Tonight in Seattle:  

Star Lake Drownings

Tonight's recommended show: Star Lake Drownings at The Endeavors album release show

Three Imaginary Girls Winter Spectacular 08

{Photo: Jeanine Anderson from the Three Imaginary Girls Flickr Photo Pool}

I heart Star Lake Drownings and still glow with honor that they played my birthday party year before last. Our Andrew Boe nailed it when they are a cross between My Bloody Valentine and Belly... and, from personal experience, they put on a show full of coy melodies and entrancing reverb. Looks like they are opening tonight for The Charity Strap and The Endeavors (celebrating their album release) at the High Dive.

Bobby McHugh recently caught Parson Red Heads (playing tonight as part of their month-long residency at the Comet with Battle Hymns) and his photos from their last show make a strong case to head that way tonight as well.

Last I heard the Satchel show at the Crocodile was *this close* to selling out... anyone get tickets to that?

Where are you headed tonight?

Still undecided? Per the imaginary calendar, there's quite a bit to choose from:


Latest comment by: RM: "i think chuck norris uses one from time to time"

This weekend is chock full of amazing shows -- might we suggest...

The Exploding High Fives

It's the weekend before Christmas which means holiday party season has kicked into high gear.  This weekend there are so many shows to choose from {it's like a mistletoe'd SXSW or something} that my eggnog'd head is spinning. Might we suggest:

***Friday, December 18***

BOAT / The Exploding High Fives / Concours d'Elegance at the Sunset Tavern
A holiday party with BOAT? I'll take that! Also on the bill is The Exploding High Fives who have a song "Since You're Not Here for Christmas" on their myspace which is Ben Folds cute and catchy.  This confirms I'll be in Ballard tonight for this show.

The Head & The Heart / Star Lake Drownings / Your Favorite Book at Conor Byrne
As you may know, Your Favorite Book is one of my favorite Seattle performers. Star Lake Drownings killed it at hour Holiday show last year. Also, YFB shows are rare, so I'm hoping to catch a wee bit of this show tonight.


Latest comment by: imaginary liz: "Yea - those show were also on my radar (if only Friday night could have been spread out over a week!). How was it? I really liked the Exploding High Fives (this was my first time seeing them) and BOAT, of course, killed it. They surprised us with Ron Hexagon ...

Star Lake Drownings — Star Lake Drownings

Star Lake Drownings
Seattle quintet, Star Lake Drownings, has the perfect sound for your summer soundtrack. Their self-titled debut has just been independently released and it is a catchy little collection of woozy dream-pop. Their shimmery, atmospheric sound lies somewhere in between My Bloody Valentine and Belly.


Coming soon: New Star Lake Drownings CD

Seattle's very own Star Lake Drownings are set to release a new CD on April 11th, and I have just listened to a three song pre-release sampler. Here is a quick rundown of the tracks from their forthcoming album.


Latest comment by: imaginary liz: "They were *so* good at the TIG Holiday party in December - the April 11th show is definitely one to catch -- even though they are up against some heavy hitters that night (Visqueen/X, Thermals). "

Join us for the Winter Holiday Spectacular tomorrow night at Chop Suey

Tomorrow night (Saturday, December 27th) is the night of the BIG Three Imaginary Girls Winter Holiday Spectacular at Chop Suey and we'd love to have you there to celebrate all those December holidays and raise funds for a great local charity (Soild Ground).


TIG presents: Winter Holiday Spectacular with Telekinesis,The Kindness Kind, Hey Marseilles, M. Bison, Indie-Rock Santa and more

Poster by Seattle Show Posters

Poster by Seattle Show Posters

Join us for the TIG Winter Holiday Spectacular at Chop Suey on Saturday, December 27th.


Latest comment by: Amelia Gydé: "Can't wait! And not just because I'm going weather-related stir crazy - great lineup!"

In high rotation: stella by starlight {now Star Lake Drownings}

This morning I pulled stella by starlight's self-released EP from it's DIY photocopied sleeve, slipped it into my computer and I haven't stopped listening to this 7-song EP since.


Latest comment by: Tim Hanken: "How bout "The Amazing Lives of Poodles" that seems like a great band name. Just imagine the merch opportunities."