Tonight in Seattle:  

Imaginary Linkage: Stuff We Spied Online This Week {3/11-3/18}

Apparently Dee Snider IS going to take it! (to Broadway). This is NOT photoshopped, I swear. 

The secret to eating delish on the cheap: A list of the Top Ten tastiest Ramen Noodles

Holy archive, Batman. An online archive with over 800 hours of field recordings (from 1946-1991), 5,000 photos, 16 hours of vintage radio transcriptions, and 90 hours of interviews, discussions, and lectures. 

Re-Animator for bunnies, squirrels, and birds? CONVENTO is coming soon! 

TRON dance party! (Hang in there, the real action starts around the 1-minute mark) 

"A" is for An American Werewolf in London..." Teach your kids the Horror Film Alphabet! See also: The Sci-Fi Film Alphabet, and The Bond Film Alphabet

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