Tonight in Seattle:  

Junior Private Detective — Square

Junior Private Detective -- Square
Portland-based JPD makes pretty, slightly dark math pop. "Math pop," you ask? Indeed.


Little Hand of the City, The Pale, The Senate Arcade

Little Hand of the City

at Graceland

I think they should rename themselves something like... Triple Word Score! Or Yatzee! Or Sillie Nelson would be fun. Or Boxers Not Briefs!


Traindodge — The Truth

The sparseness of the recording makes the buildups much more powerful when they come, and these guys show a penchant for crunchy, driving rock.


Wiley — Treddin' On Thin Ice

Wiley -- Treddin' On Thin Ice
Wiley brings the British urban underground to listeners everywhere with a self-styled genre he terms Eskibeat.


Blessed Light — Love Lights The Way

Blessed Light
...classic rock influences such as George Harrison, the Bee Gees, and Eric Clapton seamlessly interfuse with honest passion and incredible songwriting to create a wonderful listening experience.


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