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Spice up your holiday mixtapes with festive indie songs

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{Photo taken at the 2010 Imaginary Holiday Office Party by Laura Musselman}

We posted our own mix of holiday songs that kicked our imaginary holiday season off a couple weeks ago. But, since then, we've found ourselves up to our jingle bells with more awesome holiday songs! With the seasonality limitation of holiday music, sometimes it's easy for our holiday mixtapes to get stale. Here are some recommendations to fill out your annual holiday playlists:

Mangle Bell Rock by the Mangles
It's a wonderfully rocking batch of songs that blend both Seattle and Minneapolis vintages of garage rock. Favorite track: "Living White Hell"

Christmastime Approximately by various artists
I found this compilation via Eux Autres who have a super stellar track, "Teenage Christmas," on the Christmastime Approximately compilation. If you hurry on over to the Where It’s At is Where You Are Records website, you might still be able to download the entire album for free (for a limited time only). Another fave track: "Just Like Xmas (In Cottonopolis)"