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Happy 13th birthday to TIG! We need your help!

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It's a very imaginary 13th birthday!

On June 10, 2002, published our first set of reviews.  In the blog world that's like we're.... well, it feels like we've been around since before there were blogs.

To help usher in the next era of TIG, we're reaching out to you for help.

We're at a crossroads. With 13 years and 8,300 reviews and articles in the imaginary archive, the time has come to convert the entire site to WordPress; it's a more economical and friendly web platform than what we're on now that will enable us to continue spreading the imaginary word and keep those reviews of the amazing shows or bands you love alive.

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Recommended show: Jon Auer at Caffe Umbria {6/18}

Jon Auer

Dear imaginary friends and Posies fans: I need to bring this to your attention! Mr. Jon Auer is playing a small acoustic show this Thursday, June 18 at Caffe Umbria (the former Volterra Drawing Room space). 

Since moving to Europe, Jon's done a handful of these shows while visiting Seattle over the years and I've been lucky enough to attend a few. Let me just say that IT IS SUPER RAD to see one of my favorite musicians perform in such an intimate, relaxed space. 

GA tickets are (dear) $23, or you can bump it up to VIP (ltd. to 6 tix) for $100, which gets you a meet & greet w/Jon before the show, hosted wine and apps by Volterra + a song request! (Jon did this song request thing last time I attended one of these shows and it. was. awesome.) 

There are only 50 tix available, so get yours now

{One Night Only: Jon Auer live at Caffe Umbria | 5407 Ballard Ave NW | Thursday, June 18 | Doors: 7:30pm, Show: 8pm | GA: $23 | VIP Meet & Greet: $100 (7:15pm) | All ages | Wine, beer, coffee & snacks available for purchase from Caffe Umbria} 

The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared

This weekend, SIFF Cinema Uptown is showing one of my favorites from SIFF 2014. It’s about… there’s this very old man, see? And he gets put in a home for being rather ornery—the kind of ornery that involves dynamite—about something invading his property. But he doesn't want to be in a home, so he climbs out the titular window. Then he ends up with a giant suitcase full of cash, and a hoodlum after him, and a gangster after the hoodlum, and a slightly-less-old-and-ornery sidekick, and then a nebbishy fellow, and an awesome artistic lady living on her own out on a farm for Good Reasons, and also an elephant, and we flash back to the old dude’s life when he wasn’t old, cavorting with a rather spry Stalin and learning how to blow stuff up real good, and quite a few people die but not in any way that spoils any of the fun whatsoever. It’s like watching a confident storyteller making shit up as he goes along.

{The 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared is screening at SIFF Cinema Uptown June 12 & 13}

Best of SIFF 2015 series {6/12 - 6/15}

The Dark Horse

Another year, another SIFF, another Best of SIFF program at the Uptown. Once again the intrepid festival programmers have curated a roster of films (13 features and a shorts program) comprised of audience and jury award winners and fest favorites; this year a beloved archival presentation is included as well. So if you procrastinated over the last month, or feel in any way under-SIFFed, now's your chance: encore screenings run June 12-15 at the Uptown.

As in previous years this looks like a broad but solid lineup. One of my personal SIFF 2015 favorites, Vincent, makes a well-deserved repeat appearance, while others I loved (Short Skin, Haemoo, Corn Island, Guidance) are conspicuously absent. So it goes.

The full schedule, with some parting thoughts on the selections covered by the TIG team this year:


Frame by Frame
Lena Sharpe Award for Persistence of Vision
I didn't hate this documentary, which follows four Afghan photojournalists actively working to reframe their country and build a free press. There's an odd glossy sheen on the interview footage that doesn't really jive with the photogs or their amazing work, but media-savvy viewers (and those who enjoy seeing Independent Lens-type docs on the big screen) will find a lot to appreciate.

The Dark Horse
Golden Space Needle Awards: Best Film, Best Actor
How do you reckon Cliff Curtis will display his new Golden Space Needle trophy? He won one for his performance as a bipolar speed chess champion who helps turn around the lives of some 15,000 Maori children in New Zealand by teaching them the intricacies the game. In-queue buzz was extremely high on this film, and our own Roxie Rider was among the voices of praise, saying "every performance defies superlatives" in an "extraordinary, tremendous film."


SIFF Interview: 5 Questions with Jason Schwartzman and Bob Byington for 7 Chinese Brothers

Interviewing Jason Schwartzman on the SIFF red carpet for 7 Chinese Brothers

^ OMG! it's Jason! Schwartzman!!! 

You guys! TIG got to be on the red carpet again Saturday night to interview Jason Schwartzman and Director Bob Byington for the Seattle International Film Festival premiere of 7 Chinese Brothers. I asked them both the same set of questions and got some very entertaining answers. If you missed this film at SIFF, don't worry! It's getting a wider release in August ... and after you read this interview, you'll know what kind of booze goes best with your theater soda.  

TIG: What is Arrow’s [Schwartzman’s own dog, who stars in the movie alongside him] favorite thing to do besides sleep?

Bob Byington: {I asked Bob this question but prefaced it by saying he might not know else Arrow likes to do since he only saw him on set, and his response was:}Yeah, he likes to sleep.

Jason Schwartzman: Kiss you. {right here, imagine Liz & I both sighing and saying, “awwwwww!” in unison} Yeah. It’s true; he kind of attacks the face. If you get low enough, and you give him the angle, he’s gonna take it.


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