Tonight in Seattle:  

Imaginary Linkage: Stuff We Spied Online This Week {2/4-2/10}

Aw, how romantic. Send some heartwarming messages to your valentine via The Mountain Goats + Movies Tumblr

Portlandia (yay!) nails how imaginary moms would approach the problem of insufficient indie-rock in preschools

Drunk(ish) comic book history: aka John Landis's son, Max, schools us on The Death and Rebirth of Superman (with the help of his celebrity friends)

Say it Ain't So - a!!?!? What the. Who came up with this idea? 

Banksy + Tom Hanks: There's a new grafitti star in town: Hanksy

A lesson in freaking people out: Construct remote-controlled planes that look like flying people and fly them over NYC. 

PhyloPic: More animal clip art than you can shake a giraffe at.

Bonus: Tweet of the week! (omfgpugs)

Anything we missed that belongs on this imaginary list? 

Those v-day messages are amazing! I want them for every holiday... can we get working on that?

Also on my list of most clicked links:

Oh, man, those Valentine's cards are horribly awesome.

Matt, I know! I'd still laugh if I got one, though. :)


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