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Imaginary Mixtape: Shuffle Surprise!

You know that point when your iTunes gets so filled up with awesome stuff that you can't possibly listen to everything that's in there with any kind of regularity? Where, like, you put it on shuffle and then you hear a song and you're all, "OHHHH right, I love this song! But I forgot about it!" Right.

Well, that's been happening to me lately and there's so much good stuff I want to share, I thought I'd just go ahead and create a mixtape for y'all. Enjoy!

"Nothing Really Happened" - Math and Physics Club
"So Caroline" - The Posies
"Lonelily" - Damien Rice
"The Kids We Used to Be" - Phineas and The Lonely Leaves
"Do It Better" - Imperial Teen
"If It Was (A Matter of Mind)" - The Rave-Ups
"Hold On" - Yellow Ostrich
"The Two Sides of Monsieur Valentine" - Spoon
"Run" - Ben Kweller
"Closet Cutter" - Mike Viola
"Sigh" - Verlee for Ransom
"Connection" - The Brunettes

Play this mixtape on Spotify.
{I once again tried to include an iTunes link, but sadly only 9 of the 13 songs are available on there. auuuuggghhh} 

So... what songs have popped up on your shuffle lately that you're suddenly loving again?

Latest comment by: Imaginary Amie: "

Yay, more Shufflemancy!!!


Building a mixtape: Darren Hanlon and Adorable and that catchy bassline

Over the weekend I had an OMG realization: one of the chord progressions to "The Unmade Bed" by Darren Hanlon perfectly complements (or shall we say, matches) my favorite progression of all time, that being the baseline in "Homeboy" by Adorable.  

Both are wonderful songs that I could listen to on repeat independently, but together it's infectious and possibly the beginning of a great mixtape, one made up of songs that feature tabs of that ilk. Are there any other songs you can think of that would play nicely next to these two tunes?

As inspiration (and exhibits A & B), here are videos for both songs (and yes, that's Jens Lekman in the Darren Hanlon video!):

Adorable - "Homeboy" from the album Against Perfection

Darron Hanlon - "The Unmade Bed" from the album Little Chills

Spice up your holiday mixtapes with festive indie songs

santaslice photobooth

{Photo taken at the 2010 Imaginary Holiday Office Party by Laura Musselman}

We posted our own mix of holiday songs that kicked our imaginary holiday season off a couple weeks ago. But, since then, we've found ourselves up to our jingle bells with more awesome holiday songs! With the seasonality limitation of holiday music, sometimes it's easy for our holiday mixtapes to get stale. Here are some recommendations to fill out your annual holiday playlists:

Mangle Bell Rock by the Mangles
It's a wonderfully rocking batch of songs that blend both Seattle and Minneapolis vintages of garage rock. Favorite track: "Living White Hell"

Christmastime Approximately by various artists
I found this compilation via Eux Autres who have a super stellar track, "Teenage Christmas," on the Christmastime Approximately compilation. If you hurry on over to the Where It’s At is Where You Are Records website, you might still be able to download the entire album for free (for a limited time only). Another fave track: "Just Like Xmas (In Cottonopolis)"


Imaginary Mixtape {August 2010}: Lost at the festival, where could they be?

Imaginary Mixtape Podcast

Lost at the festival, where could they be?
At any ole place where the wi-fi is free.

It's true, our favorite part of the summer is the avalanche of festival possibilities. There's little better in the world than dozens of your new favorite bands playing one after the other on a sunny day in an exotic locale. This edition of the Imaginary Mixtape we share tracks from some of the cutest bands playing the Athens Popfest {August 10-14 in Athens, GA} and take a consoling look back at the amazing Indietracks festival line up {takes place each year at the end of July in the UK - fingers crossed next year we can make the trip?}. But, we start off the podcast looking at some awesome August events in Seattle. Get ready to mark up your calendars!

You can listen to a stream or download the MP3 version of the podcast on the imaginary bandcamp page. Bandcamp prohibits tracks longer than 25 minutes {I think it's some regulation against jam bands?}, so the podcast is split into three sections for those that like to listen via the bandcamp stream.

PART 1: Preview of some Seattle shows and events in August

PART 2: Athens Popfest preview

PART 3: Looking back at the UK festival, Indietracks


If you are the type that likes to listen to podcasts in itunes, download the .m4a file here {one single file with fancy chapters even!} and then open it in your itunes {Thanks to Jigsaw Records for hosting it!}.

Tracklisting: Imaginary Mixtape - August 2010:


Best of 2010 {half year check in}: Imaginary Liz's mixtape of favorites

Best Songs of 2010 / ig Liz

In celebration of all the great things released so far this year, I couldn't help but make my own mix to listen on repeat. I even got so nerdy as to create cd-sized cover art with a tracklisting for my Favorites of the First Half of 2010 (download the 5MB printable PDF). 

Fav Albums (in no particular order):
Allo Darlin
- Allo Darlin
Antarctica Takes It!Constellations
The DrumsThe Drums
Los Campesinos! - Romance Is Boring
Math & Physics Club - I Shouldn't Look As Good As I Do
Nana GrizolRuth
People Eating PeoplePeople Eating People
QuasiAmerican Gong
Standard FareThe Noyelle Beat

Fav Retrospective:
Carissa's WierdThey'll Only Miss You When You Leave: Songs 1996-2003

Fav 7":
Gold-Bears - “Tally”

Fav Cover Song:
Cats On Fire - “Your Woman” from the album Dealing In Antiques
(cover of a White Town song)

I am sure I forgot something... what songs and/or albums are your favorites of the year so far? Anything in particular you're looking forward hearing that's set for release later this year? {Thermals, Thermals, Thermals}


Latest comment by: Chris Estey: "

I second Cats On Fire's "Your Woman"! I really like "Romance Is Boring." Before the weather changed, I was constantly playing The National's album "High Violet" (especially for "Little Faith," one of my ...

Imaginary Mixtape: NYC and SF Popfest edition {May 2010}

2010 Popfest

May is a magical month here in Seattle. We've got spots of sun teasing us with summer promises, Sasquatch anticipation running rampant, and the warm glows of SIFF oozing with the best international indie films. There's only one reason we'd ever want to leave our emerald city bubble during this sweet spot of the year... a good ole fashioned PopFest!

This year, the month of May brought with it two very enticing reasons to head elsewhere: The New York City Popfest {May 20-23, 2010} and the San Francisco Popfest {May 27-30, 2010}. To mark these special events, we've gathered up some of our favorite songs by folks playing these festivals which includes a couple cover songs, a not-yet-released Math & Physics Club song and some rarities to up the popfest ante.  If you were one of the lucky folks that caught any of the NYC or SF Popfest shows, let us know how it went!

***Listen to the Imaginary Popfest Podcast MP3***
{To download the podcast, right click on the link above
and save to your computer}


Latest comment by: d-bee: "A collection of videos I found from the NYC Popfest 2010 - Tender ...