Tonight in Seattle:  

Monday morning check-in: Did you stay local or Doe Bay it?

The Dodos-The Space Needle Is A High Hat

What a nice calm mild weekend... how perfect for a total DOE BAY weekend! Who journey'd up there? How was it? The line-up was impeccable and the fest sold out. Tell us all!

Or were you like our Photographer of the Day {thanks for the photo jody-rodgers!} and kick it Seattle style at the Seattle Center Mural Amphitheatre for some free KEXP action with the Dodos and Army Navy?

Spill it people!

What about the week ahead? What are you looking forward to? I heard it's going to start warming up again -- just in time for a busy week with a Cave Singers in-store {Easy Street - Queen Anne} on Tuesday and a Thursday night with so many choices it makes my head spin:

  • - Kids & Animals/Steel For Scenery/Shotty, Skylark
  • - Pablo Trucker/Conservative Dad {ep release}/Barton Carroll, Sunset
  • - "Love No Love NW Compilation Release" - Your Heart Breaks/Gina Young/Carrie Cark & The Lonesome Lovers/Pufferfish/Sage Redman/Andrea Wittgens/Central Services, Triple Door*
  • - Fruit Bats/Johnny & The Moon/Palmer Electric Co., Crocodile !
  • - Yirim Seck {album release}/The Physics/Fresh Espresso/La Rue/DJ WD4D, Chop Suey*
  • - Japanther/The Pine Hill Haints/TacocaT/Strong Killings, Mini Mart City Park {7pm}*
    {Where is the Mini Mart City Park?}
yowza! I stayed on the DL , but I heard this morning that doe bay killed it. and like I need to state the obvious, I'll be kicking it PT style at the sunset on thursday... they should be on around 11, for anyone who's interested in taking the trip. I [heart] seattle. for totes.
Thursday night I went to the Romance, Mother/Father, Coulter show at Chop Suey. Pretty good show, surprisingly not as many people there as I thought there would be. Friday went the Head Like a Kite, Dyme Def, Mad Rad at the Crocodile. The whole night was pretty high energy with not a whole lot of lag in between acts because hip hop/party acts don't have that much stuff to set up. I was curious to see how this lineup would all play out since Dyme Def and Mad Rad don't really sound very much like Head like a kite. I found out about half way into Head like a kite's set when they went from just the two of them playing their stuff to having a guy (I didn't recognize him) rap over the top of their looping beat, to having most of Dyme Def and Mad rad up on stage either free styling or trying to get people to chant stuff. Dyme def freestyling was kind of cool, but the rest was a little overkill, although I guess for the most part it was kind of entertaining. I also enjoyed the Head like a kite "beach balls" which were just Styrofoam mannequin heads everyone tossed around. Oh yeah, also the video in the background which at times was barbie porn. Those two things were new since the last few times I've seen them.
Here's my first complaint about the new TIG format; The old comment section let me cut my comments into more digestible, smaller paragraphs. This new format takes all my little paragraphs and lumps them into one giant run on paragraph (see above) that if you're like me, you skim for a few sentences then probably move on. Is there a way to keep it from lumping everything together? I like the format from the old days.
Yep - you're right... it's all plain text. To format your comments it requires a lil HTML action. So between paragraphs you can seperate with a < br >< br > or do the ole < ul > and < li > for lists. We may be trying to keep up with 2005 technology but there are still times our foot is firmly planted in 1997. We'll get there eventually.

Sorry for the confusion... but thanks for sticking with it!
Doe Bay was great. Not just the line up but the whole event. the resort is right on the water with a fairly cheap cafe looking over the bay. half the people there were the artists. absolutely zero security (no reason for it) everyone was just there to have a good time. Lonely Forest killed friday night. Saturdays lineup was great from beginning to end. and the late night bonfires that went til 4 or 5 am had just as much music as the stage. the best festival ever. ALSO the water there is bioluminescent which i had never seen before so that was a bonus.
John at 2: That was Tilson from The Saturday Knights.
DOE BAY FEST WAS THE BEST CONCERT EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE. and this is 27 years of concert going talking here.
Tickets and travel to Doe Bay: a bit of money. Sitting around a campfire late into the night with folks from Hey Marseilles, the Long Winters, David Bazan, The Maldives, and Friday Mile? Priceless. And the hot tubs were spectacular.
I did Doe Bay Friday-Monday, and it was incredible. The lineup was practically flawless, the organization was impeccable, the grounds were stunning, the prices were affordable (2$ beers at a music festival?!), and the environment was low-stress, low-key, and incredibly communal. Great people and great times.
Liz-Thanks for the tips. I'll try using them right now...

Chris- I've seen the Saturday Knights before, I guess I just didn't recognize him from that show though. It makes sense though, because when I saw them (block party last year) Trent Mooreman was drumming for them so it makes sense that he would make a guest appearance at a HLAK show at some point. John

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