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SIFF 2012: Week Two Highlights

Welcome to Doe Bay

Has the SIFFatigue gotten you down? Or (worse) have you not partaken of the SIFFtacularness at all yet?

Either way, don't fret, because there are plenty of worthy offerings unspooling soon. I know of six films scheduled to screen next week that are absolutely worth the exertion required to face the neverending queues, the redundant pre-film bumpers, and the passholes. Eight more flicks get honorary mentions, and I'd be remiss in not bringing a couple to your attention that are more irksome than an average visit to the Egyptian Theater men's room.

Highlights for Monday-Sunday, 5/28 - 6/3:


170 Hz
{screens May 31 at 9pm at Pacific Place, June 7 at 7pm at the Uptown, June 9 at 2pm at Pacific Place}
Dark, absorbing, ferociously visual Dutch flick about two very attractive deaf post-adolescents who fall hard for each other and -- rebelling against their parents' various encroachments on their lives, of course -- cook up a plan to run away together. The leads' performances, the atmospheric handiwork, and the not-quite-linear storytelling are spot-on in the most purely sensual film I've seen in quite a while.

{screens June 2 at 6pm and June 4 at 3pm at the Uptown}
This Korean pulse-pounder asks the viewer to take many leaps of faith; I suggest you strap in and just go with it. The wild yarn commences with a badass debt collector who finds himself with terminal cancer and 10 days to live. (Remember what I said about the leaps of faith? Keep reading.) He seeks out a viable liver-donor candidate with issues and drama and action-movie potential of her own, and has to work hard at keeping this potential savior safe. The ticking clock charges the film's first half with breakneck narrative thrust, and a midpoint revelation adds unexpected emotional depth to the frenzied proceedings; by the (unnecessary) tear-jerkin' final coda you realize you've ended up with a completely different film than you started with.


Latest comment by: Roxie Rider: "

I confess I really loved Starbuck, despite the fact that it got turned up to Ludicrous Speed for a good chunk of it. It was such a satisfying fairy tale. Why can't life be like that, with good-natured slackers suddenly turning into semi-responsible ...

Worthy of an Imaginary Shout-out: Bobtail Yearlings scores a comic book about a biophysicist !?!?!

Sometimes, my dear Imaginary friends, you come across something so unique and completely awesome that you have to share it right away - which is the case with this Bobtail Yearlings thing that ended up in my hands. 

I say "thing" because I've never seen anything quite like it. Singer/songwriter Bennett Lin put together a comic book accompanied by a folk rock album, and it's all about British biophysicist Rosalind Franklin, who apparently set some groundwork in motion for more science-y people to discover DNA's double helical structure.

Wait. WHAT?

I know, you guys. I know. You can find a sampling of the comic here, with the promise of a full-length to be released this summer -- and also awesome: you can download all the songs on the Bobtail Yearlings site for FREE (but donations strongly encouraged -- by ME). I seriously envision all you imaginaries with little ones using this as a means to teach your kids about an awesome female biophysicist, because the music is super fun and has great lyrics.

I suggest y'all check it out immediately -- and if you have a chance, read Bennet's story on the last page of the mini-comic. It's pretty amazing, and totally makes me want to ask him out for a cup of coffee.

And if you want to check it out LIVE - Bobtail Yearlings is playing their tribute at the Rat and Raven on May 16. $5 gets you in the door! 


Imaginary Linkage: Stuff We Spied Online This Week {4/14-4/20}

The Tilda Stardust tumbler attempts to answer the burning question: Are Tilda Swinton and David Bowie the same person? 

Winter is coming! But it's so cuuute: Playmobil Game of Thrones.

Finally! Some useful relationship advice from HP Lovecraft.
"Your shadowy correspondent’s mention of the ill-regarded numbers nineteen and three recalls an unutterable experiment performed on sticklebacks by the Swedish icthyologist Dalgaard."

Someone contact Rick Deckard so we can find out if this thing is a replicant or human. (*shiver*)

Hey! Let's all buy some thrift store paintings and add monsters into them!

A real-life Amelie(esque) story: Woman finds WWII love letters at a Goodwill and returns them to the family

Someone is a very faithful Breaking Bad fan: Save Walter White

Imaginary Linkage: Stuff We Spied Online This Week {4/8-4/15}

According to this awesome 80s PSA, The HOFF isn't stoked about pot, and neither is K.I.T.T.

Does a bear get jiggy in the woods? Apparently, yes. 

What happens when a pro illustrator draws the stuff kids think up? Imaginawesome, of course.

Looking for St. Gwen? You probably need some of these celebrity prayer candles

Disney gets the design treatment: 10 beautiful alternative movie posters. 

How long do you think you would survive in a horror movie? Check this flow-chart so you're prepared. 

Yum! Maybe these eensy food photos will satisfy your snack cravings. 

And this week's imaginary cuteness award goes to: 33 photos of animals with stuffed versions of themselves.

Latest comment by: imaginary liz: "

Imaginawesome is now my favorite word, ever!


Imaginary Linkage: Stuff We Spied Online This Week {4/1-4/7}

The stuff of nightmares: 13 Awful Easter Bunny Family Photos

Alfred Hitchcock fangasm: A simply amazing Rear Window Timelapse Video

Having a bad day? Read this and instantly feel better! 

ATTENTION! Giant killer chickens once ruled the earth!!! 

Liz Lemon would totally buy this: hot dog-stuffed pizza (Cheesy! Blasters!) 

The perfect art for your imaginary den: mosh pit mixed media photo/paintings

The answer to the question "What if my dog could text?"
"Fun day. Ran around the house in a cape. I'M BATDOG LOL"

Flight of the Conchords feat. Jay-Z! (so NSFW, just FYI) 

Don't Talk To The Cops — Let's Quit

djblesOne and Emecks are part of Seattle's LOVE FAMILY, internationally known shrewd vocalists and dancers and crowd-picadors who blend bubblegum skank pop, VICE Don'ts, Grand Royal Magazine B-boy spreads, jokes about serial killers set in noir satires, love for KEXP nerd punk girls in knee high boots, corndogs with firecrackers in the middle and deep-fried in nerve-stoking thick crystal weed-rap.

With deep-swizzled DJ (and fellow Mash Hall brother) El Mizell, their full length Don't Talk to the Cops! non-viral debut album Let's Quit sounds at times like a really messed up Rolling Stones jam from 1975 ("Murder Burger"), its DNA mutated with the Flying Lizards and Pussy Galore, bles sputtering like an Irish American Pogue raised on Too Short and the Beach Boys. These aren't frat kids with a clothing line, these are trailer park jesters who just robbed the pharmacy and are living like Seattle Scarfaces.


Imaginary Linkage: Stuff We Spied Online This Week {3/25-3/30}

The most amazing PBR commerical ever: Disco, beer, and Patrick Swayze in a white suit + scarf. AWESOME. 

Untrimmed facial hair inspires a full-length documentary: The Winter of the Beard

World's Fair Nostalgia: A set of design images and photos from the 50s & 60s. 

The evolution of college radio: A brief history of KUOW, KCMU...and KEXP!

This would have been useful at The Underground, back in 1987: How to Dance Goth

What if all the Mad Men characters were dogs? Dogster matches breeds to characters. 

There's a reason everybody's talking about the Dollar Shave commercial: Because it is HILARIOUS!

Who invited her again? Girls' night with Katniss, Buffy, Hermione….and fun-killer Bella

Katniss: So, how was everyone’s week?

Hermione: Oh, same old. Quidditch match, Ron being a whiny, emotional middle-child, a few random assassination attempts by the Dark Lord, saving Potter from certain doom. Y’know, the usual stuff.

Buffy: I was saving the world.

Katniss: I was also saving the world!

Bella: I jumped off a cliff to get the attention of my ex-boyfriend.

THEE Satisfaction — awE naturalE

THEESatisfaction create Blue Note-kissed hip-hop bliss from "your limbs to your Tims." Tacoma-grown Stasia Irons and Seattle-Hawai'i reared Catherine Harris-White, the two who scribe and dance and capture their electronic sound-scapes as THEESatisfaction, have been hearing their talents cheered on for a couple of years now in Seattle. It was the next flow, and every show they performed here (or say in NYC with collaborator/guest stars here, Shabazz Palaces) their positive vibes, open queerness, black pride, and devotion to the musical-esoteric inspired praise and eyes and ears wide open.


Imaginary Linkage: Stuff We Spied Online This Week {3/18-3/24}

Which path will Don take? You choose in the Mad Men 8-Bit Game.
Roger: "Now I gotta go sleep with Joan and Jane. I'm old and grey, but I get the hottest tail on the show."

Someone you know deserves a Badger of Honor: Award them with cute medals! 

Dexter, In the marina, with a butcher knife: Play the Dexter Board Game.

They fight and fight, and fight and fight and fight! Please enjoy Every Itchy and Scratchy show from The Simpsons. (before it's blocked by Fox!)

This might be even more disturbing than the movie: Requiem for Cathy's (as in Guisewite) Dream.

Die, green pigs! An Angry Birds Theme Park might be happening in Europe (dang). 

Want a beer? No problem, I'll just open up my Marshall Amp FRIDGE.

What'd you guys see online this week?

Latest comment by: Imaginary Amie: "Scott: Nice! Who knew Zombies could be so....cute? :) "

3 High School Albums I Still Love {Vol. 1}

Oh 80s, how I love and hate that I grew up in your giant bang/legwarmer/off-the-shoulder culture. Some things never go out of style (especially according to Urban Outfitters)—even though they probably should—but even though my fashion sense evolved, my taste in music has stayed pretty much the same. Sure, I find bands I like now, but for the most part it’s because they all remind me of the bands I loved when I was a teenager.

Lace up your Docs and dive into a pile of nostalgia as I run through three albums that helped get me through the confusion and terror of my high school years, and which I still play on repeat 20-something years later.

The Cure: Disintegration
Affectionately (?!) titled  “the wrist-slitting album” by my group of constantly black-clad Goth-y friends, Disintegration is a depressing tearjerker of an album, meant for playing just after you’ve been dumped while you write long tomes of terrible poetry, burning that candle you shoved into a cheap Chianti bottle, next to the dead rose you still keep in a vase decorated by torn black lace.

The first strains of the opener, “Plainsong” tinkles in quietly, gradually building to an explosion of gorgeous notes that fall slowly, which make it the perfect sad movie song (major props to Sophia Coppola of sticking it into Marie Antoinette at just the right moment). And then Robert starts in with his mantra of heartbreak, and any hope you have of keeping it together totally crumbles. And that’s how the rest of the album goes: 12 songs of beautiful, amazing tunes focusing on love gone wrong, obsession, and pain. Even the strange “Lullaby”, about a frightening nightmare, is really about having your hopes dashed and your heart torn asunder. And everyone remembers sobbing through “Pictures of You”—while actually looking at photos of their exes, right? "I've been living so long with my pictures of you, that I almost believe that the pictures are all I can feel..." Oh Robert Smith. You get me. You really, really get me.


Latest comment by: Imaginary Amie: "Thanks! You can just send 'em c/o Three Imaginary Girls, PO Box 20428, Seattle, WA 98102. "