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Best news of the day: Miles Kurosky from Beulah to release new record and play in Seattle

As you might have seen yesterday in my best of the decade list, I LOVE Beulah. I'm such a sucker for Miles Kurosky's songwriting, and sadly, I didn't discover my love for Beulah until after their demise as a band. Every time I put on The Coast Is Never Clear, I wonder what it would have been like to see Beulah, and I always make some comment that they're one of the bands I would travel back in time to see if I could (also on that list - Elvis Costello in 1977-80 and REM 1980-84). And now, though it's not a Beulah reunion, it's good enough for me, Miles Kurosky is coming out with a new record this year titled The Desert of Shallow Effects, AND he's going to be playing with a full band in Seattle at the Tractor on April 10th!

A little about the new release:

For fans of Beulah who’ve been wondering for so long now when that band’s creative center would re-emerge and what direction he might take, The Death of Shallow Effects, produced by Kurosky and former Beulah member Eli Crews (Deerhoof, Why?), will feel comfortable but also surprising and fresh. “To me this album sounds like a logical progression, almost as if I was still in Beulah and I took it to another level. I think it’s different but only because I’m different as a human being and as a songwriter.”

Sounds good enough to me! There's a 3 song sampler hitting Itunes on January 12th that I can't wait to hear.

For good measure, here's a video of Beulah playing "Popular Mechanics for Lovers".


I've supported Beulah since the very beginning. I own all the albums, including the Elephant 6 version of 'Handsome Western States' not the re-issue. I was a huge fan, that is until I saw the movie 'A Good Band Is Easy To Kill' - a documentary about the band. I found Miles Kurosky so annoying in this film that I have never been able to listen to one of their albums since. I'd be more excited to hear that Kiki Dee was revisiting her recording career than Miles Kurosky.
I have purposely avoided this documentary for exactly this reason. Someday I'll cave and watch it, but I know it'll ruin the magic for me, and I really don't want that to happen.
Hey I.S.C.D., I admit, I'm a bit biased because I know a very different Miles than the one you saw in the documentary. Since I know him personally, I think he comes off kinda funny, and even a bit cartoonish in the movie. I mean, the history of rock is littered with mythology, assholes, egomaniacs, villains, nutbags, fights, drama, lies etc. That's why it's so damn entertaining. That said, your comment does beg the you only listen to musicians you perceive to be nice? I guess you don't listen to Lennon, Dylan, Townsend, Davies et al...all because they've had moments of assholery. Without these folks Mojo wouldn't even exist. Anyway, you should email Miles at his site and ask him questions about the documentary. He's actually pretty nice and responsive. Sometimes the "truth" needs to be contextualized. Yours, Sam. P.S. keenan/3IG...i like you what you do. keep on keepin' on.
I am a huge fan of the villains of rock-n-roll. I could never deny that gigantic egos are responsible for some of the greatest music ever recorded. In fact, I don’t care much for the music of Oasis, but I love the Gallagher brothers as characters. They are brilliant. I guess I just didn’t find Miles’ ego to be particularly charming or interesting. The complaining wannabe rock star didn't win me over... go figure? Quite frankly, I don’t care enough about Beulah anymore to email Miles at his site and ask him questions about the documentary. I can’t imagine who would? Question: Was the huge lighting rig that Beulah set-up on stage at their ill attended Crocodile show years ago really necessary? I found it to be annoying and off putting... just like Miles. I predict big things for his solo career.
Yoko was one of the best records ever! Totally made my top 20 of the decade list. I'm pretty excited to hear what this solo shiz is all about.
Wow, I.S.C.D., you're kind of a jerk, aren't ya? You claim to be a huge fan from the very beginning, yet you never really gave Miles or the band a fair shake. Let's' also be clear, you obviously found them "off putting and annoying" long before the DVD came out. That show with the "huge lighting rig" at the Crocodile was 3 years before the video even came out. Speaking of the lights, maybe they were just trying to put on a good show for folks who paid good money to see them play. If you think that's a bad aesthetic decision, fair enough, but off putting and annoying? Come on, you're just being a jerk. They were just trying to put on a good show, give them a break. That's like giving them grief because they used too many instruments on their records. It's just an aesthetic choice, they weren't trying to annoy you. Anyway, it's just funny that you don't care enough about Miles, his band, or his music to write him personally, but you have time to go on a site and write anonymous smack. Now, that's "off putting." P.S. Some people are excited about this, let them be reason to rain on their parade. I'm moving on, hopefully you will too. I mean you already sarcastically wished him "big things". Stay classy, Sam.
Sounds good enough to me, too! Thanks for posting. I can not wait to hear this record!! 2010, the year of Miles. Lets start a chant, Miles! Miles! Miles!

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