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Countdown to the Imaginary Holiday Spectacular: Chris Otepka and Brite Lines

Happy Monday, imaginary friends! We're here bright and early this morning to start the week off right: there's just two weeks until our annual Holiday Spectacular {taking place on Friday, December 21st at Chop Suey}, and that gives us just enough time to get you as excited about the bands taking the stage as we are. Off we go!

{Chris Otepka / by Victoria VanBruinisse}

First up, a familiar face: Chris Otepka of The Heligoats. If you think you recognize Chris from last year's party, you're right -- we adore him so much, we had to have him come and play for us again this year! We've waxed on and on about all the things we love about Chris, from his quirky songwriting perspective to his charming, bard-like delivery. If you know his sound, you know why we're so excited to have him back for this year's lineup -- and if you don't, check out some of his internet on his Facebook page, and then come to the show early and catch some of his beautiful deliriousness for yourself. Chris will be taking the stage second, after our show openers Brite Lines

{Superfans, take note: The Heligoats have a new album in the works! It will be available in February, so keep your eyes here for release details and supporting tour dates.} 

Brite Lines is fronted by our pal Zach Gore, and even in the band's simplicity, they span such a wide array of adjective from song to song (as evidenced on this year's EP Make Shift) that they're hard to sum up in a few short sentences. The music is earnest, rooted in New America; part haunted songwriter; broken-hearted and hopeful, with an all-encompassing catchy post-indie rock folk vibe. Somewhere between the pain of breaking up with your last girlfriend and the day that the sun finally shines through the clouds on your face lies your allegiance to this band. 


Discuss your favorite 2012 songs on KUOW today!

record store day, everyday music

(photo: Victoria VanBruinisse)

This year has been chock full of amazing shows and some really fabulous releases.  Throughout the year, we've chatted about the songs and bands we are lovin', but the time is nigh for us all to start working on our end of year favorites lists!

To kick start this wonderful spreadsheeting process, I'm going to humbly join Seattle's very own Larry Mizell Jr. of The Stranger / KEXP's Streetsounds / a number of amazing Seattle bands, Beth Warshaw-Duncan of The Vera Project, and KUOW's Steve Scher in an end of the year look at our favorite 2012 releases of the year at the lovely KUOW, 94.9 FM studios TODAY at 9:30am.

It's been hard, but I've narrowed down my list to a handful of songs to share on the radio this morning.  What bands and songs and albums are on your Favorites of 2012 lists? 

Join the conversation by emailing the Weekday show at, or phoning in at (206) 543-5869.

Save the date: the Imaginary Holiday Spectacular is coming! {12/21}

{John Roderick and Eric Elbogen / by John E. Hollingsworth}

Yep, you guessed it -- with the passing of Thanksgiving, the holiday season is now officially in full swing, and with that, we're super excited this morning to announce the 2012 lineup for the Imaginary Holiday Spectacular!

Get your calendars out and mark the date: this year's show will be taking place on Friday, December 21st, and we'll be returning back to the Hill {Chop Suey, to be specific} for a 21-and-up night of music, good vibes, and Santa-lap hilarity. This year's theme is Open Mic Night, and will be featuring some stripped-down sets from Pablo Trucker, Lesli Wood (of The Redwood Plan), Cristina Bautista, Leif Anders (of The Orca Team), Chris Otepka (of The Heligoats), and Brite Lines. Of course, we've got the inimitable John Roderick playing Indie Rock Santa for the evening, with John E. Hollingsworth bringing his photo-tastic skills to capture your special holiday moment. Hooray!

Tickets are on sale now, and if we do say so ourselves, ten dollars (!) is a mighty fair price to pay for an evening of all this fun! But if you still need convincing, stay tuned: we'll be posting features in the upcoming weeks about all the artists taking part in this year's show. And PS, be sure to head on over to the Facebook page for the event to stay in the loop.

Happy almost-holidays!

{Photo of John Roderick and Eric Elbogen from 2011's Imaginary Holiday Spectacular by John Hollingsworth.}

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Join us Sat 11/10 for Seattle Grunge: A Dream of the 90s

It's time for another TIG event to celebrate our 10th Anniversary! And this time, it's a film event, because y'all know how I feel about the film. So ... dig out your flannel and Docs, because we're taking you back to the 90s with a showing of HYPE! at the Grand Illusion!

If you haven't heard of it before, or you know, in case you're not quite as old as I am, HYPE! is a great documentary about the Grunge scene, including interviews and performances from TAD, Mudhoney, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Coffin Break, The Gits, Love Battery, Flop, The Melvins, Mono Men, Supersuckers, Zipgun, Seaweed, Pearl Jam, 7 Year Bitch, Hovercraft, Gas Huffer and the Fastbacks.

We've planned a BIG evening of fun, starting with some nostalgic clips of Seattle bands, and Grunge Trivia hosted by Jen from Scarecrow Video -- complete with prizes! (Don't worry; we've got a mix of easy and hard questions to satisfy both grunge amateurs and aficionados.) We even have the cutest Three Imaginary Girls film buttons to give away, thanks to the extreme craftenating skillz of imaginary liz. 

Join us as we relive Seattle's 15 minutes of fame. (jk! we love our city!) Bonus points if you come in (almost vintage, right? gawd, it pains me to say that) clothes you actually wore in the 90s. 

Three Imaginary Girls presents Seattle Grunge: A Dream of the 90s

Featuring: a screening of HYPE!
Grunge Trivia by Scarecrow Video w/prizes!
and a short clip show packed full of 90s nostalgia*

at the Grand Illusion Cinema
Saturday, November 10, 8:45pm, $8

*Videos provided by Scarecrow Video; editing by Brian Alter. THANKS, GUYS!

Another rad anniversary event: the imaginary poster show! (FREE and all-ages)

It's like chocolate and peanut butter! Peanut butter and chocolate! However you like to do it, rad shows and killer posters are two great tastes that taste great together. Posters can be a tangible reminder of a night that changed your life, or a beautiful piece of art to commemorate a show, and in most cases, they're both. And in the last ten years of our existence, we have definitely had our hand in helping to assemble a lot of great shows, and subsequently, a lot of great posters have been birthed as a result.

We've had the good fortune of working with art shops and designers like at Seattle Show Posters, Corianton Hale, Pete Hilgendorf, Sam Trout, and Killorn O'Neill, among others. But you don't have to just take our word for how visually impressive this past decade has been -- you can get together with us for a very special First Friday at 112 Printworks on October 5th and come and see for yourselves... and Theo from two of our favorite bands, Nana Grizol and Defiance, Ohio, will be playing a set!

You guessed it: there's another anniversary event brewing, and you're invited!


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Three Imaginary Girls presents The Pauses at The Comet {9/17}

Hey! You guys! Remember way back in May 2011 when I was gushing all over The Pauses debut album, A Cautionary Tale? Well. THEY ARE FINALLY COMING TO SEATTLE TO PLAY (in support of their new split EP with Great Deceivers) and TIG is presenting the show!!!!!!

There are just not enough exclamation points for this post. I mean it. I cannot wait to see them play live! They are coming all the way from Florida!

Please join me at The Comet on Monday, Sept. 17 at 8:30pm for some awesome tunes by The Pauses, Best Band from Earth, and The Black Tones. Three bands for $6! A total steal. 

{The Pauses w/The Black Tones and Best Band from Earth | The Comet Tavern | Doors at 8:30pm, 21+ | $6}

Some motivation to get you there:

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What songs are on your summer playlist?

Capitol Hill Block Party
{Photo:  Steve Louie}

The weather has finally started to cooperate and prove it still has a sunny side.  All this sun-infused summer bliss means two things:

1. It's time to work on our summer music mix tapes
2. The Capitol Hill Block Party is right around the corner, and we all had better start prepping!

This Thursday, June 28th around 10.20am, I'm going to be on KOUW / 94.9FM's Weekday show with Larry Mizell Jr. (KEXP and master of most rad Seattle music things) and Beth (Vera Project) to talk about those two very important things.

What is your "Summer 2012 Song?"

Are you going the way of Best Coast's "The Only Place" or is there something from the new Grimes album that is on repeat as you drink in the sun's rays?  Right now, besides a lot of sparkly British indie-pop (Tigercats! The School!), I've got the new Dent May, The Features, and Gospel Music in high rotation.

My head is spinning as I peruse the Capitol Hill Block Party day by day schedule.  For example, are the Sunday line-up fates really asking us to choose between missing the end of Neko Case's set (who starts at 7:45pm on the main stage) and the beginning of Grand Archives (who start at 8:30pm on the Barboza stage)?  Or the end of Grand Archives and the beginning of Porcelain Raft (who start at 9pm back on the main stage)?  

Who are you most excited about who's on this year's Capitol Hill Block Party schedule?  

Let's all get summer style!

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Join us for a very imaginary ice cream social on Thursday, July 12th!

We promised a ton of imaginary events to celebrate our tenth anniversary, and true to our word, we've got another one around the corner! Now that you're fully recovered from the Rockstar New Wave Karaoke Party, it's time to get a little summertime on and join us on the Hill for some treats: yep, we're talking about an old-fashioned Ice Cream Social, and you're invited!

Imaginary staffers and friends will be gathering on Thursday, July 12th at Bluebird Ice Cream on Capitol Hill, and we want you to join us! It's free and all ages, and we'll even have some live music -- we'll be hanging out for happy hour from 5pm til 7pm, and D. Crane and the Unlikely Friends (of BOAT fame) will be performing right around the six o'clock hour. Come say hello, have a treat, and if you haven't done so already, you'll be able to pick up your very own copy of the imaginary zine. You can get it online, of course, but it's a whole lot more fun to get it in your hands live and in-person, with a fresh cone of Birthday Cake-flavored goodness and all your pals around, don't you think?

You're the adult now, so you get to decide what's best: ice cream for dinner! Pop on up to Bluebird after work on the 12th and hang out with us. And not like you need it, but here's a little reminder about how awesome BOAT is, just to get you double-dip excited.

We'll see you on the 12th!

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More photos from our New Wave Karaoke party!

{Sean Nelson / by Nate Watters}

Man, are we lucky! Our friend Nate Watters piled on to the already-bursting set of photos from our Rockstar New Wave Karaoke Party {from the de-lovely Laura Musselman}, giving us oodles more to ogle at. Not only did he contribute to a set of shots over at the City Arts Blog, he also tossed a few pics in our flickr pool -- so go poke around and have a peek at all the awesome! More views of Sean Nelson, Jenny Jiminez, Cristina Bautista, Cody Hurd, Lesli Wood, and so many of our friends and fellow fans are just waiting for your eyeballs. Here's a taste:

{Anna Banana and Jenny Jiminez / by Nate Watters}

Jenny Jiminez and Anna Banana slaying the stage!


Latest comment by: imaginary liz: "

WOW!!! I can't pick a favorite! Thanks so much for capturing the magic that night, Nate!!!


Happy 10th Birthday to Three Imaginary Girls!

Three Imaginary Girls circa 2002

It's official! Yesterday (Sunday, June 10, 2012) was TIG's 10th birthday!!! I'm extremely ecstastic and proud to proclaim it marks a big TEN years in imaginary existence. Over drinks sometime I'll spill all the nitty, gritty details about what that day was like 10 years ago when Dana and I launched the site. But, let's just say it involved a lot of hours at Top Pot, a lot of soy lattes, a lot of clicking on the laptops, and boy was it a lot of fun.

June 10, 2002 was a Monday, which means that we spent all day Sunday and worked into the late wee hours getting the site ready for a big Monday launch.  Back then the site was like a magazine. We'd publish a batch of new stories every 1-2 weeks (this was before blogs existed, kiddos) and we'd send out a mass email to all our friends and folks we thought would be interested in this edition's articles to let them know the new edition was up. 

I remember sitting at my desk at work refreshing the hit counter on that first day.  Dana and I chatted from our dayjob desks (across town from one another) with exclamation marks flying to and fro as the site climbed to various points on the hit count scale.  We were astounded when the site hit 50 site visitors.  It was, and still is, awe-inspiring and humbling that folks would take the time out of their busy lives to visit the site and read the enthusiastic musings posted here.

One thing that has never changed is that the site is more than just the folks behind the scenes. The most important piece of celebrating 10 imaginary years together is to take this time to thank everyone who has ever visited the site, come to an imaginary event, worn an imaginary shirt, or flipped through the pages of the imaginary zine (get your ltd ed. copy now!)

My hugest hugs and thank yous and big love to all the imaginaries out there. The best part of Three Imaginary Girls has been BFFing you.  You're so rad. 

Here's to another amazing 10 years! Happy champagne birthday everyone! 

Do you have a favorite memory from the last 10 imaginary years?

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