Tonight in Seattle:  

The Revolutionary Hydra

The Revolutionary Hydra, The Peefs

The Revolutionary Hydra, The Peefs

"Normally our math rock is more remedial..."


check out the TIG flickr pool

Pride and Prejudice, Seattle Neutrino Project

Resident Book-It Brit Marcus Goodwin's adaptation of the beloved 1813 Jane Austen novel returns to the Seattle stage for the first time in nearly four years. It's back by popular demand, and it's delightful.


Rilo Kiley, with Tilly and the Wall

Rilo Kiley

at Maxwell's

Meghan suggests that it might be the vast number of gay men hanging around or possibly it's the girls who tugged their boyfriends along (or the most obvious thing: Jenny's red hair) or maybe it's just the sense of DEVOTION hanging about in the air that I haven't felt since I was 17.


Love Hotel, and An American Starlet

Love Hotel (with Santa Roderick)

at Tractor

"If you're gonna come, come on your knees, If you're gonna stay, stay the night please."