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MTV continues to scare me

I know you've all been waiting for it and here it is: MTV has announced the nominees for its annual suck-up-fest, the Video Music Awards! Rather than post them all here, I'll let you visit the slick MTV website that caused my browser to be unhappy, but I'll make a few comments for my... er... your amusement.

Best Group Video: All hacks except the White Stripes.

Best New Artist: AKA, the kiss of death award (see careers of past winners like Jesus Jones, Michael Penn, and a-Ha). The list includes Lily Allen (please win so you'll go away!), Amy Winehouse, and ... Peter Bjorn and John?!

Female Artist: Amy Winehouse in a pile of rubbish like Nelly Frittata.

Male Artist: Alan Thicke's son is nominated. That's all I'll say.

"Monster Single": No idea what this award means, but I did discover that Fall Out Boy recorded a song this year called "Thanks for the Mummers." I didn't realize they enjoyed the Philly parade folks that much! Other nominees include abominations like Avril and Plain White T's.

"Earth Shattering Collaboration": Yeah, whatever. Another excuse to nominate JT, Beyonce, and others - including U2 and Green Day!

"Quadruple Threat": OK, I really have no idea what this means except that Bono and Beyonce, Jay-Z, JT, and Kanye are the nominees.

Video of the Year: Amy Winehouse got a nod, along with the TRL tripe like Kanye, JT, Beyonce, Rihanna and ... wait for it ... "D.A.N.C.E." by Justice! Yes, you read right.

Editing: Who cares.

Director: All hacks except maybe Samuel Bayer. Where is Chris Cunningham or Michel Gondry to kick their collective asses?


Nelly Frittata!

Sounds like a brunch menu item in my neighborhood...

Oh god, what is with Peter Bjorn and Johns sudden popularity? The other day my mom was listening to the mountain, and they referred to them as P B and J

I nearly fell off my chair in disgust

(I don't see the Winehouse appeal)

I know, crazy huh? The tastes of the working class are soooooooo pedestrian.

Do I need to go dig up your raves of some of these acts that were so awesome before the great unwashed deigned to love them?

We get it, we get it Mr. Cultural Vanguard.

I actually think that's a very, very improved and impressive list of nominees in the context of what flies on MTV.

Oh, I'm not saying I know culture any better than anybody else, I'm just saying that MTV seems to be very safe and pedestrian ... then again I'm not looking for MTV to be cool and progressive, that's not there thing anymore. However, most of the material nominated for the VMA's isn't, honestly, very good. And this isn't a class thing - popular music isn't the "Working Class" music. If this were really "working class" in today's America, we would see a lot more Spanish language songs and a lot more hard rock/metal. So don't try to make this sound like an elitist argument. I have enough pop music in my collection to so that I've never had the indie-than-thou mentality, just there is so much better pop music out there that I get bored when we get inundated with the Fall Out Boys and Plain White T's of the world. I especially dislike people who stop liking bands when they get popular - its unfathomable to think that when a band becomes big, they suddenly and instantly become bad. Of course, none of the bad bands in question were ever "good", so thats a moot point. That being said, kudos to MTV for nominating Amy, Peter Bjorn and John, Justice and some of the other less-typical mainstream fodder.

mtv. gag me with a pitchfork.

"Best Group Video: All hacks except the White Stripes."

Uh, you mean, including the White Stripes. Most overrated, pretentious act out there today.

Amy Winehouse has videos? Why haven't I seen them?! (Oh yes, because I don't have cable teevee.)

PB&J are big. Best Buy is pushing them, and the bars in the suburbs are playing them. I witnessed it tonight; all the drunks were whistling along. Yep, they're a hit!

And for the record... I've met just about everyone who contributes to this here website and I wouldn't consider any of them to be the highbrow hipster types who just arbitrarily shun anything that's got any kind of mainstream popularity. I think the point Erik may be trying to make — and if it's not, then it's the point I'm trying to make — is that MTV is out of touch and gives away awards based more on popularity than merit, because here you see they have nominated a slew of buzz-heavy artists who, given the amount of talent in the world, may not be the most deserving, but may be the most cutting-edge by MTV audience standards. MTV wants to get some cred back, and now that indie is king, they're trying to get in on the fun. But most of us are so over them, we don't even know what channel they're on anymore (if we even still have cable TV). I mean, MTV who? Awards huh? Yawn. And thus, they can't be taken seriously.

I'll vouch for the absolute unpretentiousness of Erik, the 3igs, ChrisB, Kiku, Jesse, Elle, Embracey, RickG, Robby, Cal, and the many many other genuinely nice peeps behind this site that I got to meet last month.

~mmm, frittata~

Awww Betsy, that was a very sweet thing to read first thing this morning! Thanks bunches, lady.

You like me... You really like me.

By reading this, I KNOW I'm not pretentious, as I proudly (and loudly) love the Wineshouses and think (yes, I'll say it again) the White Stripes are the Rolling Stones of our generation.

I will say this about the VMAs: although I've fallen out of touch with what MTV plays these days (or don't play), I think the VMAs are the best produced award show/live show on TV. I've seen some of the most incredible performances on that show, even if they're not acts I particularly like (Beyonce, P. Diddy).

I look forward to watching it.

Almost everyone has already commented everything I was going to say [including a joke about "Frittata", damn!], so I'll just agree further with Betsy and say I'm glad I don't own a TV, and that I haven't seen any air of pretentiousness around any of us whom I've met.

you seem to forget that Writer's Block is one of the best albums of the year (IMO)

I totally need to get Writer's Block. I keep meaning to pick it up each time I go to Best Buy. They have it on the same display as SSPU, The Fratellis, Amy, and bunches of other indie hitmakers. It's their "We're hip, we're down" display, and I think all of the CDs are at low prices ($7.99 and up?). Go Best Buy!

And I too love Amy W. and Jack & Meg. And I really like Cal.

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