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Imaginary Mixtape {September, 2010} - Everything's going as planned, we even got us a van, there's nothing stopping us now

Imaginary Mixtape Podcast Sept 2010 with Visqueen and Bunnygrunt and more!

{Visqueen photo: Ben Haley / Bunnygrunt photo: JoshBomb}

September marks the biggest festival season in the Pacific Northwest. In a move to test our endurance, the biggest of the mammoth festivals take place within days of each other: Bumbershoot from September 4-6 in Seattle and Music Fest NW from September 8-12 in Portland. But, besides those mega-shows, we've got plenty of our favorite Seattle bands taking to the stage. In this edition of the Imaginary Mixtape we'll share tracks from noteworthy bands with shows in the coming weeks, feature some exclusive live recordings from the Athens Popefest, and a sneak preview of brand new songs by The Thermals and Superchunk.

You can listen to a stream or download the MP3 version of the podcast on the imaginary bandcamp page. Bandcamp prohibits tracks longer than 25 minutes {I think it's some regulation against jam bands?}, so the podcast is split into three sections. Click below to listen via the bandcamp stream.


PART 1: Preview of some September Seattle shows, Bumbershoot and Music Fest NW


PART 2: A listen to more Seattle bands with September shows and a preview of our Imaginary Crafty Listening Party albums for September


PART 3: Live tracks recorded at the 2010 Athens Popfest and some lovely Seattle indie-pop


If you are the type that likes to listen to podcasts in itunes (and who doesn't), download the .m4a file here {it's one single file with fancy chapter markers!} and then open it in your itunes {big thanks to Jigsaw Records for hosting the file!}.


Tracklisting: Imaginary Mixtape - September 2010:

Damien Jurado - "Rachel & Cali" from St. Bartlett

Out earlier this year, St. Bartlett is a well-crafted departure from Jurado's previous work, and possibly his best yet. Catch him on tour with Shearwater and Wye Oak this fall.


Head and the Heart - "Lost In My Mind" from their self-titled release

The debut, self-titled / self-released album from The Head and The Heart is quickly becoming an imaginary staple. Add them to your top ten of 2010 list, and don't miss their sets at Bumbershoot (Saturday, Sept. 4) and MFNW (Saturday, Sept. 11) at Berbati's Pan.


Chris Pureka - "Shipwreck" from How I Learned To See In The Dark

Chris Pureka's gorgeous composition, How I Learned to See in the Dark, is one of this year's make-it-hurt-so-good sad favorites, start to finish. She'll be at Bumbershoot Monday, Sept. 6th and back in the PNW on fall tour at the Tractor this October.


Visqueen - "So Long" from Message to Garcia

Imaginary favorites for a long time standing, Visqueen hit another homerun with 2009's release, Message to Garcia. Currently on a hiatus from tour, you can catch them at Bumbershoot if you're lucky enough to live in the Pac NW -- they'll be closing out Saturday's set at Bumbershoot at the EMP SkyChurch.


Sallie Ford - "Write Me A Letter" from Not An Animal

Another 2009 release with 2010 legs, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside's Not an Animal EP is on the fast track to a broader audience. These PDX locals will be opening up MFNW with their Thursday night set at Berbati's Pan, and out Seattle way this October for fall tour.


The Sprites - "Wish I Kept A Scrapbook" from Wish I Kept A Scrapbook

This is from the new Tullycraft tribute album set to be released on September 14, 2010. It's packed 21 Tullycraft covers (only one song repeats), all of which you can preview (and order) at Unchikun Records.


The Thermals - "I Don't Believe You" from Personal Life

Words cannot describe how excited we are about the release of the new {Chris Walla produced} Thermals record {September 7, 2010 on kill Rock Stars}. Add to the fact that we get to feature the album at our Imaginary Crafty Listening Party on September 12 at Neptune Coffee and our head just might explode.  Also of note, The Thermals will be at Bumbershoot on September 6 and Music Fest NW on September 9 at Music Fest NW in Portland, OR at the Crystal Ballroom.


Superchunk - "Digging For Something" from Majesty Shredding

Again, we here at TIG are super excited about the new Superchunk album and the fact that we get to feature a sneak listening to it *before* it's release date at the Imaginary Crafty Listening Party on September 12 at Neptune Coffee. At the Listening Party we're going to have a raffle to give away a pair of tickets to see them {with Teenage Fanclub and Telekinesis} at The Showbox in October.


Thee Sgt. Major III - "As I Do" from The Idea Factory

The Idea Factory is the first full-length record from our dear and regal Thee Sgt. Major III. The entire album is brilliant and catchy power pop, just what you'd expect from a band which features Kurt Bloch (The Fastbacks, among other things), Mike Musburger (The Posies, among other things), and Jim Sangster (Young Fresh Fellows, among other things). Thee Sgt. Major III has a couple shows coming up: September 17, 2010 at the Showbox and October 9, 2010 as part of Reverb Festival in Ballard.


Exohxo - "Beacons" from Other Ghosts

This song is from Exohxo's 2009 album, but they just finished an EP (listen to a stream of it) with Conrad Uno. Also, they've started compiling a list of songs to include on Exohxmas 2: Exohxmagain as a follow up to their first Christmas EP, Exohxmas. You can see them on September 3 at the Comet Tavern with Archeology and the Fling.


Slender Means - "This is Love" from Adrift In The Cosmos

This beauty of a soothing swooning album was released last year {they are working on album #3!} - which has given us enough time to memorize the lyrics to sing along with them at their September 5, 2010 appearance at the EMP Sky Church as part of Bumbershoot 2010.


Seapony - "Dreaming" from the self-titled EP

All it should take is one listen to this song to get thineself over to Seapony's bandcamp page to download the entire four-song EP {posted/released late-August, 2010}. The brand new band consists of Jen and Danny from Transmittens and a talented fella named Ian. Rumor has it they may just be releasing a 7" in the near future.


LA Tool & Die - "If You Take Away the Make Up (Then the Vampires They Will Die)" from Wish I Kept A Scrapbook

OK, we couldn't help ourselves, we had to squeeze in one more track from the new tribute album to Seattle's very own Tullycraft. I know for a fact that the electro beginning of this song makes a very fine ringtone.  Preview the album on the Unchikun Records website!


Bunnygrunt - "Don't Forget Who Your Friends Are" {live at Athens Popfest 2010, unreleased}

Bunnygrunt covering a sadly absent Red Pony Clock at this year's Athens Popfest. Listen to the whole set at


Poison Control Center - "When the World Goes to Sleep" {live at Athens Popfest 2010, unreleased}

PCC are one of the best live bands out there right now. This is one of their new classic live jams, that always evokes a party. It's a bit hard to tell on a live audio recording, but there's a lot of somersaults and splits going on during the jammy bits of this song.


International Waters - "Olympia" from It Felt Like EP

This was imaginary keenan's biggest surprise band of Athens Popfest {our review}! Members of Voxtrot, and in my opinion, obviously their real talent. We can't wait for their upcoming full length! More tracks available for download at their website.


C'est la Mort - "No Time to Say Goodbye" - Empty Words Fill Lonely Spaces

TIG writer Andrew Boe recently fell in love with this Seattle band's debut album, espousing "C’est la Mort is the perfect local act for enthusiasts of finely layered, reverb laden gothic and/or psychedelic music." It makes perfect sense they will join the Chameleons at The Crocodile on September 21 with Romance and Veil Veil Vanish.  They are also set to play the  Sunset Tavern for the Black Monday Halloween Party on October 25.

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