Tonight in Seattle:  

Celebrating You-Tube-i-licious Day! {again}

20 more hours left in our YouTube-i-licious Day celebration (commemorating our ability to post YouTube videos)!

Send us your favorite YouTube links and we'll post them over the next 20 hours.

Here's a favorite from our friend Magic Marker Curt. It's a fairly recent news snip pulled from a local Seattle news report. I remember seeing this last week on the news when it happened. I was so worn down from network news that it didn't strike me as that odd. But, now that I watch it free from a network news haze, it is really, it effing crazy.




Oh my head.
I once called 911 because I smoked too much pot and thought I was dying.
They kept me in the psych ward overnight for evaluation before deciding I'd had a panic attack.
I never smoked pot again.
True story.
Still, this is hysterical.

Wahoo! I leave the country and we get YouTube enabled! I am happy!!!!

Missing Seattle but loving France.... xoxoxo!

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