Tonight in Seattle:  

Who's headed to a Radiohead show tonight? (cricket cricket)

I haven't seen many twitters, chirps, or FaceBook status check-ins mentioning that peeps are headed to the White River Amphitheater to see Radiohead tonight.

Did anyone get tickets?

If you are a fan of the RH and not headed there... why are you opting out this time?

Two words: White River.

Otherwise, I would love love love to see Radiohead.

You're just following the wrong people. I have gotten several emails and tweets from friends who are attending. Most recent:

"24 hours until I see RADIOHEAD!! EEEEEkkkkk!"

i put up a post on my personal blog asking if anyone wanted a ride, and the only response was from someone who chose to not buy a ticked because of the traffic.

separate from that, i don't know that many people who are planning to go (granted, i don't twitter), and definitely a lack of excitement compared to radiohead's last appearance here in 2003... at white river.

there may only be lawn seats left, but think about that - radiohead's playing a few miles away & there are still tickets available! it's just a gut feeling but it seems as if traffic alone wouldn't have been a hindrance before, but it's a good enough reason (excuse?) now. are some of the people who used to love radiohead only viewing them as just another band now?

While I'm not going, this could be huge. Maybe Radiohead will even announce something tonight.

ChrisB: what, are they potentially Obama's running mates?

I would really love to be going. But I got scared away from the traffic/parking situation. Then had a chance to get tix anyway and passed due to this downpour of rain we're currently experiencing. I don't know - if I could come up with a guaranteed waterproof outfit, I'd still be there.

I'm going; I will be out in the rainy lawn but I think it will be worth it. I've never been to a radiohead concert and I regret the last time that I didn't buy tickets when I had the chance. I also have a new bombproof rain jacket that I haven't gotten to wear yet so now we'll see how it works!

I am going tonight. I will be miles away from the stage on the lawn area, but there may still be a show review coming from me, especially since so many people are going to be missing it.

I'll be there! Although, I guess I'll have to fight this Andrew Boe character for who does the show review...

Obama/Yorke '08 -- YESSSSSSS!!

I can't wait to read all about the show. I'm sad I'll be missing it. The band's performance at the Gorge was breathtaking, all those years ago...

I feel weird missing it too, but I agree w. Dana: White River.

I went to the 2003 show and had no trouble getting into the venue but it took us between 3 and 4 hours to get out - at that time of night, after that type of show, waiting that many hours in the car was nooooooot cool...

I've seen Radiohead a few times though, and whoever DOES go tonight will have an awesome time, I'm sure of that!

incredible show. well worth the huge huge huge headache of getting to & from White River. got totally soaked at times, as I wuz one of the cool kids slummin' it on the hillside. excellent setlist, lights, crowd vibe. 1st time I've seen them and I'm not even a diehard fan. amazing music, show, everything. The LIARS were interesting. $8 beers? got home at three AM - I live in Ravenna. Whatever. TIG = great music site

I went. It was awesome. I'd never seen Radiohead, so I never considered not going, because I really needed to have that experience at least once in my life.

Still, this notion that White River is so terrible that you would skip a show by the Best Band in the World, who only comes to Seattle on rare occasions... that's stupid. Just leave a little earlier, bring snacks, be patient. Take the free shuttle from the SuperMall. It's worth it.

FYI: We did take that shuttle last night (I too still had nightmares about the post-show parking lot mess from the last time I went there). I was ill-impressed with it on the way in, because we still sat in a fair amount of traffic, and then our bus driver got lost in the parking lot and wouldn't let us off. BUT, on the way out it was wonderful. They had a HUGE fleet of buses waiting, and once we got on, we just rolled right out there and never waited in any traffic. It was really the right move. And it's free... it's nice to finally feel like you got some service for that ticket service fee!

I was dying to go and it just snuck up on me. I've never seen them and it's been forever since they last came (I think). White River's not the best sound quality experience by any means. And my god, last time I went to WR traffic was iiiinsane from Renton. So many factors played into not going. Mostly the fact I had no money and didn't realize it was happening till days before.

On another note, $8 beers? Just sounds like a Friday in Bellevue...

everyone who didn't go because of the venue is tripping. my gang headed out around 6pm (well after the time we had talked about via email), took an alternate route and only were held up twice by traffic trying to enter or exit another major road. we left right after the first encore, walked briskly to the car and jetted - we were probably in the first 2% of people leaving and only got held up at one stop sign.

the sound at the show was BRILLIANT. there was only one moment where the sound guy inside of me thought an instrument was too hot. the visuals were intense. the band was a well oiled machine, two of my friends in my posse had seen them at the beginning of the tour fumbling through some new songs, but at this point it was like clockwork (with one exception, which brought a little comedy to the set). and the set list! full of 'holy shit' moments.

so you missed arguably the best active band in the world because you don't like preparing ahead of time? because beer costs $8? well, all i can say is "sorry".

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