Tonight in Seattle:  

Another photo tease from last night's REVERB festival...

Holy cow. After seeing Eduardo Brambila's photos from the No-Fi Soul Rebellion show at Sonic Boom Records last night, I CAN'T WAIT to read the full review.

No-Fi Soul Rebellion photo by Eduardo Brambila

What do think the caption for this shot should be?

No-Fi Soul Rebellion photo by Eduardo Brambila

Or this one???

I think Eduardo requested the second pose personally...


no... it was just a pleasant surprise


I love my man!


No way!


You guys rocked! Your review will be up soon!

Best show at reverb :D

Don't you worry Andrea, Eduardo got some seroiusly sexy photos of you too!! Coming soon in the review. :)

I can't wait, you guys are the best!

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