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Heavy rotation: Nada Surf, Tennis

{Nada Surf}

In a land where we are inundated by new music on a weekly, if not sometimes daily basis -- few things feel better than starting a nice, fresh playlist of tracks that have made the cut (in both the new-release new and new-to-me new ways). I like to organize mine by month, so at a moment's glance, I can see what's new when a friend is looking for something to woo her ear, or what to pull from for a DJ night. That first playlist in the first folder of the year holds special appeal for us over-organizing audiophiles, and while it's already starting to flesh out with some new-to-my-rotation tunes -- "For The One" / WATERS, "Goodness Gracious" / Heligoats, "The Dreamer" / Tallest Man On Earth -- one of the first outright new tracks of 2012 that's become stuck in my proverbial craw is Nada Surf's "When I Was Young".

Slated for release later this month, and undoubtedly one of the many songs the crowd will be set to swoon for when they take the stage at the Tractor on February 2nd, this song has the same kind of intimate-cum-cinematic appeal of Band of Horses' "Funeral" -- the kind of track you turn up because the opening strains start to pull at your heartstrings, and before you know it, you're thrown into this building, accelerating wall of indie-rock, while those signature vocals hold steady and soothing. If the rest of the album is anything like this, The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy will absolutely have a firm place in your top-ten list of 2012, local or otherwise. {band official} {preorder at Barsuk}


Bumbershoot Preview: Tennis {Sunday, 9/4}

I've mentioned Tennis before -- and I can't help but mention them again. This adorable husband and wife duo crafted their album Marathon while they were sailing around on a boat, enjoying some q-time together. (can you say awwwwwww?)

Every tune has lovely harmonies, feel-good lyrics, and a bouncy, summertime feeling tinged with retro beats. I can't recommended highly ENOUGH that you head to the Fountain Lawn Stage on Sunday, Sept 4 at 5pm to watch them do their simply beautiful thing.

Recommended Show TONIGHT: Tennis @The Croc {2/1}

I recently heard some tracks from Tennis, and it resulted in an insta-crush! I love this husband and wife team's fun, 60s-ish poppy tunes and the story behind their music - they took a year off and sailed all over the place, writing songs along the way. I'm beyond excited that their full-length album, Cape Drory, was recently released by Fat Possum Records. Tonight, they're playing at The Crocodile with the mellow/joyful stylings of Lord Huron and Air Waves.

Take a listen to "Marathon" above...and once your own crush kicks in, head on over to The Croc tonight for a bouncy, sun-shiney, feel-good show.

Lord Huron
Air Waves
The Crocodile
Tuesday, 2/1
Doors @8pm
$14 | 21+


Another recommended show tonight: Tennis at the Crocodile {11/17}

If you're out walking in the cold November rain tonight (it never ceases to be funny, sorry), consider dropping anchor at the Crocodile to have your heart warmed by the dulcet tones of Tennis. This sweet little dream of a band hails from the omelet-rich environs of Denver, Colorado. Taking a page from bands like Romantic Retard Nation and the Vivian Girls, they bring a low-fi, 60's Spector girl band-esque flavor to their sound, using fuzzy guitars, organs, and harmonization to accentuate simple, lovely lyrics about things like sailing around the eastern seaboard. True fact: the band is comprised of a married couple who saved money to buy a sailboat and did exactly that.

As trite as it sounds, you can feel the heart they put into their work, and how much of a labor of love their music is for them. Featuring tracks off of the Marathon EP, as well as tracks from the anxiously awaited January release debut album Cape Dory (come ON, they named it after their boat- does the cuteness ever stop?), they bring with them the sounds of sunshine, lovers holding hands, and never-ending days at the beach.

If that isn't enough to make you coo like a turtle dove, then you should clearly go back to kicking puppies and stealing lunch money from preschoolers.

Tennis and Golden Blonde will be playing tonight at the Crocodile. Doors are at 8:00PM. Tickets are $10.00. 21+