Tonight in Seattle:  

Join us Friday night for the second "Unscrew the Croc Employees" benefit show at Chop Suey

Seattle Show Posters

Last Sunday's "Unscrew the Crocodile Employees Benefit Show" at Chop Suey was a mega
hoot--gathering all of us to recount memories, see incredible performances by a slew of our favorite bands and all for a great cause.

Join us at Chop Suey this Friday (January 4th) for a second "Unscrew the Crocodile Employees Benefit Show" featuring stellar Seattle bands Coconut Coolouts, The Intelligence, The Girls, and Das Llamas.  Doors will be at  8p, it's 21+ and tickets are $6.

Also, Seattle Show Posters has screenprinted the most incredible posters (the birds were printed using glow in the dark ink!) for the show and all proceeds from poster sales will go to the Croc Employee fund.

Oh my goodness. I must get one of these posters! If I hang out around Chop Suey tomorrow night, could you slip me one? Rick does such incredible work!!

Glow in the dark!

that poster is gorgeous. i must have one!


The posters will be for sale at the show; proceeds will go to the poor Croc employees!

What a great poster!

I have to work tonight. Will there be any way, other than going to the show, to get one?

Hi, thanks!

Yes: They're available here.

WOW -- I love the glow in the dark effect on your image! You got my order for a poster, right? : )

Any chance that more will be available for purchase on the Web? I went to the site and they appear to be sold out. I can't make tonight's show, but would love to support the employees with a side purchase. :) Thanks!

Any chance that more will be available for purchase on the Web? I went to the site and they appear to be sold out. I can't make tonight's show, but would love to support the employees with a side purchase. :) Thanks!


Sorry to hijack this thread. More are available online right now.

Thank you!

Rick -- you ARE this thread. ;)

That poster is amazing.

Hey i have an idea, how about having more benefits for things more important than a bunch of nightclub workers who can go get other jobs no problem. this is so lame and selfish and just shows how far everyones head is up their asses. hey how about the family of the woman how got stabbed to death the other day on capitol hill, or womens shelters, or teen outreach programs? never see as much press for those events.

These 'screwed' employees are not special, or need help, they just worked at a place that was popular.
Lame lame lame

I agree - benefit shows are a great thing. They raise awareness and (most times) raise funds for a worthy cause. The Seattle music community is great at supporting causes--off the top of my head: a couple weeks ago we raised $500 for a foster kids charity, Lesli Wood headed up the effort to make a Happy Holidays for needy children, and the MacLeod House had a fundraiser for a friend suffering from a rare disease... and in a couple months the Noise for the Needy folks will host a slew of annual fundraising shows benefiting domestic abuse shelters. I'm not saying that's a lot or anyone deserves a pat on the back, I'm saying that there are shows out there folks can attend to support another cause.

These shows benefitting the Croc Crew help out a group of folks who worked for a club and suddenly found themselves out of a job in the stressful holiday season. We all know that bar jobs don't allow for the majority of employees to save a nestegg for this kind of event. This is our little way to help them out with a few dollars, and, perhaps remind folks that shitty things happen to good people - and inspire folks to take action how ever they see fit (maybe donate to their favorite charity?). And, on the selfish side, these two benefit shows act as a way to thank this posse for their years of service and friendship at the Croc and a catharsis for those of us who miss that dingy bar so much.

Thats great I'm glad to hear about those fund raisers.
i wish I heard about them as much as i'm hearing about the Crocodile fund raiser.
I know everyone liked the croc and its sucks it closed so sudden and at xmas. But it seems that having more than one benefit and having a poster made that looks like it was made to promote a benefit for Katrina or endangered species is too much. I just have a hard time believing the the sound guy and bartenders are standing in line at the food bank.
I'm sure most of them got job offers at other clubs after the word got out and I doubt that working at the Crocodile 3 days a week was their sole source of income.
I know that music and places they see their favorite bands holds a emotional place in peoples hearts, but sometimes people need a reality check.

Let me put something into perspective for you, Jamie: Out of all the news and entertainment outlets, TIG is really the only one I see advertising the Crocodile benefit events so profusely. Thus, I'm unsure as to how you're "seeing all the press" about this show.
Perhaps you don't know the history behind TIG, even I didn't know when I started writing for this piece. This website was pretty much founded at the Crocodile, and it's been a major part of editor Dana's life. Naturally when something like that ends, we're going to hold memorials for it; it's almost like losing a good friend. This is why you're seeing so much coverage here on TIG. Not to mention, the two events are TIG sponsored, so of course we're going to be advertising the hell out of 'em.

As someone who spends eight hours of her days, Monday through Friday, working to help several different charitable causes, like world hunger, rainforest preservation, etc., I wholeheartedly agree with you that there are many "more worthy" causes than a couple of handfuls of people suddenly unemployed. However, I don't think the small causes should be ignored either, and these concerts are just as much community building events as they are benefit shows. We all know how much the community needs bonding time.

As for the posters: Rick of Seattle Show Posters is a good friend of the Girls (the editors), so of course he'll provide a hand.

hey jamie. you're a cunt. shut up

What the hell? Fuck the crocodile and its hygiene challenged employees. It makes me laugh that people actually think this is some kind of "cause". What is the difference between any of these douchebags losing their job and an MS or Boeing employee losing their job? None. How about we have a benefit show for my buddy's girlfriend who lost her job around the holidays? Or how about a benefit concert so I can buy a new car? All these dirty slobs will do with the money is buy more drugs anyway. Fuck em. Damn you indie fucks are pretentious.


that poster is freaking awesome.

Really creative...

as for unscrewing..

AHH man.. I'm not 21+

I swear people under 21 have money!

just sayin.. :D

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