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Bat Country

Recommended Friday show: Get your Halloween on with Glenn or Glennda, Steel Tigers of Death, and Strong Killings

Glenn or Glennda photo by Keith Johnson

{photo: Keith Johnson}

If you like to celebrate the Halloween holiday with a show, I can think of no better way to kick off Halloween weekend than with Strong Killings (who's album I am loving right now), Steel Tigers of Death and Misfits-ish gender bending cover band, Glenn or Glennda this Friday at the Crocodile.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary (and most likely, last showing) of Glenn or Glennda, an annual celebration of that is Misfits with our friends Billy and Melissa of Bat Country and a revolving group of our friends from various local bands.

Besides the ghouishly amazing openers, Glenn or Glennda have promised an over the top production that will involve "exploding coffins, puppets, cereal box mascots and a bunch of other stuff that's basically going to turn this whole thing into the most amazing session of punk rock, live-action, Saturday Morning Cartoons ever."  Their set hits the Misfits mark with a variety of covers, but it will also include "Misfits-ized" versions of songs like "Scary Monsters" by David Bowie, "Maneater" by Hall & Oates, "Idle Hands" by Murder City Devils and "Science Fiction / Double Feature" from Rocky Horror.

It could be true that you have to be there to understand. If that's the case, then grab your Value Village Mrs. Roper costume and head to the Crocodile on Friday, October 28 to see these bands for yourselves. 


Don't Miss Shows Thru The Weekend! Eighteen Individual Eyes, Can You Imagine?, The Tripwires, and Bat Country

Bat Country!My ass is sore from SIFF, damn it! I need to get up and move around a bit! And not just between theaters either. Hmm, maybe I'll go see a show or two this weekend. You know, live music! Cold whiskey in hand and a bunch of ragamuffins caterwauling on the bandstand action. It's been a little while.

Last week, I saw the ecstasy-inducing super-boss musicians for the Winter's Bone OST at the plush Triple Door, and that was regally rustic and rootsy divine. But now I'm hankering on some more contemporary sounds, if you will. Let's check the trusty TIG calendar and-- OH MY GOD! So many great groups are playing this weekend! I am going to list my very favorites and I hope to see 'em all. (Wish me luck.)

Empty Space Orchestra, Gun Runner, Eighteen Individual Eyes, Maps on Fire are playing The Funhouse on Thursday, June 6, starting at 9 p.m., for six bucks. I will be there to see EIE mostly though, as these four women know how to create strong tendrils of sound to drill straight into the nervous system, creating both suspense and pleasure in the way only dangerous, driven rock and roll can. Rumor has it they're recording with Matt ("Botch") Bayles for their next record, and that is gonna be some heavy, beautiful shit.


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God's Favorite Beefcake, Bat Country, The Mongrel Jews hit Can Can w/Dark Carnival Show {August 15}

Melissa & Billy of Bat countryOne of the big, bushy-bearded, barrel-chested  shows of the month (for a variety of reasons, including creative members all sloshing about together and playing vociferously), is the God's Favorite Beefcake, Bat Country, and The Mongrel Jews troika of madness set for The Can Can on Sunday, August 15, 2010. It starts at 9 pm, is 21 +, and only costs five bucks at the door.

The burgeoning new club Can Can, located at 94 Pike Street, is hosting this three-band, three ring psychus, and the venue is small, so the tickets for the event might sell out. Brown Paper Tickets is a good place to still get some.

One of my very favorite local bands Bat Country, made up of players from Kids On Fire, God's Favorite Beefcake itself, Shorthand for Epic, The Powers That Be, and Glen or Glenda?, will be debuting fresh hell (um, new songs) but also including what should be a stirring rendition of Leonard Cohen's "The Future" (the original which was recorded at about a half hour and dozens of verses, but even if BC stick to the official recorded version to extrapolate from, should be sheer madness with their own mesmeric talents). Bat Country features among other fireworks-level talents the hypnotic voice and beauty of Melissa Cerise-Bullock, as well as her evil twin-husband unit Billy.


Latest comment by: Bat Country: "Thanks for the fantastic write up Chris! Bat Country loves you best of all. "

Bat Country has a new video and plays out Friday, May 7 at The Mix

Bat Country is the latest band of Bill Bullock, one of my very favorite songwriters/performers in Seattle, who fronted protest punk band Mea Culpa and more recently the dance-thump Shorthand For Epic. Bat Country draws on the country noir side of Billy, a delicious American Gothic collective corralled by Billy and his knock out wife Melissa Cerise-Bullock. Tapped into the dirty red velvet-peeling walls of underground Seattle, where modern pirates came with stolen booty and looking for, um, another kind of booty, they are playing out again soon and have this new video to darkly tempt you.


Latest comment by: Bill Cerise-Bullock: "Thanks Chris! Bat Country loves you! XOXO"