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Northwest Bands

Sasquatch 2013: Your guide to navigating the side stages {Saturday, May 25th}

We're giving you the day-by-day for this year's Sasquatch! music festival -- check out our recommendations for Friday here, and read on for Saturday's picks!

Options abound at 1:00 to start off your Saturday: over at the Yeti stage is Seattle’s Rose Windows. The septet recently signed to Sub Pop Records, who will release their debut album The Sun Dogs on June 25th. On the Cthulhu stage, also at 1:00, you'll find Ra Scion. Most will know Ra Scion as the front man for Common Market, the hip-hop duo he formed with producer Sabzi. He’s currently teamed up with Tacoma producer Todd Sykes, and his rhymes are just as potent as ever. Stick around the Cthulhu stage -- which is all Puget Sound hip-hop, all four days, by the way -- for Tilson XOXO, the current project of the former Saturday Knights front man. He released a fabulous soul infused Jackson Five-inspired song last fall called “Nevereverland” that was featured on Give Seattle 2013, a benefit album for The Vera Project.

Back at the Yeti Stage after that is Indians, the solo project of Danish musician Søren Løkke Juul. He released his debut album Somewhere Else on 4AD this past January. His stripped down electronic sound brings to mind a mellow version of Panda Bear or Porcelain Raft (who also play Saturday, at 7:40 on the Yeti Stage).

Next, head over to the Bigfoot Stage at 4:10 for Michael Kiwanuka. The British singer does a great job of balancing his old soul influences of Marvin Gaye and Bill Withers with more modern R&B {think a gentler D’Angelo-type sound}. His song “Tell Me A Tale” sounds like it could have just as easily been recorded in 1972 as 2012:


Sasquatch 2013: Your guide to navigating the side stages {Friday, May 24th}

Imaginaries! Sasquatch is right around the corner, and as always, this year’s festival has a little something for everybody. There’s the folky hand-clapping foot-stomping sounds of Mumford and Sons, the reunion of The Postal Service after a ten year hiatus (!), the inescapable hip-hop of hometown favorite Macklemore, and, what’s sure to be an unforgettably epic nighttime set from Sigur Ros. If you’re headed to Sasquatch, you’re likely pretty familiar with most of the big name mainstage acts. Thankfully, in-between all those great headlining sets, there are tons of great acts (many of them hailing from the great Pacific Northwest) to see off on those side stages. Hopefully this list will give you some ideas of who to see while you’re basking in the glory of all that is Sasquatch…

If you’re one of those ambitious types that will be there when the gates open Friday afternoon, you’ll be rewarded by a set from Erik Blood, playing on the Yeti stage at 4:00. Blood is an accomplished local producer, having manned the boards for local hip-hop acts Thee Satisfaction and Shabazz Palaces in recent years. He made lots of noise on his own with his 2009 debut The Way We Live, and followed it up with the equally fantastic Touch Screens in 2012. 

Following Blood on the Yeti Stage at 5:05 is local composer, producer, and orchestral musician Jherek Bischoff. His 2012 release Composed features contributions from the legendary David Byrne, and songs bring to mind some of the eastern European influenced sounds of DeVotchka and Beirut, as well as the orchestral-pop sounds of Hey Marseilles.


A Long Winters reason to celebrate

Photos: Ryan SchierlingHappy May 10, 2013! 

Ten years ago today, The Long Winters performed three shows in three Sonic Boom Record shops in a single day.  It was a mini-tour to celebrate the release of their brilliant record, When I Pretend To Fall... and it was just as amazingly fun as we dreamed it would be.

Thankfully we can relive the magic because imaginary dana documented the whole day (back in the day).  She definitely earned that limited edition 'tour' t-shirt.

Imaginary. You could call it that.

We all know good things come in threes. It took a band as brilliant as the Long Winters to finally think of playing at all three fabula-riffic Sonic Boom Record stores in one day, to promote the release of their long-awaited sophomore release When I Pretend to Fall. I was determined to follow them all day like the Dead Head I never was, and not just because I wanted to get the limited edition Long Winters Sonic Boom tour t-shirt, either.

I was there because I am a Long Winters superfan. {There, I've said it}. And that is just what superfans do.

{read the whole article... with photos!}

Hat tip to John Roderick's kind tweet linking to this article a couple days ago (which reminded us of this special date). 

Speaking of rad John Roderick-related things... are you a diehard fan of the Roderick On The Line podcast yet?  Add it to your queue; you can thank me later.  And that way you'll be prepared to join in my Roderick On The Line discussion group / email thread / chat line once I get it up and running.  If you are too overwhelmed to start at the beginning, you can test it out by trying episode 24: The Wrong Mustache or episode 17: Antisocially Promoted.

A chat about our favorite songs this week on KUOW's Weekday show

The Thermals at Neumos in Seattle. April 25, 2013
(Photo of one of our favorite bands (every day of every year) from the Three Imaginary Girls Flickr Photo Pool / Photo by David Lee)

The Weekday show on KUOW (94.9fm) is spicing things up with the addition of a weekly music set! This Tuesday morning segment will feature a rotating cast of music aficionados, talking about their favorite songs of the moment.  

I am excited and quite humbled to have been chosen to visit the KUOW studios tomorrow (Tuesday, May 7) to talk about a handful of the songs I'm currently listening to on repeat (and repeat and repeat)!

You can hear the segment TOMORROW, at 9:20am on 94.9fm, or online at

What songs do you have on high rotation this blissfully sunny week?

***POST-RADIO SHOW UPDATE *** May 7, 2013***

In case you didn't hear thes segment, you can find a link to listen to the archive of it on the KUOW Weekday page for today. I'm around the 9:40am mark.  

Want to hear those selections again?

The Heligoats - "Drai Zich" from the album Back To The Ache (listen) (buy)

The Purrs - "Rotting on the Vine" from the album The Boy with Astronaut Eyes (listen)

BOAT - "Inside of an Aquarium" from the album Pretend to Be Brave (listen) (buy)

Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers - "Buzz Buzz Buzz" from the album Back In Your Life (buy)


Latest comment by: Sebastian: "Can't wait for that new album from The Purrs!"

Bumbershoot 2013 lineup announced!

We're going to go out on a limb here: the Bumbershoot announcement was released yesterday, and seriously you guys, it might be one of the best festivals of the summer. Sasquatch! is always a party, and Pickathon will be a one-of-a-kind experience -- but the lineup for this year's Bumbershoot seriously knocked it out of the park. It's fresh, relevant, exciting, and we Can. Not. Wait. for Labor Day weekend to get here already!

The video above gives a great visual introduction to all of the artists this year, but in case you just can't wait for it to play through, pop on over here and check out the whole shebang. We are most excited about Death Cab for Cutie (!!) playing Transatlanticism in its entirety (SHUT UP), Heart (SERIOUSLY!), MGMT, Tegan and Sara, Allen Stone, Matt and Kim, The Breeders (!!!!!), !!! (!), Deerhunter, Charles Bradley (<3), Thao and the Get Down Stay Down, The Zombies, David Bazan, Mates of State, Superchunk (!!!), Diamond Rings, Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside, Ramona Falls, Matt Pond, The Grizzled Mighty, Kithkin, 15 Years of Barsuk Records (celebrating Barsuk's 15th anniversary) (<3 <3 <3!!), and more, more, more.


Latest comment by: John in Ballard: "

I've been waiting for years for The Zombies to come back to Seattle. Finally! 


SIFF 2013 Preview: Face the Music

Hello, Imaginaries! This year's Face the Music program at the Seattle International Film Festival contains some music documentaries I AM SUPER EXCITED ABOUT!!! You can buy passes to SIFF now, and inividual tickets go on sale this week on Thursday, 5/2. And so, let us (stage) dive in: 

First up: a few special events put together by Ms. Hannah Levin of KEXP! The Maldives are doing their thing at The Triple Door this year, performing music for The Wind, a 1928 Lillian Gish film. And the documentary Muscle Shoals will also have a tribute evening at The Triple Door, with music provided by Patterson and Dave Hood with Jeff Fielder and friends. {The Maldives & The Wind, June 7 at The Triple Door, two shows: 7pm & 9:30pm; A Muscle Shoals Tribute, May 30 at The Triple Door, 7pm}  

Speaking of Muscle Shoals, in case you didn't know, it's the studio where "legendary musicians including Aretha Franklin and Wilson Pickett gathered to create music that would later inspire the likes of Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and many more." I'm not gonna lie, the trailer makes me drool a little bit. {Screens 5/29, 7pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown, and again 5/30, 7pm at the Egyptian} 

Power Pop fans rejoice! Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me is coming to SIFF!!! Promising never-before-seen footage, rousing musical tributes, and in-depth interviews with members of the band and the musicians they’ve inspired. Yes, yes, yes, and YES. I was hoping this would make it to SIFF. Hooray! {Screens 5/21, 9pm, and again 5/26, 8:30pm at SIFF Cinema Uptown} 


Latest comment by: Gloria Kirby: "A few other things rounding out the 2013 programming: Harana, about classical guitarist Florante Aguilar exploring his Filipino roots {5/25 and 5/26 at the Uptown}; Wagering cannot be superior on this wager site as well as the speedy setting online gambling ...

Recommended Listening: Running in Water by The Broadcast Debut

If I was a total freak, I'd have the exact number of days, hours, and minutes that I've been waiting for this album to come out. But, even though I'm an enthusiastic fan (to the point where I stalked members Craig Cook and Aaron Brown until they, finally defeated, admitted we were besties), I didn't take it quite as far as that. 

Anyway! Moving on; I first heard The Broadcast Debut WAYYYYY back in like, 2005, when they played a few shows I was lucky enough to be at, and released the EP A Means for Social Commentary, which I immediately LOVED LOVED LOVED.

And then, they were working on the second album. FOREVER. And then a bunch of different things happened, and Craig ended up across the world in another country and I cried myself to sleep every night thinking there'd never be another release from these guys. 


Latest comment by: Raymond: "How did I miss this band? I love the rock in Lights on a Street and I agree with previous posts about Martha. "

A happy frenzy of Tullycraft, in video form

Ok, so there's a lot of Tullycraft stuff going on… but would you expect any less than a feverish (but happy) frenzy when one of our favorite imaginary bands releases a new album after six years of silence?

We're pretty sure you've read the imaginary record review of their new album, Lost in Light Rotation (Magic Marker Records / Fortuna Pop) and noticed that just posted a loving review of the album.  And, you've surely marked your calendar for the Tullycraft vs BOAT DJ gig at Saint John's in Captiol Hill tonight (4/25), right?

But, have you seen their new video for "Dig Up the Graves?" It's a scrapbook of fun, and mayhem, and cute facial expressions. Basically, if you love America and a good time, you'll dig this video.

And while we're here, here's the video for the first single from the album - it's a little more retro.  Yay old-timey radios!


It's an old-fashioned DJ throwdown: Tullycraft vs BOAT

Tullycraft vs Boat DJ night!

This Thursday (4/25), Tullycraft and BOAT will take to the DJ decks at Saint John’s to battle it out Seattle pop band stylee.  

If two bands could be brothers separated at birth, it would be these two groups of guys (and one very sweet lady).  Both have brand new records out (each with an LP version on fancy colored vinyl), both are on Magic Marker Records, and both bands have a very near and dear place in our imaginary hearts because they write amazing pop songs deserving of placement in a beer commercial.

From 5pm-8pm (those are some *happy* hours), the two bands will take turns playing a song or two from their new albums as well as selections that inspired their own songs.  Since they love music as much as you and I do, there will also be a bunch of dusty gems (in the form of OOP b-sides and the like) unearthed from their record collections that will make us all scream with delight.  

Both BOAT and Tullycraft have promised to "embarrass and delight each other, and hopefully you too."

Added bonus, Saint John's (719 E Pike, in Capitol Hill) has super tasty drink and munchable happy hour specials to fill your tummy as you listen to all those super tasty tunes. And it's all FREE! 21+.

Tullycraft — Lost in Light Rotation

Tullycraft's first single came out when I was fifteen. Played heavily on WPRB Princeton, "Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About" was the start of MY long and damning relationship with indie pop. Yet, like the boy in that 1995 single, Tullycraft has made me worry I was too stupid to know about the bands they were singing about. My love for them has been a combination of sheer adoration and joy coupled with a nervousness that I was missing the joke -- maybe I too, in the words of the album's title track "Lost in Light Rotation," never took the time to learn the slang that we speak or the slogans on the t-shirts. Yet when the message is all wrapped up in harmonies and power chords, I forget my fear for love of bouncing and singing along.

Tullycraft’s vision of twee was something both sweet and cynical, a cuteness belied with dirty jokes, and both obscure references and snide comments about other bands. Don’t you dare try to tell me they’re all about ukuleles and bunny rabbits and cuddly wuddly love songs! The hearts in their songs are often broken, the best times have already past, and computers don’t even exist as a way to keep in touch with friends.