Tonight in Seattle:  

Overheard at Bumbershoot: What's in a name?

While awaiting Feral Children to wrap up their sound check, two men behind me were discussing their choice to be there…

"Who are these guys again? Have you ever seen them before?"

"Yeah, I don't even know who they are. I just picked them because of their name."

"Fe-ral Child-ren. Sounds like a good name, should be pretty fierce."

"Yeah [laughs] I figure that's the best way to decide if a band is good or not--their name." 

In some cases that is a good way to judge (Low) but I'm sure there are a lot that are the opposite... examples?


I don't know about choosing a band based on their name ("Awesome" is a fantastic band, but based on their name I avoided seeing them for a long time).

On a semi-related note, I was watching a program on the History Channel all about actual feral children, my dad walks in and says "I bet there's a band called Feral Children, seems like a good band name" Haha, oh parents.

i'd like to hear what those two thought about the show after seeing them. personally, i thought it was pretty bad ass.

by the way, why haven't you reviewed Second to the Last Frontier?

kid_crzy: If you were asking me about Second to the Last Frontier, I have to say that while I enjoyed their first album (see review) and I think they are really great live, I'm not too hot on the actual album. I think they bust it out way better on the stage than they did in the studio.

Also, I didn't hear their reaction, but I'm pretty sure those two guys stuck around for the whole show. I'm assuming that is a good sign.

yes, i think it's a very good sign they stuck around. i actually expected (wanted?) another song...i was hoping for "lost in the woods" to close it out.

well, i guess if you're not into the record, that's fine. no question they bring it live! see you at the comet?

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