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Recommended Show + Ticket Giveaway! Win tix to Magnetic Fields at the Neptune {3/19 & 3/20}

Huzzah! The Magnetic Fields are coming to Seattle (!!!) and we've got a pair of tickets for you to win! One of the Imaginary Girls' favorite melancholy indie-pop bands will be gracing the stage at The Neptune for two nights: Monday, 3/19 and Tuesday 3/20. Their newest album, Love at the Bottom of the Sea, was released 3/6 on Merge records. (You can take a listen to the single "Andrew in Drag" in the video above.)

But look, I don't need to explain to y'all how great they are, YOU ALREADY KNOW IT. On to the deets! Shoot an email over to tig {at} threeimaginarygirls {dot} com sometime between now and the end of the day Tuesday {3/13}, with the subject line "69 Love Songs". We'll pick a winner and notify you on Wednesday, 3/14 that you're on the list +1 -- just don't forget to let us know which night you want to attend! ♥

Imaginary Watch This: New Drums Video for "Days" (+ PNW tour dates!)

One of my favorite bands hit me with an amazing one-two punch yesterday, annoucing a new video for "Days" - a fuzzy, black-and-white short involving pretty boys and LOTS of makeup in a retro hotel with a Lynchian vibe - AND, more importantly, NEW TOUR DATES!

The Drums will be in the PNW on May 9, in Seattle at Neumos, and May 10, in Portland at the Doug Fir. Since I missed them last time (WHAT!), I will be buying tickets as soon as they put the links up. They'll also be playing Vancouver BC May 8 - anyone wanna take an imaginary road trip?


Latest comment by: John (In Ballard) : "Also just found out that Craft Spells are opening for them on this tour. As if you needed another reason to go see this show.... "

Blast from the Past: The Lightning Seeds

Remember these guys? I've been going through my piles of CDs lately because my harddrive crash caused me to lose about 80% of my iTunes tracks, and found The Lightning Seeds Cloudcuckooland ( rattling around in one of the trays. I popped that sucker in and was immediately transported back to 1990 -- uh, the good parts only -- and remembered why I used to put this shiz on repeat for days on end

This first track, "All I Want" is some pretty rad stuff, but the whole album kicks some serious UK-indie ass. Among my faves: "Bound in a Nutshell", "Love Explosion" and "Sweet Dreams." And of course their dance-y Billboard hit, "Pure." Retro, head-swaying, sing-along, fun!

What other 90s albums do you still jam to?

Rockin' Imaginary Band Alert: Ume {opening for Cursive at Neumos 2/17}

Something that's been pleasing my ears lately is this female-fronted band, Ume, and their new album Phantoms. They've got kind of a glossed over grunge-y rock thing going on with pretty-pretty vocals and lots of rockin' bass. I'm kind of dying to see them live, because I guess the lead, Lauren Larson, WAILS on the guitar (their facebook page pics seem to indicate this is true). 

And hey! Lucky me! They are opening for indie-rock favorites Cursive this Friday at Neumos, who coincidentally have another album that I've been digging lately, I Am Gemini, which you can stream for free courtesy of Rolling Stone. Seems like a solid bill. Who's with me - up front, center stage on Friday night? And who's buying the PBR? 

Friday, February 17
Neumos presents
Virgin Islands
Doors 8pm | $15 ADV 
21+ Main Floor | All Ages Balcony
Buy Tix Online 

Imaginary Watch This: The Pauses "Go North" 8-Bit Style

The Pauses - Go North (Mario Paint Style) from The Pauses on Vimeo.

Okay, SERIOUSLY. This is the most ridiculously awesome video I've ever seen. From one of the most ridiculously awesome bands, ever. The Pauses re-imagined their song "Go North" into an 8-bit-style tune, and I lovelovelove it! Especially the kitties. You do too, right? 

Imaginary Interview: Of Montreal's Kevin Barnes

It’s no exaggeration to say Of Montreal main man Kevin Barnes has been around the block a few times. His act’s latest, Paralytic Stalks, which is out now from Polyvinyl Records, is their eleventh full-length release. The album builds on Barnes’ trademark indie pop formula, which traces its roots back to the Elephant Six collective’s heyday in the late ’90s. Although many of the familiar elements resurface, from Barnes’ witty, sometimes nutty vocals, to the vaguely Beatlesque sense of melody, Paralytic also features orchestrated instrumental stretches and an intricate songwriting hitherto unknown in Of Montreal albums.

It also pulls Barnes away from his recent habit of crafting a persona to serve as his album’s central figures. Paralytic is chock full of first-person narratives, a lyrical tactic Barnes hasn’t employed since 2007’s Hissing Fauna, Are You The Destroyer? It should come as no surprise, either, that it also dabbles in the darker, more psychologically tortured themes that last appeared on Hissing Fauna. Oddly enough, Barnes still seems to be the happy-go-lucky character at the center of his last albums.

TIG: You’re one of the few bands left around from the indie-rock underground of the ’90s. Does that give you a different perspective on making music or navigating the industry?


Latest comment by: imaginary liz: "

This. Is. SOOO. Rad!

The most inspiring part:  "It’s definitely more exciting to take chances and to flounder and fail a bit."


The best news of 2012 {so far}: Three Imaginary Girls presents Allo Darlin' at the Vera Project

Allo Darlin photo by Steve Louie

{Allo Darlin' photo by Steve Louie from the Imaginary Flickr Photo Pool - taken at their October, 2010 show at the Rendezvous}

It's barely 2012 and already we have news worthy of a shower of fireworks. Imaginary favorite Allo Darlin' are coming back to town!!!

Three Imaginary Girls is beyond excited to present their all-ages show at the Vera Project on Friday, May 11, 2012 as part of our big 10 year celebration (yes, can you believe it? TIG is turning 10!!!).  Don't delay, tickets go on sale at 10am on Wednesday {1/4/12}!!!


Latest comment by: Mark: "Already got tickets! And I remember when she did "Tallulah" as a ukelele solo at the Rendezvous. So glad they're coming back to make up for the previous cancellation."

Imaginary Interview: Jyoti Mishra – feeling blue in White Town

There’s always a bit of melodrama involved when a indie singer/songwriter or emo type in his early 20s writes about his life-destroying breakup: Dudes, you’re in your twenties, you’re supposed to have a horrible romantic life. Things get a lot more devastating to listeners when the songwriter is White Town’s Jyoti Mishra, an indie-pop veteran in his mid-40s and he spends an entire album sorting through the wreckage of his personal and romantic life after a decade-plus marriage goes down the tubes on Monopole. It isn’t quarter-life odes to The One That Got Away, but lamenting the irreplaceable loss of The One. For a guy best known for his 1997 mega-hit “Your Woman,” it’s a startlingly direct look inside his personal life.

It’s not like Mishra hasn’t attempted to distract himself from his loneliness. He started (and dropped out of) sociology and creative writing programs at the University of Derby. He buckled down and Monopole as the second release from his own label, Bzangy Groink, handling virtually everything from song inception to fanzine-level press. Still, there are events that define a life, and it’s hard not to come away from Monopole, with its start-to-finish chronicle of his wrecked relationship, with the feeling that Mishra will never be able to truly put the past few years behind him.

TIG: After all the misery that’s helped inspire this album, does it feel like it’s behind you with the release of this album?

Jyoti Mishra: It’s been a weird process, as you know. It would have been a lot sooner, because the last album was 2006, 2007. With divorce stuff and my parents being ill, it’s been difficult to get a continued bit of time to keep working. It’s taken much longer than I would have liked. I’m not like through the thing of being through it yet. It’s still in the process. It’s not like it’s a past album yet. When it’s a past album, I’ll be able to draw on it. It still feels too current. Everything I’m singing about on it feels too now, you know?

Is that because you’re so involved in every aspect of it, handling all songwriting, performing, recording, album art and running the label, are you more immersed in the emotion tied into the songs?

JM: I think if I handed it off to anybody else, even down to the videos and stuff. I know it’s my own fault, because I’m too much of a control freak. I want everything to be right. It’s partially based on bad experiences before, which were a long time ago. I’m talking about EMI stuff. When you work really hard on something and get a graphic design back that’s just awful, it kind of puts you off to working with other people again. [Laughs] I know there’s probably great people out there that I could use, but I’ll just do it myself, even though I’m not really a graphic designer. I just knock up something that will do.

After having problems with other people in the past, do you get to the point where it’s just easier to do everything yourself than try to explain your ideas and struggle with other people?

JM: I’m not a trained graphic designer, so it’s always going to be worse if I do it myself, because I haven’t got that knowledge or craft, but it will be better than someone doing a botched job, like a slick botched job. The same with videos; I’ve already made a few short films. I’m not a filmmaker. I’m sure if I had the money and the ability to hand it over to a proper director, I’d get back the videos that were vector-edited and all that kind of stuff. But, A)  who can I find to do it, and B) I can’t afford it. It’s like you just do it yourself. It’s partially political, and partially no money.


Latest comment by: Matt Schild: "

Yes, that video certainly does make Indietracks look like the happiest place on Earth.


Recommended Show: Fountains of Wayne at The Croc this Friday {10/7}

Fountains of Wayne, photo by Violeta Alvarez

This is almost impossible for a Fountains of Wayne fangirl such as myself to believe, but incredibly, the FoW show this Friday at The Crocodile is NOT sold out. What. Therfore, it is my duty to tell you people that The Wayne puts on some of the finest live shows around, and if you don't immediately get online and buy a ticket, you are going to regret it. 

I realize that many of you didn't love Sky Full of Holes (Imaginary Steve might get into a minor fist-fight with you if you tell him that, though...), and I understand that. It's hard to match the power-poppy glory of their self-titled debut, or of Utopia Parkway - and I'm sure we've all heard "Stacy's Mom" more than a few too many times - but you know what? Their other albums are still damn good albums, and these guys still rock the hell out of every single one of their tunes. I always have an insane amount of fun at their shows, and you can bet I'll be near the front this Friday, screaming out the lyrics and dancing my ass off (which will make me incredibly easy to recognize, since only about 2% of people at Seattle shows dance). Join me? 

Fountains of Wayne
w/Mike Viola at
The Crocodile
Friday, October 7
8pm | 21+ | $20 ($23 w/fees) 

Fountains of Wayne photo by Violeta Alvarez, from the FoW web site 

Imaginary Watch This: New OK Go video with customizable messaging!

OK Go All is Not Lost


If you're new, you might not know that OK Go is not only a rockin' band, but they've been creating completely insane and creative videos that people fall all over themselves to watch because they are so totally awesome.

Their latest for "All Is Not Lost" was released this morning, and they've stepped it up by making it a "Google Chrome experiment" which means that a) you can enter a message that will be integrated into the video (if you can't tell, those are FEET spelling out that message), and b) the video frame itself moves around and changes to accomodate the action. what. It also means that the next one is going to have to be filmed in space or something. Anyway, the way it works doesn't really allow for embedding, so go here, enter your message, and watch. It's pretty f'ing amazing, you guys.