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Top 10 Birthday Songs!

On the eve of my birthday, I thought I would present a Top 10 list of awesome songs that reference... well, birthdays!

1) Altered Images "Happy Birthday"

2) Sugarcubes "Birthday"

3) Sunscreem "Idaho"

4) The Smiths "Unhappy Birthday"

5) Blur "Birthday"

6) The Fall "Birthday"

7) Cibo Matto "Birthday Cake"

8) Imperial Teen "Birthday Girl"

9) The Ruby Suns "Birthday on Mars"

10) The Innocence Mission "Happy Birthday Beautiful"


Any I'm forgetting? If so, let me know. That would be a great birthday present.

Oh wow, that's the second imaginary birthday this week -- first Kyle, and now Mary.


I'd have to say my favorite birthday song is "(Today is) Blackie's Birthday" by Urge Overkill from The Supersonic Storybook, to add to the list.

"Happy Birthday to Me" by Bright Eyes, hello!!!

There's a Cracker song called "Happy Birthday To Me". Is that the same as the Bright Eyes one?

I can also think of the '60s girl group The Cookies called "I Want A Boyfriend For My Birthday" (The Smiths used to cover it in their early days), "Sixteen Candles" by The Crests (the one that starts out "Happy Birthday/Happy Birthday baby"), and a very silly one by NOFX called "New Birthday Song"

Ah Yes! Happy Belated Birthday to Kyle as well!

Thanks soon as I saw your UO reference the lightbulb went on. I'm sorry I missed that the first time.

"Birthday" by The Invisible Cities, just love that song. probably my favorite the invisible cities track :)
Happy Happy Birthday to You

this may be sacrilege, but does anyone else wish that 'birthday' by the beatles could be deleted from history?

@cosby -- YESSSSSSSS.

I'll just nominate the entire catalog of Birthday Party songs, though none I can think of specifically references birthdays.

On a creepy note, what is the Stones song written for some girl MJ wanted to hook up with to celebrate her 18th birthday and her being legal to do so? "Let's Spend the Night Together?" Anyone? And wasn't this the daughter of some other famous musician?

"The Happy Birthday Song" by Andrew Bird... and although I'm sure it doesn't count, "Birthday Deathday" by Dethklok \m/

Clem Snide- Happy Birthday; and these are a little more punk than indie but still really awesome- The Vandals- Happy Birthday to Me and the Groovie Ghoulies- Happy Birthday Song.

The Happy Birthday Song, by Andrew Bird.

the best birthday song still has got to be birthday by the beatles

*Cough* That list sucks. #1 should be "Birthday" by The Beatles. I don't even know how you didn't come up with up that.

a few years ago I heard a happy birthday song--that was sung to a beatles tune...can't remember the name of the tune.It was quit funny all about getting old.
Anyone have a copy?

Good list. I love that Altered Images is #1. Still I do think that the Beatles "Bitrhday" needs to be in the top 10.
Birthday by the beatles should be in the 1st place or at least in the top 5
The Birthday Song by the Dik Van Dykes Just two of many good lines: 'So I hear it's your birthday, who gives a sh*t? Do you feel older? You certainly look it.' 'When you were born, the doctor slapped your mother. On the day you were born, they invented the Pill.' Classic!

"April Fool's Day Morn" by Loudon Wainwright is my favorite holiday song.

On birthdays we always play Stevie Wonder's birthday song for Martin Luther King. We all get up and dance to it. We just substitute the birthday person's name for MLK.
Concrete Blonde had a pretty good Birthday song, Sugarcubes have an Icelandic version which is pretty damned awesome too
Please not "Birthday" by the Sugarcubes...I wanted to send it to a friend, but I always read the lyrics first. Its really not a pleasant issue. The others are great ideas, though, thank you! I needed something different.
"Birthday" by the Beatles
Jimi Hendrix with Curtis Knight - HAPPY BIRTHDAY
No Doubt's Six Feet Under! :)
Happy Birthday by The Birthday Massacre
very bad article.. you didn't even try to search for alternative links for the songs that is not working and the songs you don't have a link for !
LITTLE STEVIE WONDER: "Happy Birthday"...... Never delete ANY Beatles song! EVER!!! Its WORSE than sacralige...
The sugarcubes song is about sexual abuse of a child.
"Birthday" by the Beatles
Birthday-The Beatles Happy birthday-Dj Bobo

Actually, the Sugarcubes song is NOT about paedophilia. Just a lot of people interpret it that way.

And for anyone who's ever had a lousy birthday: Happy Birthday by Concrete Blonde

happy birthday mom!!
happy birthday to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear beth happy birthday to you!<3
happy birthday to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Birthday to " Myself" I'm 15!! :D :P
Firstly, this list is amazing. I like that it doesn't include the canon that people could find on a wikipedia list of birthday songs. I'd like to add "Candles" by Daughter
happy birthday to me..
happy birthday to me..

happy birthday to me.. :)

Thank you for this list, and thank you so much for introducing me to The Innocence Mission!

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