Tonight in Seattle:  

The Return of The Fastbacks! This Friday {7/8} at the West Seattle Summer Fest

The FastbacksHolycrap you guys. The freakin' FASTBACKS are playing their first show in 9 years this weekend! How did I miss this until now? On Friday night at 8pm, the legendary Kurt Bloch and Kim Warnick take the stage to rock the pants off music-lovers at the West Seattle Summer Fest, and I couldn't be more pleased. Every time I saw these guys back in the day, it was the best. show. ever. (I might even still have scars from a few mosh pit disasters). If you're too young to remember the power-poppy-grungey-punk-rocky goodness of these folks, take a listen to some tracks, and then head over to The Junction on Friday night to see them for FREE. Yes, free.

There are also a ton of other awesome musical treats, including The Cops (back together! YAYYYY!), Curtains for You and Head Like a Kite. Plus, lots of yummy street fair food, beer tents, and vendors ready to soothe you with retail therapy. SO much awesomeness in one 3-day street fair!!! I <3 you, Seattle.

Really happy by hearing about the come back of Fastbacks. But unfortunately I heard this news just now. Nothing to do for watch it. Is it broadcast in any media?

Anderson - I don't think so, but maybe? I'm sure someone in the crowd will do some iPhone video-taping and slap it up on YouTube later. :)

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