Tonight in Seattle:  

Our favorite indie rock Seattle tour guide: John Roderick

John Roderick, Seattle tour guide

We kinda don't know where to begin on this one as it combines so many things we love, our hearts are on the cusp of exploding. A couple more watches and we could be toast (albeit tasty brioche french toast like served at Odd Fellows).

Our dearest man about town and Long Winter, John Roderick, offers a tour of Seattle that exposes his favorite nooks and crannies of our fine city with stops at Odd Fellows, Pretty Parlor, The Crocodile (including a chat with photographer great Charles Peterson), Earthwise Salvage, The Showbox (the night of the Telekinesis show), Shelby Earl recording with Eric Corson, and Le Pichet.  

Behold the latest in Rhapsody's Rock Star Guide to the Galaxy -- Destination Seattle - featuring at least four eyewear change ups, three curse word bleeps, a kitty and a Barsuk hoodie (watch it).

What would have been mentioned on your rockstar tour of Seattle?

I like J. Rod's choices, but I'd make sure to show off Remedy Tea, Bimbos (predictable, I know, but you can't deny the power of the no-meato burrito and their happy hour margaritas), Gainsbourg (absinthe cocktails), Molly Moon's Ice Cream, and Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon.  Ok, so my tour would basically be a food and drink tour of the city. I'd also include a stop at Velouria and Sonic Boom/Easy Street Records for proper fashion accessories.

or, can we just call this "yet another beardo hipster telling us what is cool" video. so meh i can't even mutter the word "overdone".
thanks for posting this liz, it's so adorbs! we should all have such an OG tour guide when we visit new cities.
That "birdy num num" post is so underdone I can't even utter the word "meh".
oh, hi gunther and birdy num num! so glad for your bash-y commentary. perhaps you could post the video from a major internet music retailer that features YOUR lovely selves giving a tour, so we can compare? ...oh, that's right. THERE AREN'T ANY. my bad!

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