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imaginary dana's top Northwest picks for 2008

I'm a chronic procrastinator, so here it is, January 5th, and I'm finally ready to make sense of the musical chaos and wonderment that was 2008 and compile a list of favorites.

Don't even try to make me rank these releases in order, or I'll never, ever finish my list. Let's just say these were some of the very best local bands in my iTunes list this year, presented alphabetically.

Phew -- so glad I got that off my chest. Bring on the new music in the new year!


loving the picks dana!

esp dutchess/fleet foxes/teamgina

I like that Throw me the Statue album, but for whatever reason I thought it was a 2007 release.
I like a lot of those picks though.
Lake-"Oh, the places we'll go" has been my favorite local release recently.
I'm kind of surprised Mono in VCF isn't on some of those local lists...I thought that was a great album.

John - in TIG's 2007 reader's poll, Moonbeams and Mono in VCF were numbers 37 & 38.

John -- TMTS self-released Moonbeams in 2007. It was put out on Secretly Canadian in 2008. Confusing, I know. Still a great record.

Great list, Dana! Very eclectic and more than enough to make the Northwest proud. Fleet Foxes, Natalie Portman's Shaved Head, and The Saturday Knights: little more than geography in common. All in a class by themselves. I also agree with John in Ballard--> another great 2008 record that was played a lot on the radio was Mono in VCF. It's a sleeper but stands alone as a highly musical blend of smooth vocal psychedelia. One of my favorites of the past few years, really! Welcome 2009!

Thanks Chris, I guess Mono in VCF came out in 2007 then. I thought it was early this year. I couldn't find the 2007 readers poll, but I did find the 2008 poll, where Lake placed 30 and Mono was nowhere to be found....but those minor details pail in comparison to that 1-2 slot.
I went in thinking there was no way Fleet foxes would finish below #1. I mean they finished #1 in KEXP's listener poll and that's for all albums everywhere. That led me to believe that NW albums was a lock, but New Faces seemed to have pulled a major upset.

I don't want to suggest that they stuffed the ballot box, but I think it's very surprising. I'm not trying to bash on New Faces, I think they put out a good album, but #1? I know they got a nice little buzz when their album came out over the summer, but I didn't know they were that popular.
I can't be the only one surprised by this, right?

@John in Ballard -- you are most definitely not the only one surprised! We were as well... but we were really excited about the surprise. I wouldn't have picked New Faces as record of the year, but it was a very strong debut effort, from a band with a LOT of enthusiastic fans. So it was a bit of a thrill to see them pull it off, I thought...

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