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Redwood Plan

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the Imaginary Winter Holiday Spectacular poster

Imaginary Spectacular


It's hard to believe, but the Imaginary Winter Holiday Spectacular at Chop Suey on December 23rd is only one week away!

Today we are giddy to unveil the posters for the show! The Spectacular is *so* spectacular it has two color combos. The poster was designed by our friends at Admiration Society and lovingly screen-printed by Seattle Show Posters - who will make limited edition huge prints of the gray version of the poster (above) available for purchase at the show.

But, if you're more in the winning mood than the buying mood, everyone who comes through the door will be given a raffle ticket (extra tickets will be available for purchase with proceeds going to charity) with a chance to win a slew of amazing prizes donated by our generous sponsors:



Latest comment by: Anonymous: "Speaking of. . .anyone taken a look at the Stereogum Christmas album? Santa looks awfully familiar! "

Mark your calendar for the Imaginary Winter Holiday Spectacular 2009

the Imaginary Winter Holiday Spectacular 2009

The month of December sometimes gets a bad rap. For most, it's chock full of stress, mayhem and not-so-merry necessities. But don't go all glum on us, we've got a remedy: The Imaginary Winter Holiday Spectacular 2009!

Join us as we mark our fifth year spending the winter holidays imaginarily on Wednesday, December 23, 2009 at Chop Suey. The night will be filled with performances by some of our favorite Seattle bands of 2009 and enough festive cheer to even make Rudolph forget about his holiday duties. The lineup will include the music stylings of:

The Redwood Plan
the Nightgowns
Skeletons with Flesh on Them
The Special Places


Latest comment by: Tim: "Just to clarify, the Christmas Belles are actually a band that are performing on stage ( and I believe the Sugarplum Elves ( will be the ones spreading holiday cheer throughout the ...

Imaginary Interview: The Redwood Plan

After only a few months of being together as a full band, The Redwood Plan has become one of the most buzzed-about bands in Seattle. Led by frontwoman Lesli Wood, whose previous band, Ms. Led, was a much-beloved neo-riot grrrl band that had played its last show in January. The Redwood Plan is a synth-heavy dance punk band whose shows are always tightly-wrought dance parties.

The Redwood Plan is playing two big shows on Saturday, September 19, playing at Fremont Oktoberfest at 9:10pm and then playing the first night of Vs., a queer dance party at the Rebar around midnight. The band is also recording the debut album this week and will be playing the Seattle Weekly’s local music festival, Reverbfest, on October 3. They had also just released an EP last month called Movers, Shakers, Makers.

I met up with Lesli Wood, who I have known as a friend for many years, over drinks at a Belltown tavern to discuss similarities and differences between The Redwood Plan and Ms. Led and what the future holds for The Redwood Plan.


Latest comment by: Jeanine Anderson: "Good interview Chris! I had been wondering what Lesli was up to regarding moving, NY, bar exam, et al. Happy to read she'll be in town a while yet. "

Bumbershoot begins tonight (unoffically) with Ear Candy's kick-off party

Tonight, Bumbershoot unoffically begins with my friends from Ear Candy's kick-off party at the High Dive. It'll be quite the party, to say the least.

The main reason I like this bill is because it combines two great rock bands (The Redwood Plan and Born Anchors) with two great hip hop acts (Victor Shade and Grynch). The headliner of the night is Victor Shade, a brand new collaboration between Common Market's RA Scion and producer MTK. This will be their first show ever, so you'll probably not want to miss that.

This is the type of show that should happen every night because it takes risks with its booking and forces the crowd to listen to something that they may not be previously exposed to. It'll open with Born Anchors, a straight-forward rock band and continue with the buzz band The Redwood Plan, who are an excellent dance-rock band that has a heavy reliance on synths and hooks. With Grynch and Victor Shade, they'll surely close the night out like the party it is.

Ear Candy's (F)unoffical Bumbershoot kick-off party is tonight (Friday, September 4) at the High Dive with Victor Shade, Grynch, Born Anchors and The Redwood Plan. $10, 21+, 9pm.

Latest comment by: Anonymous: "the line up is actually Redwood Plan 9:30-10:15 Grynch 10:30-11:15 Born Anchors 11:30-12:15 Victor Shade 12:30-1:15 thanks!!"

Monday morning check-in: Seaweed, Nightgowns, or BBQ with a Dinosaur?

the whore moans @ the crocodile 8.7.09

What a weekend of great music! There were multiple FREE KEXP events this weekend, shows all around town and the weather was nice and cool so we could wear our black t-shirts without frying.

Photographer Amelia Gydé caught the Redwood Plan's album release show at The Crocodile on Friday night. With a bill including Seaweed, The Redwood Plan and The Whore Moans, I'm guessing this picture (of The Whore Moans) caught one of the tamer moments of the evening?

I know some imaginary folks were at the Nightgowns / BOAT show at the Sunset on Friday... how was that? Photos please!

And then there were all the other things going around town... like free Dinosaur Jr.!

Grab your coffee and let's catch up!

(For more photos from the weekend, check out the imaginary photo Flickr pool - and add your own!)

Latest comment by: serotonein: "Seaweed were as tight as I've seen them since their first reunion show, and Aaron's voice sounded great. it was fun seeing an old-school mosh pit even if I had the sense to stay out of it :) They only played one new song with no mention of if/when we'll see a new ...

Photo of the day: The Redwood Plan at the Crocodile

The Redwood Plan's Lesli Wood is one of the coolest people in the universe - so it only makes sense that her new band (TRP) is cool as sh*t as well. Here's a photo from their recent Crocodile show - is she playing two instruments at once?

Thanks to Amelia Gyde for adding this photo from the recent show to the Three Imaginary Girls Sparkly Indie Pop Flickr Pool!

The Redwood Plan are playing tomorrow night (Friday) with Connecticut Four at the Boundary Bay Brewery in Bellingham (say that 5 times fast) and they'll be at the Comet Tavern (in Seattle) on May 21st.


Monday morning check-in

Wow there was a lot to choose from this weekend, including just hanging out in your friend's back yard pondering how to make it to all the shows happening this summer (yay warm weather tour season!).

By the looks of Amelia Gyde's photos from Friday's Lonely Forest / New Faces show at Vera... that *might* have been the place to be Friday night. It also sounds like Bloc Party was stellar on Saturday night and last night, Redwood Plan tore it up at the Crocodile with Ida Maria.

What did you see / do this weekend?


Latest comment by: Brickey: "I don't know if the TIG crowd cares much about Richard Buckner but the 6pm show at the Tractor on Saturday was great. It was pretty full and a sit down show but unlike many a show at Tractor, people were quiet. Buckner basically folded one song into the other ...

Tonight's recommended show: Team Gina and the Redwood Plan

Jesus Christ, there is a lot going on tonight. A lot. Glass Candy at Nectar, The Roots at the Paramount, Britney is in Tacoma. Yet, my recommendation is for Team Gina and The Redwood Plan at Chop Suey tonight.


Latest comment by: Jen: "THIS SHOW WAS AMAZING!! I can't even tell you how effing awesome The Redwood Plan is. I want to see them every time they play. They are so good. And Team Gina rocked as ALWAYS!!!"

Photo of the day: The Redwood Plan at the Sunset

Today's photo of the day is from last weekend's KEXP / Audioasis show at the Sunset. I'm sad I missed the Redwood Plan's set (I love what I've heard from that album!) - but thanks to Amelia Gydé for sharing some photos of the set with the TIG Sparkly Indie Pop Photo Pool!


This Saturday night: The Walkabouts reunion, the Redwood Plan, or...

he festive atmosphere of The High Dive seems like a wonderful place to reencounter the superb songwriting skills of The Walkabouts, under their pseudonym for this night. And now I realize that they're probably headlining, after Seeing Blind and the Randy Hicks Band, which means I can probably see Redwood Plan first and then head like hell over to Fremont to catch Drunken Soundtracks!


Latest comment by: keenan dowers: "I'm headed down to Olympia to see the Besties at the ABC house, who I've dubbed "Brooklyn's Funnest Indie Pop Band!"."