Tonight in Seattle:  

Who should I see at SXSW?

Los CampesinosI need your help!

I'm headed to Austin, TX for SXSW 2008 in a matter of days and I'm so excited I can barely stand to look on my scheduling spreadsheet.

Besides stalking Los Campesinos (I swear I wont hide in the bushes outside their hotel) and tracking down Project Jenny Project Jan for our dear Kiku, what bands do you think I should check out?

Here's the intimidating list of bands... post your lists of who I should see and I'll report back!


Newish bands amusing me are These New Puritans and Cryptacize.

Well Duffy just announced some dates, including playing at Stubbs on Saturday night, that would be the one to see.


Head: Spinning.

You should spend the whole time at Flatstock.

And Carolyn Mark too!

I second the Duffy recommendation and Crystal Castles should still be on. Plus, how could you not go the Rachael Ray party and see Holy Fuck and the Raveonettes?

The Blakes need some seattle love fo' sho', also I'm thinking Ra Ra Riot, Cut Copy, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Delta Spirit, Islands, Santogold, Pigeon Detectives, Tapes 'n Tapes, The Wombats, Wild Sweet Orange.... Tech N9ne

I am kind of excited about some of the LA (silverlake) bands: earlimart, the happy hollows, le switch & division day.

What do you suppose this:

Body of War with Kimya Dawson, Serj Tankian, Tom Morello, Brett Dennen, Brendan James, RX Bandits, and Special Guests

is all about? Certainly an interesting mix of folks on one stage at one time.

When you have gaps in your schedule fill them with the bands with the coolest/most interesting/most fun to say names such as: Faceless Werewolves, Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Afrobots, Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds.

And don't you dare miss Ice Cube!

Santogold fo shizzle. Asylum St Spankers, A-Trak (bootylicious hip hop), Balmorhea (good TX stuff), Black Keys, Black Angels (yay Texas!), Billy Bragg, Centro-matic (see this band, they're from Denton and they are straightup rock), Clipse, El Guincho, Elf Power, Jason Forrest... I could go on and on!

I can definitely recommend some Texas bands for ya.

Faceless Werewolves are good... they're from Denton originally as well. Nice ladies.

And dammit, go see Ice Cube.

You guys are doing great - keep the recommendations coming. Speaking of names that pique my interest... how about Care Bears on Fire?

More suggestions! I've got 4 days to fill!

I'd say seeing Lou Reed give the keynote could be quite entertaining in itself.

hhbtm artist bearsuit and of course one your favs fishboy. bearsuit are playing 7 times, ad fishboy 3 times. Mike

Care Bears on Fire is horrible. At least their CD is. It's a group of 13-year-olds or 14 year olds or some other tween rock thing. Avoid it like it's leoprosy.

Slim Cessna's Auto Club is pretty much awesome in every sense of the word if you like the Southern Gothic thang.

Sons and Daughters is pretty ruling. British Sea Power was great when I saw them a few years ago. The Shackeltons = good.

Tim @ 9: That show you're referring to was mentioned on Idolator earlier week (unfavorably), it says from a press release:

"Ben Harper, Tom Morello and Serj Tankian will perform at a South by Southwest showcase for the documentary and soundtrack "Body of War," inspired by a U.S. soldier paralyzed while serving in Iraq.

The performance is set for March 13 at Stubbs BBQ in Austin, Texas, and will also feature Kimya Dawson, American Bang, Brendan James, RX Bandits and special guests to be announced."

Expect a lot of righteous political comments about fucking the war and/or Bush and Cheney.

I just wonder what better plans Jello Biafra had.

Here's a few I would make a point to see who also aren't already coming through Sea-town soon:

Lies in Disguise
I O Echo
Tokyo Police Club
Working for a Nuclear Free City
Does it Offend You, Yeah?*
dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip*

*will also be at Coachella next month

Super jealous you get to see PJPJ AND Los Campesinos! You will not stop dancing! Have a fantastic time!!

So, are you going to be giving us imagi-blog updates through out or what?

I am soooooooooo sad I can't attend this year. But I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to read all your imaginary updates from Austin!!!

Well, my list is already way too long to have any chance of seeing even half of them, but hey, who needs sleep anyway? Here are some that haven't already been mentioned here:

Bad Veins
Dead Confederate
Hallelujah The Hills
Frightened Rabbit
The Lemonheads
Die Die Die
Ravens & Chimes
Yo La Tengo
Genghis Tron
Tokyo Sex Destruction
The English Beat
Times New Viking
The Slits
The Virgins
The Airborne Toxic Event
Black Helicopter
People In Planes
Sunburned Hand of Man
The Shout Out Louds
The Pigeon Detectives
The Constantines
White Denim
Ha Ha Tonka
Modey Lemon

ps @17: Tokyo Police Club will be at Neumo's on 5/18. Already got my tix!

Is this a democracy? If each band gets a certain number of votes then Liz will go see them?

I think The Grim is right about Sons and Daughters. They're playing at Neumo's late next month and I'm really excited to see them!

Randy @ 21, I will be soooo jealous for you getting to see Robyn. Gah! If I was going this year, she would be a very top priority for me to see. Can you go and report back so I can get a vicarious thrill?

I'm a huge fan of Ida Maria. By all reports she is a pretty amazing live. You may be stalking Los Campesinos, but if I was going I'd be stalking Ida Maria, or at least catching one of her gigs.

Chris @22: Absolutely, you bet I will. I guess she's done very few shows in the US (at least not recently), so this should be a special treat.

Us, you should come and see us!

I am kind of dissapointed that no one has recommended The A-Sides yet!! I've seen them twice now here in seattle; they're a lot of fun. Do it! Listen to their Daytrotter sessions if you want a feel for em live.

I can't necessarily endorse or condone seeing my band The Motion Sick down in Austin, but we are playing 4 shows (I like to believe that we're entertaining and rocking).

If you don't like my reviews, you can maybe come by and throw sticks at me. Seriously though, if anyone wants to meet up and say hello, let me know!

Oh yeah Liz, you should TOTALLY go see The Motion Sick! Go meet the sleepwalker, and learn the UP UP DOWN DOWN LEFT RIGHT LEFT RIGHT B A SELECT START dance!

If you are into reggae at all, don't miss Katchafire, a killer band from New Zealand! The reggae scene is huge there and Katchafire is one of the best bands.

Also Eliot Lipp out of Brooklyn is doing some amazing futuristic electro-funk crunk madness- if ya like that sort of thing!

Austin is a great town! What else is there to do besides SXSW (like that won't keep you busy):

Check out my post, Austin Is My Town:

Have fun down south!



Yea the Baptist Generals! They rock.

go see the botticellis! they are a surf-pop group from san francisco. great!

please see 'jukebox the ghost.' delightful piano-driven pop trio out of washington d.c. with a huge and FUN sound.

If Ms.Led isn't playing, then go see Uh Huh Her... the band of Leisha Hailey (Alice on The L Word) and Camila Grey of Mellowdrone- they are awesome. :)

How about Feral Children!? Yeah, I know you can see them in Seattle, but they're playing 4 parties in Austin!


one more suggestion: the answering machine. i think the sound like los campesinos a little. can't believe they're playing in the states actually. apparently the excellent woxy had a hand in brining them over from manchester.

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