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Cristina Bautista

Countdown to the Imaginary Holiday Spectacular: Cristina Bautista and Leif Anders

Happy Friday! You know what that means, right? Well, besides the end of the work week, of course, it means that a mere seven days from now, we'll be gearing up for the Imaginary Holiday Spectacular at Chop Suey, full of friends and good cheer. On Monday we told you a little bit more about show openers Brite Lines and our pal Chris Otepka, and today we'd like to get into our middle-set stars, Cristina Bautista and Leif Anders.

{Cristina Bautista / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

We've loved Cristina B. oh-so-muchly for as long as we can remember, from her time in Connecticut Four to her days as a member of Visqueen {photo above from Visqueen's Last Show at the Neptune, RIP} to her much-loved recent excursions as a solo artist. If you only know Cristina in one of her previous incarnations, take a trip on over to her website to get a sample of her sound. It's sweetly upbeat without sounding saccharine, clean and gritty alt.pop without the pomp and circumstance, all while remaining decidedly Pacific Northwest: Gold Parts, specifically, is a soundtrack for the days when you need to kick ass (or be kicked in the ass) -- and fills those train-out-the-window movie-scene grey-day quotas we need filled around here in the wintertime too. [Editor's note: Am I the only one who thinks "Long Divisions" should be synced up with some kind of tormented day-starting modern-day Angela Chase scene in whatever the 2012 My So-Called Life equivalent is? I can't be!] 


Save the date: the Imaginary Holiday Spectacular is coming! {12/21}

{John Roderick and Eric Elbogen / by John E. Hollingsworth}

Yep, you guessed it -- with the passing of Thanksgiving, the holiday season is now officially in full swing, and with that, we're super excited this morning to announce the 2012 lineup for the Imaginary Holiday Spectacular!

Get your calendars out and mark the date: this year's show will be taking place on Friday, December 21st, and we'll be returning back to the Hill {Chop Suey, to be specific} for a 21-and-up night of music, good vibes, and Santa-lap hilarity. This year's theme is Open Mic Night, and will be featuring some stripped-down sets from Pablo Trucker, Lesli Wood (of The Redwood Plan), Cristina Bautista, Leif Anders (of The Orca Team), Chris Otepka (of The Heligoats), and Brite Lines. Of course, we've got the inimitable John Roderick playing Indie Rock Santa for the evening, with John E. Hollingsworth bringing his photo-tastic skills to capture your special holiday moment. Hooray!

Tickets are on sale now, and if we do say so ourselves, ten dollars (!) is a mighty fair price to pay for an evening of all this fun! But if you still need convincing, stay tuned: we'll be posting features in the upcoming weeks about all the artists taking part in this year's show. And PS, be sure to head on over to the Facebook page for the event to stay in the loop.

Happy almost-holidays!

{Photo of John Roderick and Eric Elbogen from 2011's Imaginary Holiday Spectacular by John Hollingsworth.}

Latest comment by: Anonymous: "Thank you! I dug out all of my pearls and my Santa hat. Can't wait!"

More photos from our New Wave Karaoke party!

{Sean Nelson / by Nate Watters}

Man, are we lucky! Our friend Nate Watters piled on to the already-bursting set of photos from our Rockstar New Wave Karaoke Party {from the de-lovely Laura Musselman}, giving us oodles more to ogle at. Not only did he contribute to a set of shots over at the City Arts Blog, he also tossed a few pics in our flickr pool -- so go poke around and have a peek at all the awesome! More views of Sean Nelson, Jenny Jiminez, Cristina Bautista, Cody Hurd, Lesli Wood, and so many of our friends and fellow fans are just waiting for your eyeballs. Here's a taste:

{Anna Banana and Jenny Jiminez / by Nate Watters}

Jenny Jiminez and Anna Banana slaying the stage!


Latest comment by: imaginary liz: "

WOW!!! I can't pick a favorite! Thanks so much for capturing the magic that night, Nate!!!


Rockstar New Wave Karaoke Bash: What a way to celebrate the 10th Imagi-versary

{Sean Nelson / by Laura Musselman}

We can't thank you enough for helping us celebrate our 10th Anniversary in Rockstar New Wave Karaoke style last Friday {June 1, 2012} at Chop Suey!!! The evening was so much fun and having you all there really made it all super special.  There were so many amazing moments, some that we can't even believe actually happened!  If we weren't already in love with every one of the performers that took the stage, we are certainly over the moon with them now.

There were so many amazing performances it's impossible to list all the amazing moments here... but here are just a couple off the top of our heads:

Ben Hooker re-writing Duran Duran's "Girls on Film" to "Three Imaginary Girls On-Line."  We still don't know how he did it and really wish it was caught "on film." We are still blushing from the honor of having a Ben Hooker-penned song about us!

Patrick from Your Favorite Book singing "99 Luft Balloons" IN GERMAN!  We're not sure if you noticed, but the words on the karaoke monitor were in English, which means Patrick actually memorized the German version. From seeing YFB shows in the past, we knew he was going to go all the way.  But, blow up red balloons and fill the crowd with them as he broke out into song? While singing in German?

{Jenny Jiminez / by Laura Musselman}

Jenny Jimenez capturing all that is "She Bop" by Cyndi Lauper. The face paint, the outfit, the dance moves, AND a spot on rendition of this classic Cyndi tune.  It was a big undertaking and Jenny nailed it!

Sean Nelson singing "Peace, Love, and Understanding."  Sean not only covered the Elvis Costello song beautifully, he got so into the moment that he left the stage with a hole ripped in the knee of his pants and a bloody knee! We admire his new wave devotion!

{Jenny and Chris of Tullycraft / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

Jenny and Chris of Tullycraft's version of "Come On Eileen."  The overalls, the dance moves pulled directly from a Dexy's Midnight Runners video and the over-the-top vocals. Thank goodness it was captured on video (posted below)!


Rockstar New Wave Karaoke Countdown: Cristina Bautista

Cristina Bautista photo by Victoria VanBruinisseIf you don't already know the name Cristina Bautista, you soon will. She's been part of some of our favorite Seattle bands over the last few years (Visqueen, Paxil Rose) and currently, her most recent release--the Gold Parts EP--is in high rotation in the imaginary offices (listen to it on bandcamp or get the ltd. ed. cd version).

Brimming with boundless enthusiasm, Cristina is a shining light in Seattle's music community with the voice of a mischievous angel and the sass of a gal who's seen equal parts happiness and heartbreak.   It's a surprise that there isn't a Glee character based on her (or that she hasn't been snapped up to be on the cast).

She's had so many great ideas for songs to perform at our 10th Anniversary Rockstar New Wave Karaoke Bash on Friday, June 1st at Chop Suey {tix}, I can't wait to see which one she settles on!

I mean, look at her go!

{photo: Victoria VanBruinisse}

TIG's 10th Anniversary Fun: 22 rockstars singing new wave karaoke songs can't be wrong!

Three Imaginary Girls / Rockstar Karaoke New Wave BashAs you may have heard, 2012 marks Three Imaginary Girls' 10th anniversary of being Seattle's sparkly indie-pop press and we can't think of a more imaginary way to celebrate than with a big bash with some of our favorite rockstars and YOU!

On Friday, June 1st at Chop Suey, we're going to host the biggest TIG birthday party of all imaginary time with some of Seattle's most stellar rockstars taking the karaoke mic to sing in the key of new wave, including:

Sean Nelson
Lesli Wood
Megan Seling
Jenny Jimenez
Shane Tutmarc
Alicia Amiri
Cristina Bautista
Anna Banana Lange
Jenny George

and members of:
The Young Evils
Math & Physics Club
Tennis Pro
Mal de Mer
Black Nite Crash
The Mangles
Your Favorite Book
We Wrote the Book on Connectors

It can't get any more astonishing, right?  Well, the rockstars aren't the only ones taking the mic, we want YOU to sing too! Throughout the night, audience members can volunteer to take the Chop Suey stage by storm to karaoke their favorite new wave hit.  Folks will be chosen first come, first served, so get there and turn in your song early (doors are at 8:30pm)!

To add to the birthday merriment, the evening is going to be hosted by imaginary Dana and Adrian LeFluer (of Iron Composer fame), who you might remember stealing the show as emcee at our 69 Love Songs cover night a few years back. 

Get your ticket to the night of new wave love and big imaginary fun now!

As an added bonus for those at the show,  you can be the first to pick up a copy of the Imaginary Zine! A printed old school zine recounting our first 10 years in stories and recounted memories from our imaginary friends. It will have a special screenprinted cover (thanks Seattle Show Posters / 112 Printworks!) and a cd chock full of rare, live, or exclusive songs by some of our favorite local artists, including The Long Winters, BOAT, Exohxo, The Femurs, Tullycraft and MORE!  It's limited to a hand-numbered print run of only 333, so you should make plans to pick up your copy at the show.


It takes a village: DOORS {Seattle Theater Group} and People Eating and Giving {826 Seattle} raise over $600K!

{People Eating and Giving}

There's been an incredible current underfoot in our fair city these past few weeks, as two noteworthy nonprofits -- the Seattle Theater Group and 826 Seattle -- have been gearing up for their annual fundraising events. On April 28th, STG presented DOORS: Opening Doors to the Arts, a combination dinner, live show and paddle raise held at the Paramount Theater that funds dozens of incredible programs and community initiatives each year. Between the silent and live auctions and the actual straight-donation paddle raise that collectively brought in over $430,000.00 {!!!}, there was also a live show featuring some of the teachers, students, and performance groups that STG has been able to reach out and impact -- and a special performance from Allen Stone with members of the Seattle Rock Orchestra.

{DOORS: Opening Doors to the Arts}

{DOORS: Opening Doors to the Arts}

{DOORS: Opening Doors to the Arts}

{DOORS: Opening Doors to the Arts}


These are a few of our favorite things: best all-around photos and moments of 2011 {pt. II}

{This is part two of two in our best-of photo series of 2011. Take a peek over at part one here, and don't forget to check out our festival best-ofs part one and two as well!}

{Field trip to Ocean Shores / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

Favorite photo #5: Ocean Shores :: In a get-to-know-your-roots {PNW edition} kind of road trip, we hopped in the car one weekend with esteemed sometimes-imaginary photographer and fellow transplant Laura Musselman for a ride out to the water -- Ocean Shores, to be exact -- with jaunts to Aberdeen and Hoquiam on the way. It was all at once melancholy and sun-filled, juxtaposing sad, semi-abandoned mainstreets with a big, bright, full-fledged kite festival once we were beachside. Strange as it was for those two worlds to meet, it was definitely a day trip for the books, yielding a half-dozen photos that easily made our best-ofs for the year (like the one above). {more field trip photos} {Laura Musselman}

{Eef Barzelay / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

Favorite moment #5: Eef Barzelay {at the Madrona Ale House} :: The night after Eef Barzelay's headlining appearance at our Imaginary Holiday Spectacular, he played a much quieter affair as part of a private party at the Madrona Ale House. Abandoning the PA after three-quarters of a song, he sat down across the table from us, where he proceeded to stay for much of the show. The result? A very front-row seat for one of our favorite performances of the year. You can even hear a moderately decent recording of one of his Journey project tracks from the show over here and relive the moment along with us! {more photos of Eef} {Eef Barzelay / Clem Snide bandcamp}

{Lovesick Empire / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

Favorite photo #4: Lovesick Empire at Neumos :: This one happened so early in the year that it almost slipped through the great sort-through! Way back in January, Lovesick Empire played an AMAZING set at Neumos, and even though they're pushing forward with a slightly different lineup than seen here, they are still making some of the most kick-ass music coming out of Seattle today. It's huge-sounding, dirty, full of guitars, and cuts right to the point -- another one to add to your "do not miss under any circumstances" list of live bands to catch so that you don't regret it forever the morning after they've played. {more photos from the Neumos show} {Lovesick Empire FB}

{John Roderick / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

Favorite moment #4: John Roderick's pre-City Arts house show :: We were the luckiest of all ducks to not only attend, but actually host a super-intimate house show with John Roderick out in Ballard this past October, where less than two dozen folks pulled together a potluck and a city of tealights for one of our favorite shows of the year. John held court in front of the mantel, singing and storytelling and taking requests for more time than we could keep track of (minutes? hours?) while the room swooned away with delight -- like Eef's Alehouse show, we even managed to sneak in a homemade recording, which you can take a listen to here. Honestly, there's not much we can think of for 2012 that's going to be able to top it. {more photos from the house show} {The Long Winters}