Tonight in Seattle:  

Punk! Rock! See The Damned: Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead at NWFF this weekend {8/14-8/16}

{The Damned: Don’t You Wish That We Were Dead screens at Northwest Film Forum August 14-16. Check their calendar here for times}

“What do you want from me, man? What do you fucking want? ‘Cause you know, really, I don’t care about your fucking documentary; I don’t care about being in a fucking group. All I care about is surviving. This is fucking bullocks.”

FUCK.YES. A documentary about The Damned is screening this weekend at Northwest Film Forum! The first UK punk band to tour the US! The band that got kicked off a tour with The Sex Pistols! The band that has been at it since 1976 and has really—despite many line-up shuffles--never, ever, ever, ever, ever stopped.


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Crush mix: pop songs about 90’s stars

You know how sometimes thinking about one song which had a huge impact on you leads to another song, and another, and another and they’re all linked in some weird way? My brain went down a 1990’s rabbit hole of songs related to movie and TV stars the second I was reminded of this gem:

“Watching the sky for a sign, the FBI is on my mind
I'm waiting for the day when my lucky stars align
In the form of … David Duchovny floating above me,
In the alien light of the spaceship of love”

David Duchovny, Why Don’t You Love Me? by Bree Sharp
All the excitement over The X-Files reboot caused my memory to auto-play Bree Sharp’s 1999 plea to Mulder David Duchovny, which my friend Jen and listened to approximately one million times because, SHOCKER: we were in love with David Duchovny {hand up if you obsessively watched Kalifornia, Playing God, and The Red Shoe Diaries just to gaze into David's gorgeous abs. I mean face! FACE … no? just me?}.


Imaginary Op-Ed: My Vote for John Roderick, Seattle City Council {Position 8}

VoteRoderick / photo credit: VoteRoderick on Faecbook

By now everyone should have received her/his primary election ballot in the mail. It's of the utmost importance that you vote! Mailed ballots must be postmarked by August 4 or you can drop off your completed ballot at a ballot drop box or scheduled van drop.

Below is imaginary liz's opinion on the primary race for Seattle City Council Position 8.

John Roderick has been a diehard friend of Three Imaginary Girls since the beginning. The idea of TIG was even born at a Long Winters show back in 2002.

Since that night we've covered countless bits of John Roderick news (at last count in 2012 there were 710 mentions of the Long Winters on the site - I still think that's a lowball number) and John has been kind enough to be our Indie Rock Santa at nearly every one of our holiday parties.

I am sharing all this with you because John Roderick is running for the city-wide seat on Seattle's City Council (Position 8). It's a position that all of Seattle votes for (not just a specific district).

Of all the candidates running for this office, I believe John is the candiate that will fight the hardest for a better Seattle.

He's such a determined and tenacious force, I'm convinced he'd actually fight even harder for Seattle's future than I ever could. John has done his research, with a strong knowledge of Seattle's history and the many dimensions of its residents. This keen understanding is what it takes to move Seattle forward and enhance the lives of those that live here.

This is an important time in Seattle. There are so many decisions that need to be made and solutions that need to be discovered. Seattle is at a turning point in the direction we're headed.

No matter what issues are most important to you, those are items for which action will (or should) be taken in the next City Council term: transportation, environment, housing, livability, public safety, the arts, unemployment, corporate growth, high-speed internet for all, police reform, the welfare of our kids, elders, and those in need.


Only a few days left to support TIG's indiegogo campaign - we'd love your help!

Imaginary Fun Times!

Almost a month ago, on June 10, 2015, Three Imaginary Girls celebrated our 13th birthday!

On that same day, we launched an indiegogo campaign to help usher in the next era of TIG: to raise enough funds to help with a big tech project and to keep the imaginary ship afloat.

With the help of some super kind imaginary friends {huge hugs and massive thanks to you!}, WE REACHED OUR GOAL!

We are so extremely grateful and honored and humbled by the outpouring of support. We really can't thank our (at current count) 66 donors who made our site conversion a reality.

But before our indiegogo campaign ends on July 10th, we want to send out one final call for support to help us hit our stretch goal, which would put us on firm footing for the years ahead.

Help TIG

All the details about our project costs and a rundown of the thank you gifts {vintage shirts or hoodies anyone?} are on our indiegogo campaign page {go go go!}.

And, if you haven't seen our video yet {at the bottom of this page}, check out {and share} it!

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If you can't contribute but are interested in helping, thank you! Please share this campaign with your friends and help us get the word out.

A surprise show on the Washington Coast, featuring Courtney Barnett!

The Sou'Wester with Darren Hanlon, Courtney Barnett and Friends!

Last week, our friends spotted a last minute show listing on Facebook for July 3, 2015:

Darren Hanlon returns to the Sou’wester with a special treat in tow, guest singers and songwriters on tour from Australia. Set the holiday ablaze with this show on fire with talent at the Sou’wester!

A couple days later, Darren Hanlon, the Autralian singer/songwriter-wonder, shared the news on his page:

Hey Pacific North Westerners. I'm playing a free show tonight with some good (secret) friends from Australia. There's also a 'bike decorating' party (whatever that means). Happy J4W.

The show announcement promised a line up of Darren Hanlon & Australian Friends at the lovely Sou'Wester Lodge in Seaview, WA.  That, and Seaview's promise of 70 degree days on the Washington Coast (it's been a sweltering 90+ degrees in Seattle all week), was enough to get us to pack up our tent and head to the shore. 

Shelly and DarrenWe arrived and set up camp at the magical Sou'Wester on Friday afternoon. The historic Lodge, cozy campground, and exquisite vintage cabin & trailer assortment are a sight to behold.

To call the scene quaintly picturesque and magical is an understatement. It all made the small, under-the-radar, evening's show all the more extraordinary.

Around 8pm the Darren and his "Australian Friends" gathered in the outdoor pavilion (i.e. stage for the evening) and started to set up and plug in to the small PA.

We soon happily discovered they were...