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NYC Popfest 2011 :: recap!

photo by Steve Louie

The fifth anniversary of NYC Popfest kicked off with a sold-out show at the Cake Shop with headliners the Pains of Being Pure at
, who were announced to the opening night bill only a week before the start of the festival. (Talk about a pleasant surprise!) Pet Milk {hailing from Philadelphia} started the night in strong fashion, belting out amiable noisey-garage pop tracks. The impending rumour that May 21st would be the end of the world didn’t stop Pet Milk from playing an upbeat catchy pop number called “Christian Solicitors,” which managed to making us feel like it wouldn’t be a bad thing if they were one of the last bands we ever saw.


It's Popfest time: NYC Popfest 2011

PopFest season is soon upon us!

The first of many PopFests happening this year is the NYC Popfest, taking place from May 19th to 22nd. Now it's in 5th year, the lineup looks incredible with fantastic pop bands from the US along with bands from the UK, Sweden, Australia, Canada and Japan. And it's not too late to find a last minute sale train or plane ticket and join me there! Full Festival passes and show tickets are still available.

There's too many to name but really stoked to see the likes of Betty & the Werewolves (UK), Soda Shop (NYC), Dream Diary (NYC), the Felt Tips (UK), Silver Swans (SF) and Procedure Club (CT) and always a crowd favourite, Go Sailor (US). Also, just announced is the FREE all ages daytime show on Friday, May 20th at the Paul Smith Sale Shop in Brooklyn with Ian & Emma of Pocketbooks (UK) and Rose Melberg.

The NYC Popfest will take place all over the city (and isn't it beautiful this time of year?) at various venues throughout the city including the Cameo Gallery, Spike Hill, Santos, the Rock Shop and the legendary Cake Shop. Oh man, the Cake Shop. Is this for real? You can have your cake and pop music too?!

I'll be there with camera and notepad in hand, so if you can't make it (are you sure?), check back at tig and I'll recap all the amazingness.


Imaginary Mixtape: NYC and SF Popfest edition {May 2010}

2010 Popfest

May is a magical month here in Seattle. We've got spots of sun teasing us with summer promises, Sasquatch anticipation running rampant, and the warm glows of SIFF oozing with the best international indie films. There's only one reason we'd ever want to leave our emerald city bubble during this sweet spot of the year... a good ole fashioned PopFest!

This year, the month of May brought with it two very enticing reasons to head elsewhere: The New York City Popfest {May 20-23, 2010} and the San Francisco Popfest {May 27-30, 2010}. To mark these special events, we've gathered up some of our favorite songs by folks playing these festivals which includes a couple cover songs, a not-yet-released Math & Physics Club song and some rarities to up the popfest ante.  If you were one of the lucky folks that caught any of the NYC or SF Popfest shows, let us know how it went!

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