Tonight in Seattle:  

NPR to interview Liz Phair on Wednesday. Oh dear.

Liz Phair

Oh NPR. You mean so well.

The Official Radio Network of Liberal Guilt just sent out a press release announcing that on Wednesday, Liz Phair will be a guest to discuss, well, here's what NPR says:

LIZ PHAIR – The singer-songwriter talks with Rachel Martin and Mike Pesca on The Bryant Park Project, NPR News' newest morning newsmagazine. Rachel Martin talks with Liz Phair about the 15th Anniversary of her influential album, "Exit In Guyville." 

Funny, I'm the biggest Liz Phair fan on the TIG staff and I didn't even know she ever made an album called "Exit in Guyville."

OK, I know that was wrong. I'm sure there'll be lots to talk about, including the shows in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco where Phair will play her masterpiece 1993 album Exile in Guyville from beginning to end acoustic, and her forthcoming record and our tribute "Exile in {Imaginary} Girlville" show here in Seattle on June 25 at Chop Suey (tickets still available for $8 - shameless plug, I know).

If I were Liz Phair, I'd bring my own set of questions to ask because last time we checked in with The Bryant Park Project they were interviewing Sigur Ros and it might have been the most uncomfortable interview ever (and that means something coming from me because I'd rather go to the dentist than transcribe my interviews sober).

Liz, because I love you (I can call you Liz, right?), here's what you might expect:

Shameful admission: I liked H.W.C. And I'm not ashamed to say whitechocolatesapceegg is a great album.

HA! I think Liz will be fine. That painful Sigur interview was purely the result of the SR guys -- who proved to be just as interesting in an interview setting as they do on any of their albums. (wicked burn)

But, I bet they will not be able to help but ask about being a BJ queen. Like she's never heard that question before.

I might be wrong, but I don't think Luke Burbank isn't on that show any more.... and that's a good thing. The new hosts might do better..... ??

I thought the SR interview was both NPR and SR's fault (like a perfect storm of boredom). The interviewers really didn't know what they were talking about and asked bad questions and SR didn't help them out any or have anything interesting say. I looked up the show online and they do get lots of musicians to come in but if they can't get the person's album title right (which I'm sure is a minor error that we all make). But when I saw that I still thought, "oh my. Another Sigur Ros interview is in the air."

I have another post coming up about John Waters, who did a great job of making boring questions interesting last night when I saw him interviewed at SIFF.

Awesome John Waters news! I'm sure he could turn anything around. And, given Liz's sometimes aloofness in interviews, it could be an interesting mix. When I saw that mistake in the title in the NPR email in my inbox I gasped out loud. Do you think Liz saw that email too?

Perhaps I cannot comment because I'm totally biased based on the fact I LOVE them, but I cannot blame Sigur Ros for that shitty interview. C'mon, what kind of question is " do you guys make music? You just end up in a room together and do it?" Please.

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