Tonight in Seattle:  

M Bloody V bitches

Ok kids, spill it. How amazing was My Bloody Valentine last night?

From looks of all the twittering about last night, it sounds like some lives were changed?

Thank goodness for the lightening quick youtubing action of johnyorient (below) - here's a bit of "You Made Me Realize" (a valiant effort getting 8 minutes of the 20 minute rendition of the song).

Anyone else got any video or photos?


It was pretty damn amazing, one of the best concerts I have ever seen.

At one point, I thought my lungs were going to burst. Everything inside my head was vibrating to an uncomfortable degree (eyelids, nostrils, lips, gums, TEETH). I actually had to move out of the path of the music to give my body a break. I've never heard/felt anything like that before!

Bloody fantastic.

It was the closest I've come to a spiritual experience at a concert. At first I thought I couldn't breathe, and coughed some, but then you adjust, give in and let the feeling seep over. My nose, face, stomach, feet, everything felt the vibrating reverb. You look around the floor and everyone is experiencing the same sensations at the same time and they have expression of "wow," complete awe, on their faces. Everyone was smiling and reveling in it.

It was so worth waiting for.

Astounding, excruciating, exhausting, spectacular. It will take quite awhile for that show to fully sink in. Still in denial and very very happy.

Amazing experience. I stared, slack-jawed in amazement while the music just washed over me. At one point, I thought my clothes were moving, as if being caught in a strong wind.

I loved John Roderick's twitter about the show: "My Bloody Valentine understands that "loud" isn't just about bass, it's about face-melting treble. At one point my nostrils were flapping."

All this visceral experiences are just fantastic to read...

i felt everything reverberate - my clothing, my hair, my throat...i even had to struggle to draw breath amongst the texture of the sound. i have never had that level of physical experience with my music, and the end was a testament to their endurance.
amazing - they were totally on it! i have waited a long time to see them, and have tried to see them in other cities. it was so worth it! cheers to my fellow experiential comrades!

I just upped a bunch of photos to Enjoy!

set list?!

Outstanding show, awesome crowd, and the strangest sonic massage ever. PLUS a truly amazing acoustic set from Kurt Heasley that apparently lots of people missed out on.

My gf and I decided to experience the show in our seats dead center from the stage to take everything in. I have to say, musically and visually it was a fantastic show. I can't believe the reviewer from Seattle Weekly was complaining about the added visuals, I feel they added even more depth to the show.

It was a night of other-worldly joy for me. One of my favorite bands of all time returned from a 17 year cryogenic freeze. It felt like a continuation of their 1992 Loveless tour -- which I appreciated, as most "comeback" bands ruin things by trying to pander to new audiences with lame new songs.

The sound was so loud it enveloped you, passed through you, made you tingle. The unpretentious disciplined delivery by the band made it easy to get lost in the sound.

The apocalyptic middle section of the finale was like nothing I've ever experienced. The noise was so loud and overpowering it struck me from head to foot from all directions, like a musical hurricane. A few people left, but most surrendered to the sound, swaying like zombies.

Thanks MBV. I'll never forget the show. Come back soon.

Well.... I was lucky enough to win free tix for this, which I'm really glad I did, because first and foremost the accoustic set by Kurt Heasley put everyone to SLEEP and was completely out of place as far as a nice build up to MBV. As far as MBV went, yes they were amazing and yes you felt like you were going to sonically combust at a certain point, and it really was something special to feel and hear... but I agree the lights were a little too seizure-inducing. I had to just close my eyes and listen when the lights got too out of hand. And my last complaint, despite how glad I am that I did see MBV in person, is that the WaMu theatre layout and the staff suck ass. But yes, like the WaMu theatre website showcases - ".... amazing sound.... "

Well said. My experience exactly.

Kevin nor Bilinda spoke much/at all to the crowd--but WHO CARES?! GODDAMN that show was amazing! Psychedelic projections, swirling guitars, layers of sound, ethereal vocals. If you didn't enjoy this show I'm not sure I can be attracted to you anymore.

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