Northwest Releases of 2005: Top 100 Readers' Poll Winners

You voted, we tabulated. Here's a print-ready list of the top 100 Pacific Northwest releases of the year for your post-holiday-gift-certificate shopping pleasure...


TIG on KEXP for October 2005

We'd been wondering when we'd get paired with the illustrious Sean Nelson for our KEXP appearance, and this month it finally happened! It was everything we dreamed it would be, and we played some great local tunes from The Briefs, Man Plus, Izabelle, and loads more.


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The Briefs — Sex Objects

Sex Objects" is the musical equivalent of ADHD — frenetic, hyperactive rock that dares you to sit still.


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