Tonight in Seattle:  

Top of the Croc

Photo Essay: Top of the Croc with iji, BOAT, Tullycraft, and "Awesome"

Tullycraft photo by Steve Louie

at The Crocodile

Huge mega thank yous to everyone who joined us this past Saturday for the Three Imaginary Girls' Top of the Croc party, celebrating the grandest of re-openings of the Crocodile. The night featured stellar performances from iji, BOAT, Tullycraft, and "Awesome". Since we're a little biased with how much fun the night was, we wanted to share some of what a couple other fine Seattle reporting establishments had to say about the night: * Seattle Bids Twee Adieu {The Finest Kiss} * Tullycraft's Last Seattle Show at the New Crocodile {Megan Seling, The Stranger's Line Out} And for my favorite part... your photos! There are so many amazing ones to choose from. Head over to the Three Imaginary Girls Sparkly Indie-Pop Flickr Photo Pool to see them all... and if you have any, you should add yours to the photo pool as well!


Photo(s) of the day: Top of the Croc fun {tell us all about it}

Huge thanks to everyone that came out to the Crocodile on Saturday night!

It was wonderful to have all of our favorite folks in one place at the same time. We hope that you had a tasty (and commemorative) Top Pot doughnut and a Vain updo? And most of all, we hope you had as much fun welcoming the Crocodile back as we did.

If you've got any pictures you want to share, add them to the Three Imaginary Girls Sparkly Indie-Pop Photo Pool group on Flickr. We'll be gathering all the photos in the coming days and putting together a photo album of the night on the site and we'd love to have your shots!

Also, tell us what you thought of the new place, the bands, the everything.

Was your beer really cold too?

As Steve Louie's photos of opening band iji (above) and BOAT (below) suggest, the bands really brought it. (BTW, nice Crocodile shirt D. Crane!)


Latest comment by: Imaginary Kiku: "That Croc shirt is adorable! Will these bands, CAN these bands possibly converge again? Or will the amazingness be too much for our fragile universe to take?"

Countdown to Top of the Croc {on Saturday 4/4} (!!!!)

if you couldn't tell by listening to our visit to the TBTL studios on Wednesday night (listen here to the 9p slot on 4/1/09), we are so utterly excited for the big Top of the Croc bash to commemorate the grandest of re-openings of the Crocodile tomorrow night (Saturday 4/4).


Crocodile Rock- a rainy Thursday afternoon diversion

In celebration of the Croc reopening, for some reason, I spent more time than I probably should have this morning thinking about my favorite songs about reptiles. Please note- "Crocodile Rock" by Elton John was a deliberate omission, both for being obvious and trite and for the fact that I hate that high pitched laaaaaaaa-lalalala. Ugh, it's like a drillbit in my ear canal. Yes, I'm sure this makes me a heathen and perhaps, dare I say, a "Cold Hearted Snake" (ooh, ah, ooh, ahhhhhh...)?


Latest comment by: keenan dowers: "REPTILE BOY!"

Countdown to Top of the Croc: Tullycraft's last Seattle show?

We here at imaginary headquarters can keep a secret. Especially when we don't want to believe it's true.

As the band disclosed on their blog, Tullycraft's last live Seattle performance will be this Saturday at the TIG Top of the Croc show. For those interested, Tullycraft's last live show (at least for a long long long long time) will be at the San Francisco Pop Fest in May.


Imaginary Interview: iji interviews Tullycraft

Tullycraft photo: John E. Hollingsworth

Tullycraft photo: John E. Hollingsworth

See Tullycraft and iji at Top of the Croc on Sat 4/4!


Latest comment by: snap tight wars: "Crayon reunion--PLEASE!!!!"

Imaginary Interview: "Awesome" interviews iji

See "Awesome" and iji at Top of the Croc on Sat 4/4!


Countdown to Top of the Croc: Come see my newest favorite band - iji

There are so many reasons to join us at the Crocodile to mark its grand re-opening in imaginary style, but one of the reasons I'm most excited is the chance to see my newest favorite band, iji (pronounced eehee), take the swank new Crocodile stage.


Latest comment by: keenan dowers: "Aw, Liz, you're makin' me blush! For those curious, here's a free digital b-sides compilation: See y'all at the croc!"

Three Imaginary Girls is too beautiful to live

The butterflies are all tied up again today, because Liz and I just found out some very exciting news: On Wednesday night, imaginary liz and I will be special guests on Luke Burbank's amazing radio show, To Beautiful To Live (or TBTL, as the kids like to call it).


Latest comment by: ChrisB: "Back when I had a car, one of the preset stations I had was 97.3, because it was KBSG (the Oldies station in Seattle) and every hour or two they'd be good for a Little Richard song, but the last several times I went to the station there was no music but talk and kept ...

Imaginary Interview: BOAT interviews "Awesome"

"Awesome" photo by Hot Avocados Photography

"Awesome" photo by Hot Avocados Photography

See "Awesome" and BOAT at Top of the Croc on Sat 4/4!