Tonight in Seattle:  

Best news of the day: NEW Magnetic Fields and Los Campesinos! records hit the shelves

Los Campesinos and Magnetic Fields

It's a big big day my friends. It's so big that as far back as a month ago I had friends emailing me asking if my head was going to explode on this very day. It's not that absurd of a question considering two of my very favoritest bands ever are both releasing brand new full on albums today:

Los Campesinos! - Romance is Boring
(in town at the Showbox / Market on May 4)

Magnetic Fields - Realism
(in town at Town Hall on Feb 23 and 24)

One saving grace preventing new album overload is that Los Campesinos loaded their entire new effort onto their MySpace page last week (it's their third masterpiece) so that I could listen to it wherever I could find an internet connection (however rickety). It's given me a chance to ease into all the new stuff all demanding priority in my iTunes. Once I get my copy of it on vinyl, the circle will be complete.

The Magnetic Fields tracks have proven a little more elusive. It's all fine though, a mountain of anticipation can be a good thing for a girl.

What new release are you looking forward to?

Los Camp! for sure. Been listening to some of the singles that they have been putting up on their excellent website. Does anyone else remember when a bit of the ceiling fell in at Neumo's during their last show? Awesome, except for the girl that got hit by a chunk. Then Gareth went out and stood on the barrier that they put up around the mess and sang. Great night.
I haven't heard a lick of the new mf record! I'm totally rewarding myself after work and running straight out to buy it. When Distortion came out, I actually went to the midnight sale and was the only person there. I decided to skip the geekiness this time around and just wait til Tuesday, but it's killing me! I wanna hear it now! Why are there no record stores downtown?
@keenan, there is (a record store downtown)! Mark Pickerel has opened up a small little store on 2nd called Damaged Goods. It's not a full blown record store, but he stocks some new releases and well as a ton on used (mostly vinyl) as well as vintage clothes and misc. It's fun!
Ian- I was at that show, but I was more towards the front and didn't know the ceiling broke until my friend told me after the show.
If I remember right, that was one of the few all ages shows where the under 21 crowd was segregated in the balcony, and Gareth climbed up there for the encore probably to make it more worthwhile for the kids stuck up there. Also cool were both guitarists going back and forth with each other in the crowd where I was at.

I haven't looked for tour dates, but I gotta imagine new record = Seattle tour dates at some point. Didn't they record some of the record here?
Awesome call Jesse!

I see it is in Belltown:
Damaged Goods
2316 2nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98121

I must head there soon... we found a fantastic used copy of Plastic Mastery on vinyl at Wall of Sound on Saturday - reminded me I need to get back to my used pickens ways in 2010.
JiB - They'll be at the Showbox on May 4! See you there! Up front and representing.
Thanks for the hot tip, Jesse! Sadly, Belltown is still not close enough to run by during my lunch hour (I'm stuck down by the ferries), but now I can't wait to check it out! Sounds exactly right up my alley! It makes me so happy to hear that even in this economy, so many rad little shops are still opening up, like the soon to open Jigsaw Records in ballard!
Oh yeah, thanks Liz! I think I must have read that and forgot or something, or maybe it got jumbled in with all the other spring shows this year (Beach House, Yeasayer) but I'll definitely be at that show.

I see they've graduated to a bigger venue too. The last 2 times they've been in town it's been at Neumo's. It'll also be interesting having new female vocals this time around. I'm pretty sure the lovely female half of all the songs from the first 2 albums has been replaced by Gareth's sister. From the songs I've heard, doesn't really sound like there's been any drop off though.

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