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Imaginary Liz's Best of 2013 Countdown: Allo Darlin

Allo Darlin - IMAGINARY

Allo Darlin hasn't actually stated the words "we will release a new album in 2013," but they did write on their Facebook page (on January 18th), "So, in preparation for recording our new album we want to do 4 small shows in London to try out the new songs." 

Furthermore, there have been tweets about Elizabeth Morris and the Allo Darlin crew writing and recording some new songs and recently they even played a new song "Bright Eyes" (the song title alone makes my heart skip a beat) on a BBC in-studio session (sadly that session isn't available anymore).  Add in the evidence that the band has always been hard at work, on a constant loop of touring and recording and I think it's just a matter of time, right?  I can't wait to hear their new ukelele ballads and guitar pop melodies, all of which will be my new favorite things ever. 

Until we can find that BBC session posted somewhere (must. hear. Bright Eyes!) or they spill any new album details, I'll just replay these brilliant in-studios recorded while on tour last May, 2012: KEXP and NPR's World Cafe.

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{2013 has barely started and I've already put tougher my nearly probably very likely official Top 10 Favorite Releases for 2013, even though I've actually only heard a couple albums on the list… that's how good I know these albums are going to be. Over the course of 10 days I'll countdown these probably very likely AMAZING releases that make up my very likely possibly concrete list of my favorite albums of 2013! You can follow along with this link.}

Allo Darlin's comment on your tweet about this article broke my heart. Likely no new album until 2014 :(

I know... it broke my heart too!  I haven't even been able to respond or RT it.

But at least now I know what my #1 album of 2014 will be... and I do *love* planning ahead.  And I'm hoping that means a big US tour in 2014?!?

Liz it's still early days yet but we're excited about making the new record. There's 5 or so new songs that we've been rehearsing recently and the aim is to write loads more between now and the summer so we have lots to pick from. I've been having fun making Chris Isaak inspired guitar sounds, and so far the songs are sounding kind of watery. Mikey is playing around with different beats he's never done before. I caught Bill playing his bass all high up the other day but he insists it's for some songs and not others. Elizabeth is singing beautifully as ever. There are sad songs and happy songs. Hopefully we'll be recording in July, back at Soup studios with Simon Trought. Maybe a single before the year is out. There's loads more to do before then though. The London shows won't be for a while, and we're not going to announce them too far in advance as they'll be at fairly small venues. Mainly or all new material, so we can see what it does to people.. and to us! I really hope it means a big US tour in 2014 too. See you there, Paul

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