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Feeling some Murder Vibes - and liking it

If you are one of those people who secretly spend the summer longing for the return of cloudy skies and drizzly rain, you want to know about the self-titled debut album from local duo Murder Vibes. Vocalist Peter Hanks and multi-instrumentalist Jordan Evans have created a dark, moody soundtrack equally suited to solitary strolls through soggy fallen leaves or dancing with strangers in darkened basements.

Like many debuts, this one wears its influences proudly on its sleeve, and Murder Vibes have drawn from some of the best. Imagine the dark spirit of Depeche Mode combined with M83’s beats and Nick Cave’s drama, all built on a solid foundation of post-millennium U2 and you’ll have a pretty near idea of what Murder Vibes are up to. (And really, it is striking how effectively Hanks evokes Bono - which is about the highest compliment I can give.)

The trick with dark and moody bedroom projects is that they don’t always translate well to the stage. We’ll have a chance to find out how well Murder Vibes does it at their album release show at Fred Wildlife Refuge on November 13 (NOTE: we originally had it as 11/11 - it is actually, for real, on 11/13 - huge apologies). That will be your first chance to buy the album as well, although the single “Not Alone Tonight” is available on bandcamp now.

You can watch the creepy teaser for that song after the cut below, or head over to their web page where the rest of their teasers are pretty funny. 


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Recommended shows TONIGHT and TOMORROW: the premiere of NEW Ken Stringfellow music with FM Collective!

FM Collective

Did I tell you guys about how this has been the best summer EVER? And the fall is looking pretty boss too. There are several reasons that my summer has been so rockin', but a lot of it has been the music -- in large part due to my beloved Posies returning to the PNW and giving me a ton of oppotunuties to see them play live {in various incarnations}. 

And so, my imaginary friends, it is with great pleasure that I gift you the first listen to this lush new tune from Mr. Ken Stringfellow in collaboration with FM Collective, "The One That Matters." This is the kind of song that sighs are meant for. I'm probably being a little dramatic -- but I swear to you, this track is simply beautiful.


Bumbershoot 2014 picks: Words & Ideas

Bumbershoot 2014 music and arts festival, Seattle

How in the hell is it time for Bumbershoot again? {And I mean that in the best way possible, OBVIOUSLY!} In just a little over a week, Seattle Center is going to be filled with people enjoying music, art, theater, and more – including my precious favorite Words & Ideas programming. This year, the Words & Ideas stage is in the Charlotte Martin Theatre

Here’s a list of my must-sees for Bumbershoot’s 2014 Words & Ideas happening:


Town Hall Presents – Arts & Culture

Oh hi, Stephin Merrit. How you doin’? Oh, you wanna sit down and talk to me about your new book, in which you tell me all about the smallest words admissible in the Scrabble dictionary? SOUNDS AMAZING I WILL BE IN THE FRONT ROW.


SIFF 2014 Preview: Face the Music

Hello, Imaginaries! I can’t believe that the 40th Seattle International Film Festival starts THIS THURSDAY! (what. the. what.) Anyway, if you haven’t had a chance to check out the Face the Music line-up this year, let me moonwalk you through it, because there’s a lot of really rad stuff I don’t want you to miss!

First up, let’s take a look Keep On Keepin’ On, a tribute to jazz legend Clark Terry, who taught Quincy Jones and Miles Davis, and who helped blind pianist Justin Kauflin realize his dream. There are two special events happening around this spectacular documentary: An Evening with Quincy Jones, in which the Festival's Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Jones at the premiere screening of the film, and The Justin Kauflin Trio is playing at The Triple Door as a companion performance with a special introduction by Quincy Jones. Sounds like a 3-day jazz-lovers extended dream date! {An Evening with Quincy Jones Special Presentation Screening & Tribute 6/4, 7:30pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown; Keep On Keepin’ On screens again 6/6, 4pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown; Companion show with The Justin Kauflin Trio, June 5 at The Triple Door, 7pm}

And of course, Opening Night is the premeire of Jimi: All is By My Side, a story about Jimi Hendrix before he was Jimi Hendrix. Sure. Okay. Why not? Outkast's André Benjamin stars as Jimi, a rising musician caught in a sticky love triangle between Linda Keith and Kathy Etchingham. SCANDALOUS. {Screens on SIFF Opening Night, 5/15, 7pm at Marion Oliver McCaw Hall} 

Nick Cave fans, check it: get a peek into the enigmatic musician & writer’s everyday life—sort of—with a fiction-mentary by Directors Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard. 20,000 Days on Earth is described as “blending fact, fiction, and fantasy” and the trailer looks AMAZING. Can’t wait to see this one. {Screens 5/16, 10pm at Lincoln Square Cinemas, and again 5/21, 9:30pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown}


Bumbershoot 2013 wrap-up: the return of the 3-day music marathon

Bob Mould at the KEXP Music Lounge Bumbershoot 2013
Bob Mould appears to have rocked his own face off in my crappy iPhone photo.

Hi guys. Hi there. Remember how, for the last, like, 5 years, I've been all "OH I AM SO OLD I DON'T KNOW HOW YOU GUYS DO THREE DAYS OF BUMBERSHOOT"? Yes. Well. This year, I convinced myself that I needed to go to the entire weekend, because of the awesome line-up. 

ANYWAY. Because of having all the (grumpy) feels about pricing and crowds, I have either skipped going entirely, or limited my exposure to one day during the weekend. But I had so much fun the last two years that I decided to pack up my water bottle and aspirin and give it a go in the name of 90's nostalgia! I live-tweeted the whole weekend, and because I know you want it, I even made a Storify of all the action.

Here's a breakdown of all the awesomeness: 

Thao and the Get Down Stay Down

I started my day with Thao and the Get Down Stay Down in the KEXP Music Lounge. Having never been in there before, I didn't know what to expect, but people: I AM A HUGE FAN. Plug me in and turn me on oscillate, because I will definitely make it a point to see every band I love in there every year. Because damnnnnnn. It's good. Comfy seats, amazing sound (bring those earplugs), and a bunch of music fans totally rocking out, live, on the air. SO GOOD. 

Thao and her GDSD crew were also SO GOOD. I mean, seriously. So many great vocal highlights and wailing guitars and dancy, rockin' amazingness. That voice! That band! Who knew such a tiny girl could move a whole room like that? I made a vine video for you, but then then my phone eated the audio so you'll just have to use your imagination. 

Gary Numan (parts 1 & 2) 

Part 1: Numan blew me away in a cloud of Gothy clove-scented smoke, fucking KILLING it on the Music Lounge stage with heavy industrial tunes tinged with synthy pop (including a more rockin' version of his new wave hit "Cars") and my 16-year-old heart died all over the place about 20 times. Fortunately, Jenny George was with me and felt EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. Afterward, he graciously waited to talk to fans and take photos with them, which is how I ended up with a sweaty hug and a photo of us pressed cheek-to-cheek. 

BONUS: After I told him much I loved his set, Numan said, "Yeah, that was set was kind of subdued. (!!!!) Come see us later. It'll be turned WAY up!" 

Part 2: He was right. The second set outdoors at the Tune-In stage was WAY louder and way more energetic. WHAT. My heart melted all over again every time Gary would flutter his arms together in Gothy 80's poses, and I was broken in all the good ways by the time it was over. Oh, and also high. Totally and completely high, because of the dude standing right next to us with his huge blunt.


Latest comment by: Imaginary Amie: "Thanks, Jason! It turns out my boyfriend actually has all of them, so all I need to do is raid his iTunes. :) "

Bumbershoot 2013 music picks: a case of the Mondays

MGMT Bumbershoot 2013 Seattle

Ah, geez. The LAST DAY of Bumbershoot! It's always a mix of relief and woe, as everyone realizes they have to go back to work the next day, starting out with all the best intentions to go home early and tuck themselves into bed, but then saying "Fuck it!" and staying up all night partying insteaed. And … with rain on the horizon there'll probably be a lot of bitching about that as well. 

And so! Monday's (9/2) musical agenda includes the following for moi: 

MainStage (Key Arena)

I initially couldn't decide whether to put Superchunk or MGMT up top as my favorite thing for Monday, but ultimately I went with these guys, because I've never seen them live and I really really really really like them. Plus, they just seem like they'd be a LOT of fun on stage! 

Fountain Lawn Stage 

Bellamaine is another band I know next-to-nothing about, but I took a listen to their stuff while perusing through the B-shoot schedule and OMFG I'm in love. Dreamy pop rock with great vocals and bouncy progressions? Okay, Bellamaine; I'm yours. Let's be best friends forever! I'll buy you soda, but promise not to molest you in the parking lot.  


Latest comment by: Anonymous: "Oh, in between all the great sets above, don't miss Mark Pickerel and His Praying Hands rootsy noir at 6pm Monday!"

Bumbershoot 2013 music picks: my dream list for Saturday!

Bumbershoot Music Picks: Heart

Now that I've covered everything else I'm looking forward to this weekend at Bumbershoot, it's time to get into the music. Please note: I say "Dream" list, because it's entirely possible I might not make it to see every single one depending on how much of an old lady I feel like I am after trekking around all day. (HAHA) Anyway! Music. Music is good. Here's what I'm planning to hit on Saturday (8/31)

MainStage (Key Arena) 

Heart!!! OMG Heart!!! Because Dreamboat AnnieLittle Queen and Dog & Butterfly were frequently spun on the Simon family turntable, I have a deep and abiding love for Nancy's guitar skillz and Ann's gorgeous vox. In fact, my first real concert was seeing Heart at The Coliseum (now the Key) with my dad during their "Passionworks" tour. Oh man, was I stoked to see the band the he loved -- even though we totally had the most nose-bleedy of all the nosebleed seats. 

This time I'll be front and center at the Key, rockin' to these amazing ladies. Bring on the "Barracuda!" And the "Magic Man!" And the "Heartless!" And maybe "Even It Up!" And for the love of god, please bring on the "CRAZY ON YOU!!!"  (I'll even settle for some "These Dreams," you guys. Because I once loved that album whole-heartedly and sang my little 14-year-old heart out to it!). YES YES YES AND YES. 


Recommended show: Jon Auer at the Volterra Drawing Room {Fri 7/26} - limited tickets left!

Jon Auer at the Volterra Drawing RoomHELLO POSIES FANS! I know you're out there. And I know you'll be excited to know (if you don't already) that Jon Auer will be back in Seattle performing a one night only show in Ballard at The Volterra Drawing Room next Friday, 7/26

For $23 (OH HO HO) you can get GA tickets, and for $100, you can get early VIP access to meet & greet Jon, partake of hosted wine and light appetizers, AND GET reserved seating! Plus, Mr. Auer will play one song of your choice during his set. There will also be a cash bar for the cocktail lovers. 

Volterra's lovely owner, Michelle Q.,  just let me know that there are only 15 tickets left for this amazing event! And amazing, it is. I was there last time, and the setting is intimate and cozy and so much fun. Jon is a fantastic performer, and is always interacting with the crowd and playing fan favorites. It's a perfect way to spend your evening, and I highly recommend you buy tickets ASAP.

{One Night Only: An Intimate Evening with Jon Auer | Volterra Drawing Room | Friday, 7/26 | 7:30pm Doors (VIP will be let in at 7pm), 8pm Showtime} 

Latest comment by: Ruth Carter: "It's a perfect way to spend your evening, and I highly recommend you buy tickets as soon as possible, enjoy it ! Gambling can't be superior on this wager site and also the fast installing australian gambling application could have you playing on-line ...

Recommended SIFF + Ticket Giveaway: I Used to Be Darker {6/4 & 6/5}

I can barely watch the trailer for I Used to Be Darker without breaking down in tears, but since I haven't had a chance to see the film yet, I can't tell you whether or not the whole thing is a devastating chronicle of depression, or whether there's some hope at the end. 

What I can tell you is that it looks like it's beautifully-shot, elegantly-acted, and packed with gorgeously-composed music by Kim Taylor and Ned Oldham (who also star as the leads), and that it's probably going to break your heart in a million good ways. And if you're like me, you enjoy sitting through an hour and a half of something raw and real -- something that lets you have a good cry, embrace what you identified with, and then leave the theater and move on to your own, happier real life.

Anyway -- we've got two tickets for EACH SHOWING to giveaway, so pack up your tissues … and maybe a flask*, if that's your thing, and email us for a chance to win 'em. The film screens on Tuesday, 6/4, 6:30pm and Wednesday, 6/5, 3:30pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown (Director Matthew Porterfield is scheduled to attend both). Shoot us an email at tig {at} threeimaginarygirls {dot} com with the subject line "heartbreak" anytime between now and 7am Tuesday, 6/4. And make sure you tell us which screening you want tickets to! We'll notify the winners shortly after we pull the names. 

*TIG is not endorsing drinking in theaters. But we're not *not* endorsing it either. Take that as you will. 

SIFF Take: Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me

Naturally my great love for The Posies led me to my great love for Big Star -- and I still remember being outraged when watching That '70s Show and realizing the version of "In the Street" playing over the credits wasn't Big Star's original, but instead a cover by … Cheap Trick. What. 

Big Star is one of those great power pop bands that people didn't appreciate until long after their albums were released. They're the kings of vocal harmonies and guitar riffs (I could listen to "Feel" all day, every day and NEVER, EVER get tired of it), and they know how to drag a song out until you feel like you can't take it anymore, and then finish it off with a bang -- leaving you feeling exhausted, but satiated, and yes -- wanting more. So much more. 

Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me does a stellar job not only covering the history of the band from Alex Chilton and Chris Bell's first collaboration, but also touches on the personal struggles of each. It's a complete picture of Big Star from its inception to its demise -- and later resurrection -- and of course, it's loaded with awesome tunes (Psst: Ominvore Recordings is releasing the soundtrack on vinyl!). It's a gorgeous portrait of the band, and a must-see for fans.

{Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me screens at the 39th Annual Seattle International Film Festival on Tuesday, 5/21, 9pm, and again on Sunday, 5/26, 8:30pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown}