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Hello Seahorse

Songs for a Sunny Wednesday

By Laura Musselman

(photo: Laura Musselman)

A new EP by Chadwick, "Seattle's hazy electronic pop producer," just arrived in the inbox and the track, "Sunrise Fire" feels like a perfect mid-morning soundtrack for the promises of sunshine bestowed on today. To speak in analogies, "Sunrise Fire" pulls from the camps of early Ride / The Charlatans UK, and sounds as if it was remixed by speckled sunbeams and fizzy beverages (not to sound cloyingly hippy). Other tracks on the EP might wander into dreamscapes territory, but this lead song on the EP has a foot firmly (and lovingly) in early 90s brit-shoegazer-pop. {listen!}

Of course, if we want to talk about songs that are perfect for sunny afternoon frolicking, my pick will always be Hello Seahorse! - "Won't Say Anything" (video below) or "Good Ol' Fashion Rump Shaker" by Hood Internet (mixing Matt & Kim and Beastie Boys).

What songs will be your soundtrack for a sunny Wednesday?

Latest comment by: imaginary liz: "

Yes - that totally counts!


imaginary liz's favorite songs from the last decade that are worthy of recognition


{stylish photo by nancyo23}

I hope I'm not getting too granular with my listage, but given the empowering nature of  turning the page on the decade, I can't help myself--I wanted to make sure that that certain song gems didn't go unrewarded for their brilliance.

Thusly, I compiled the below list of songs released in the last decade that are total A+++, but who's album didn't make it on my favs of the decade list... either because the song is from an EP or single; the album is good, but not as solid as the 75 albums that made my list; a bunch of other albums by the band/artists appeared on the list; or I just was bad with tabulating and this should have been on the list based on the strength of said song alone.

Please enjoy the below a recap of the top 10 songs from the last decade that amaze me beyond belief (and didn't make my favorite albums of the decade list). What amazing splashes of song brilliance rocked your 2000-2009? I bet between all of us we could make the most amazing quad-mix cd ever!


Indie-pop imports from Brazil, Mexico, and Germany

Indie-pop comes from all over. Remember my favorite song of all time from Mexico? Hello Seahorse from Ciudad de México City, Distrito Federal Mexico rocked it in 2008 with "Won't Say Anything".

Today, in an effort to bridge the gap between me traveling to a fantastic vacation hotspot and being in a  hotspot in Seattle, I found an indie-pop band from São Paulo, Brazil. Homiepie remind me of my days as a Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan superfan with their naive vocals with high school yearbook club jingles and international status (TTBITG are from Germany).

You can hear their EP of songs on Homiepie's MySpace - or just riffle through their YouTube videos:

And while we're at it... here's that Hello Seahorse video again because I can never get enough of it.  It is Happy Friday after all.

Ok... and because I'm going to try to push today over the edge with catchy uber-pop, here's a Throw That Beat In The Garbagecan video:


Snow Day! Hello Seahorse!

By the looks of the video, Hello Seahorse could easily pass for a classic Swedish indie-pop band who record their video in the Pacific Northwest. But, no, they recorded their most excellent US debut in Mexico City, MX and a handful of songs on their album are song in Spanish.


Latest comment by: imaginary dana: "This IS my new favorite Mexican indie-pop band. Loving this song lots... thanks for the snow day soundtrack centerpiece, Liz!"