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Proceed with exuberance: The Shackeltons' new self-titled album may lead to blown out speakers and excessive speeding. The band has found that perfect indie-rock sound, with sonically charged, powerful post-punk beats anchoring lead singer Mark Redding's talking/screaming/pleading vocals.

These are eleven modern love songs. The listener is placed on a ship at sea (there are several references to ships and sailing on the album), and taken on a rocking, bobbing journey through waves of desire, yearning and heartbreak. The opening song, "Your Movement," has perhaps the best and most telling lyric of the album: "We held it in our hands/and didn't know it was love." The music that accompanies each song isn't especially wistful or floating, but offers layers and a buildup of sometimes frenetic energy. It's the kind of music I would love to hear live. Besides the first song, the other stars of an altogether strong album are "Yellow Cadillac," "The Ship" and "Emergency."

I knew the album met my approval as I drove to work and found myself continuing to turn up the volume further and further until I could feel the whole car rattling and humming. The Shackeltons is a vibrant, textured, emotionally intelligent album. I don't know if my speakers will ever be the same.

This is an excellent album... and it was just released last week via local label Loveless Records.

Loveless Records

It's a good!

Yep, this album pretty much rules, I'd say.

This band rules. I can't wait to see them live. They make me want to dance and sprint and shout and throw my head out the window in the rain and cry tears of joy. Seriously.

i think mary's car is fine place to listen to music.

meh. i just listened to every song you cited, and i don't get the appeal of this band at all.

kudos to loveless for signing this band before victory records could get to them first.

this band isn't for everyone,
but they definately need to be heard.

wonderfull stuff.

I have not heard their newest album, however, I have heard and seen them in concert. For those of you who have not gone to see them yet, make it a point to do so. These guys throw down with the best of 'em on stage. They played at John in the Morning's b-day bash last year and made me a believer.

sorry but a solid live show should augment, not replace, good songs.

john richards has made a point lately of hyping bands that supposedly have an amazing live show (ghostland observatory is another), but everything i've heard beforehand hasn't convinced me the bands are worth my time or money.

well, i think until you've seen them you shouldn't judge them. yea, some bands aren't for everyone. some people "get" stuff and some people don't. to each his own.

you're right that not everyone gets certain bands, but you couldn't be more wrong on the latter point. it's not as if the songs they recorded are low fidelity, so it's quite fair to judge them based on those. there's absolutely no way that the energy of a live show can overcome material which is poorly written... and extremely poorly sung.

correction - that should have read "former point".

well, i think until you've seen them you shouldn't judge them

I honestly hope you're joking about that. What's the point in reviewing albums if you must withhold judgment until you've seen a band live? What do you do with people who release albums posthumously or don't tour?

I don't know if the Shackletons record is any good or not - I haven't heard it. But I do know that once it is a finished product and is no longer a work in progress, criticism is fair game.

There's quite a gap between "Hey Electronica-Haters, chew on this" to "to each his own."

Whoa.. Chris B. Ha! So, my point was, before you say there is no way they could be good live, then maybe you should possibly see them live? Just a thought. It's not my favorite record, and I haven't seen them live. But, I do like the record... I think some of the songs are quite good. That being said, I don't expect everyone to like them.

And really the point of this was to get people to read this post and talk about the Shackeltons. So I'd say we were successful. Thanks for playing!

And how many songs have you written?

"And how many songs have you written?"

I'm not sure if this is directed at my post, but... NONE! How is that relevant to me liking or disliking a band?

Wow, I think the comments are longer than the review. Now that's interactive criticism!

Hahahah..... well discussion is good. Maybe some people will listen to this record. Yay for conversational posting!

I love the album and like them even more live. I think is is their first release and I can't wait to see where they go from here. These guys are young and (I think that the drummer and bass player are still in high school from what I heard)from small town PA. They are as real as it gets and you can hear that on the CD and seeing them live.

I think this is the most feedback we've had for a record review since we panned that modest mouse covers album..... ;)

and i still maintain that album review was lacking in many areas ;)

you still maintain? i must have missed the part where you mentioned that before.

like it or not, this album has been talked about... and that was precisely the point.

you guys are talking alot.

thanks for reviewing the album imaginary girls.
we put alot into it... (figuratively)
there's really not much to it mechanically,

glad that some of you like it!

sean hallock

you guys are talking alot.

thanks for reviewing the album imaginary girls.
we put alot into it... (figuratively)
there's really not much to it mechanically,

glad that some of you like it!

sean hallock

sorry for putting two there.

sorry, shrie, that was a comment for dana regarding the sun kil moon review

hahaha.... it's quite alright. i enjoy the spirit of a heated discussion.

Hey Imaginary peoples/Shackleton

This is a case for me where I was BLOWN AWAY by the Shackletons' live performance, so I can't wait to get my hands on the record. Congrats, Sean, looking forward to hearing this!

OH, and of course... My favorite live photo of the Shackletons here in Seattle:

Oh wow Gregory, your photo is amazing!!

Here's the link, linked:

thats an awesome photo :D. i love this album its a bit of a throwback while still being original. good work shackeltons!

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