Tonight in Seattle:  

Crushing out on Miniature Tigers {at Chop Suey this Thursday night}

It's a travesty I haven't written about Miniature Tigers until now. Their debut album Tell it to the Volcano (released on Modern Art Records earlier this year) has helped me push through many a manic day with it's dorm room-romantic one liners and infectious reverb'd choruses.

Miniature Tiger's well-rounded pop songs have the sweet licks of a Fountains of Wayne with lyrics laced with Elliott Smith (on meds) anxieties. Add in a bit of Weezer argyle sweater leanings and Feist radio appeal and you've got the album that is in running for one of my top 10 records of 2009.

I am doubly ecstatic that Miniature Tigers are going to be in town this Thursday (May 21st) at Chop Suey with Kevin Devine -- after all, Mr. Devine released one of my favorite albums of 2008 and I've been counting down to the day I could see either one of these bands - let alone both of them the same night.

Thinking of joining me there?

This video sampling should seal the deal:


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